About Us

Digital Nomads HQ

Digital Nomads HQ (DNHQ) is a digital marketing agency that offers businesses the full package of online marketing tools. Driven by a team with highly technical skills as well as an eye for design, we bring both the left and right side of the brain to the table.

Our Story

We have a strong track record of getting our clients’ websites to the front page of Google

We have tested and implemented all of our recommendations on our own brand, so we know what works!

Best of all we are not a huge corporation where your account is just a number – your digital marketing is a team effort and as such we celebrate your successes with you! Digital Nomads HQ embraces a fun, light-hearted atmosphere in our office fuelled by great coffee and a strong work ethic. Join Digital Nomads HQ and let us help your brand’s voice stand out.

Meet The Team


Director and Business Development


Jodi brings with her a strong background in sales and marketing, backed by a passion for social media and creative writing. With an eye for design aesthetics, she has a knack for creating content that entertains, inspires and engages audiences.

When she’s not cheering on Chris and their girls from the sidelines of the basketball court, she loves to bake ridiculous cakes and is in the process of mastering juggling and ice baths – although not usually at the same time!

As a former travel agent, she loves nothing more in her downtime than planning the next family trip – hence our company name: Digital Nomads HQ.


Director and SEO Specialist


Chris has been at the helm of his IT company CRT Network Solutions for over 12 years. DNHQ was born through a demand from his IT clients seeking to create their digital footprint.

Driven and ambitious, his obsession with Search Engine Optimisation landed his IT company at the top of Google for several keywords, where it’s stayed. He uses this first-hand knowledge to do the same for our clients.

After hours, you’ll find Chris surfing the biggest waves he can find from Point Cartright to Nusa Lembongan and Cloudbreak, as well as teaching his girls the secret to a lay-up on the basketball court.


Content Creator


We were delighted to have Tina join our team. She brings with her years of hands-on experience in marketing, sales and advertising, with a passion for language.

Her copyrighting skills are an inherent talent and she loves nothing more than creating content that is punchy and engaging. Tina comes to us with an extensive background in radio and event management making her ‘the organised one’.

She is a devoted Mum of 4, loves her weekly beach walks and spends her time researching her office joke of the day! She has also developed an obsession for Animal Crossing on Nintendo (courtesy of lockdown)!!


Web/Graphic Designer


Passionate about design since she was 15 years old, Michelle joins the Digital Nomads HQ team with an extensive background in design and absolute passion for creativity. As a qualified graphic designer, she brings a wealth of experience to our clients; designing logos, print work, signage, car wraps and more. As well as graphic design, Michelle is also our new head of web design. If you are looking for a crash-hot new website, you will be lucky enough to meet her!

On her downtime, she is a busy Mum who loves to workout and conquer Mount Coolum several times a week before most of us have got out of bed.. An avid 80’s fan… “If I could come into work with crimped hair and in a tutu, I would!” We are so pleased to have had Michelle join our team this year. #grateful


Web Developer


Mitch began his web development journey coding HTML sites in high school and continued on to study web design at University. While studying, Mitch gravitated towards web development and has never looked back since. Mitch has a passion for creating modern, interactive websites that keep up with the latest design trends. Along his journey, Mitch piqued a side interest developing Augmented Reality experiences including a vinyl record that comes to life!

When he’s not developing web sites you can find Mitch in the recording studio working on his latest catalogue of music or rocking it out on the drums at a local music venue.


Web Developer


Hayden is new to the digital marketing industry however has always had a love for multimedia and technology beginning at a young age (back when dial-up internet was all the rage). His areas of interest including web development and logo/ branding design.

In his spare time, you’ll find Hayden sipping on protein shakes and lifting weights at the gym. He also enjoys kicking back and watching UFC fights or playing computer games.



PPC/SEO Strategist


From a young age, Roberta had her nose stuck in books and her head in fantastical places, and quickly developed a love for creative writing. She combined her obsession with her interest in all things technological and quickly pursued a career in marketing. She found a great passion in doing so and now enjoys all the perks that come with it, especially content creation, SEO and Google Ads. Roberta enjoys connecting with people and helping them represent their business online.

In her spare time, Roberta is usually running around outside with her boyfriend and two crazy dogs, or playing World of Warcraft.


PPC/SEO Strategist


Michaila is an easy-going cat lover with a fascination for the powerful world of paid advertising and SEO. As an experienced PPC and SEO specialist, Michaila is passionate about analysing data and helping clients continuously grow their number of conversions each month. From designing thumb-stopping adverts, to tweaking bid adjustments and researching new keyword ideas – Michaila loves creating winning ad campaigns.

 In her downtime, Michaila can be found walking her cats, exercising and playing video games with her husband. She also enjoys relaxing, drinking wine and watching murder documentaries on Netflix.



Google Ads/SEO Strategist


Chanie has always had a passion for all things creative. Whether it is illustration, graphic design or creative writing, she can always be found doing something crafty. While in college, she quickly developed a keen interest for the powerful world of marketing and now enjoys creating interesting and informative content, SEO and Google ads. She has a hunger for knowledge and loves learning new concepts, especially when it comes to her career.

In her spare time, you can find Chanie relaxing with her boyfriend and 3 dogs, or in front of the computer playing video games.


Jodi’s PA aka right hand woman


Chloe is part of the fabric of the Digital Nomads HQ team! Starting off in accounts, we quickly saw her potential as so much more with her next-level organisational skills, ability to get the job done effectively, and willingness to be a team player. Chloe gets stuck into every task with a smile and a joke – always “picking up what you’re putting down!”

In her downtime, Chloe loves playing and singing karaoke with her little girl. Her me time is binge-watching crime documentaries and TV series. Her all-time favorite TV shows are Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.


SEO, Ads & WordPress Developer


Herrin loves WordPress and all the fun and crazy stuff that comes along with that. He’s been creating sites on the platform for over 10 years and has also taught himself Google Ads, Facebook Advertising as well as email marketing.

He enjoys asking the right questions and helping business owners get results.

In his downtime, Herrin plays music and looks after his 2 crazy boys and his wonderful writer wife. Usually with foot massages!

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