10 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing

by | Oct 8, 2019 | Blog

Most companies see social media marketing as just another tactic along with their other traditional advertising methods. But if you know that social media users around the world have reached 2.34 billion and are expected to grow to 2.95 billion by 2020, you would certainly agree that social media advertising is not just another popular method of marketing. Marketing within social media has the potential to reach a broad audience base. According to research approximately 12 million people scroll more than twice a day through social media. This information is significant because it means there are a large number of potential social media users who are viewing social media posts, pictures and videos at some period within the day.

Now, do you see social media marketing as the best option for your business? Do you still have doubts as to whether it’ll work for your business? Here are 17 reasons that might clear things up for you:

1. Social media is simple to use

Because of its simple and easy nature, social media is extremely popular. It explains why social media has maintained its mainstream marketing position for over 10 years.

2. Analyse your target audience

Understanding your target audience is the biggest requirement of any company. Social media marketing specifically meets these criteria by helping you identify your audience. Using hashtags, relevant content, promotions and targeted advertising helps you hone in on your target audience.

3. Build a relationship with your audience

Social media helps you to interact with your customers digitally. You can actively gain customer trust, therefore developing and establishing your reputation. Marketing in social media gives you a rare opportunity to establish a consumer connection. Let your audience see that you are actively listening by sharing content that reflects their needs, points of pain, and concerns. Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to involve your customers in a conversation rather than just selling to them continuously.

4. Direct traffic to your website

Increasing your website traffic is one of the main reason’s companies should use social media marketing. In the absence of Social Media your website traffic is limited to people who already know about your company or brand. If used effectively social media marketing can be a great source of traffic.

Your profiles on social media bring people back to your website. It creates another opportunity gain a new visitor when you start posting content and engaging with the community. Ensure that your social media posts use appealing graphics, incorporate sharing buttons so that your followers can easily share content, connect and converse with your audience, and be consistent with your social media activities. Include a reference or a CTA to your website at all times. These actions drive the website’s traffic.

5. Buildyour brand

You will gain followers through social media marketing, persuade potential customers, connect with the audience and eventually sell your products. But first you need to get to know your audience. Social media marketing helps companies give their brands a unique personality. By building profiles that represent your brands ‘ personality, engages with viewers in a way that helps build your brand, sharing content that promotes your brand image, etc., you can develop your brand. All these activities in social media will help you build a brand unique to your company.

6. Improve brand loyalty

You will get involved, committed and loyal customers through social media marketing. Social media marketing will help you make your customer base loyal and interested. By social media marketing, you can gain connected, dedicated and loyal customers. Social media marketing should encourage you to be loyal and involved in your customer base.

7. Create brand authority

Brand authority simply means that you have expertise in your field above others in your industry. Consumers are highly dependent on social media to know more about products brands, businesses, and services before they make a purchase, according to research conducted by Social Media Examiner. Therefore, taking advantage use of social media marketing to build a brand authority around your products is very important for businesses.
Picture your product authority in social media posts, blog material, reader feedback and comments on various forums. You earn more credibility and legitimacy when more people talk about you on social media. And if you connect with influencers, your brand’s reputation would skyrocket.

8. Enrich customer experience

Social media is no different from any other channels of communication, such as emails and devices, except that it is more public than one-on-one. Social media marketing gives a company a great opportunity to show on social media their customer service skills. When a customer has publicly posed a question on social media, it’s a golden opportunity for the company to quickly turn it into an asset for itself. You can thank your customers when they express their satisfaction on social media. This gives you an opportunity to share their rich customer experience with others who may be sitting on the fence.

9. Customer service excellence

Social media marketing is not only a marketing tool, it is also an important tool for managing customer service. Brands should consider how their customers use social platforms and concentrate on those social media platforms.

Your business strategy should include delivering such excellent customer service and establish a strong, loyal customer base that will advocate on behalf of the company if someone has something negative to say.

10. Acquire customer insight

Marketing within social media gives you ample opportunity to gain valuable insights from your customers. You can quickly gather information about their preferences, likes and dislikes, products they endorse, influencers they follow, and much more with the aid of social listening. On the basis of these findings, you can easily refine content creation to suit your customers ‘ needs. Proactively assessing consumer feedback can help to customise the strategy for advertising and market more effectively.