How To Get A Featured Snippet For Your Content

by | Aug 1, 2019 | Blog

What is a Feature Snippet?

Featured snippets are a way to get answers at a glance.

When planning featured snippet content, it’s really important to consider that they are constructed from Google friendly data and presented as a quick summary to the user’s enquiry.

Featured Snipper Content is also critical to optimising for voice search and venturing into the growing market of Google home assistant whose answers are mostly derived from featured snippets.

Four Format Types Used In Featured Snippets Content





The type of snippet presented to the user will often be determined by the type of question asked and the placement of the keywords.

The most common type of featured snippet content is a paragraph response where 81% of all feature snippet results are in paragraph format.

Video Snippets are also experiencing a resurgence in popularity as of late so take this into consideration when developing featured snippet content ideas.

How To Plan Your Content For A Chance Of A Featured Snippet

Firstly, make sure your website’s on-page SEO is up to scratch. 99% of sites featured in a snippet are in the top 10 results for the user’s query.
Pay particular attention to your site’s authoritativeness as, thanks to recent bungles with featured snippets promoting fake news sites, Google believed Obama was planning a coup.

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Next you must take into consideration the sort of questions you want to concisely answer. Ensure that your questions & answers are rich with longtail keywords – they play a huge factor in being chosen to be a featured snippet.

A good way to check what long tail keywords are getting answered in featured snippets is to look at the “people also ask” area:

The answer to each question featured in “people also ask” often seems to be the featured snippet. So, when planning your featured snippet content, take an in-depth look at the “people also ask” for keyword research.

Voice SEO is another key area you must account for when crafting your content for featured snippets – 40% of voice searches are answered with a featured snippet.

Make sure your featured snippet content is entity based as most searches that get snippets are usually a business, brand, person or object. Also, present all your data in the style that Google prefers: short concise answers with numbers throughout with a few images sprinkled around to help convey your point across.

Lastly, something to factor in, in order for a chance at being a featured snippet is to work out the specific niche your site is trying to fill. Some of the best results for featured snippets belong to DIY, the health and wellbeing sector as well as finance websites.

High Feature chance

  • DIY
  • Health
  • Financial
  • Mathematical
  • Requirement lists e.g cooking recipe
  • Status E.g Car sales 2016

Low Feature Chance

  • Images E.g Photoblogs
  • Local content
  • Shopping pages

What about

Schema on everything has been the go-to in recent years when it comes to planning your content but he question is, does it really help?

According to a recent study by where they analysed over 92000 featured snippets, sites featuring itemtype=” appeared in only 15.7% of the analysed snippets.

On top of that, Wikipedia – the site with the most featured snippet does not even utilise at all.

Consider these points when deciding if it worth the extra time to schema your content. 

Planning Featured Snippet Content

Featured snippets are quick answers to questions, often queried via voice search.
So, when planning your content ideas for featured snippets you should consider the following:

  • Ask your question in a subheading and then follow it with an immediate and concise answer.
  • Aim for 45-95 words, with the highest frequency of snippets responding with 45-55 words.
  • Aim for content that looks similar this below. Paragraph responses make up 81% of featured snippet responses.

A helpful part of planning for feature snippets is that it helps you have a good structure to your articles especially with regards to the development of ideas. When we plan content with Featured snippets in mind, we use the planning method shown below:

Having said this, don’t forget the growing relevance of video snippets, when planning your feature snippets.

If presenting your ideas and content in video format appeals to you, make use of this neglected category for maximum possibility of being featured. To ensure your chance at being a featured snippet, upload your video to and optimise the description with a keyword rich brief of your video.

Try to make sure your videos description doesn’t go over 100 words though as that will start to harm your featured snippet chances.

Knowledge Panels & Featured Snippets. Knowing The Difference

Both featured snippets & knowledge panels are great for driving organic traffic to your content, but be careful, as knowledge panels can sometimes replace your featured snippet.

Although this is not necessarily bad thing as both can present your brand and ideas to users looking for answers, but it is important to know the difference between the two.

The key differences:

Featured snippets are a quick response for user’s queries.

Knowledge panels are a way to give an in-depth amount of information about your brand, business or location
The task of optimising for either is quite simple as both are very similar. The real difference is in the length and the amount of numbers you want to include in your content, particularly when aiming for knowledge panels.

Summary Of Planning Your Content For Featured Snippets

Gaining a featured snippet for your sites content is a huge boost for your Click Through Rate (CTR) and a major source of organic traffic. On top of that, the content for Featured Snippets is not too drastically different from your average on-page SEO.

Bare in mind that when you write Featured Snippet content, often structured content is better than non-optimised pages. When you plan and discover your content ideas you’ll learn to research the topic thoroughly which leads to longer content and improved structure.

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