How To Make Your Website More Profitable | CRO 2019

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Blog

It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.

- Jeff Eisenberg

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) simply put, is increasing the amount of visitor actions on your website. This can be achieved though many different methods. In this article we will discuss Conversion Rate Optimisation [CRO] tips and tricks, conversion funnels, as well as how CRO benefits SEO.

What is Conversion Rate?

An average conversion rate is 1-2% – with anything over, considered dominant in your field for sales.
But how do you calculate your rate?

It’s obvious what your goal is if you run an ecommerce site = the ratio of product sales to site users.

It becomes a little trickier to define what your goals are when you are not just selling a product online.

Other examples of a goal achieved might be a blog site user signing up with their email to your newsletter, or if you offer a local service such as a plumbing, your goal may be a user requesting a quote.

How does CRO assist SEO?

Top reasons on how Conversion Rate Optimisation assists with SEO.

  • Improved customer insights: If you know how to sell to your user, and what it takes to convert a browser into a customer – then knowing what makes your customer tick is infinitely important in the SEO space.
  • Better ROI on your SEO: All the money you spend on creating quality content, building authority and credibillity with both users and Google, will begin to turn profitable as more of your organic traffic converts into customers.
  • Optimal on-page time: If you have optimised your product pages for conversion, your potential customer will spend a lot of time viewing your product information and relevant images. On-page time is a huge factor for Google ranking.
  • More Brand Awareness: With this generation’s customers purchasing and then promoting your product/services on social media by shout outs – your brand is getting leveraged outside of your own channels, enjoying a huge boost. This consumer behaviour also benefits you by generating content for search engines to crawl.

Methods Of Identifying Area To Optimise

There are two common approaches when conducting Conversion Research: The numbers game… and the people.

The number method is the most reliant out of the two and we use Google Analytics to generate the numbers for sites that we manage.

The key data metrics to take note of are:

  • Where people enter and exit your site
  • Which pages get the most engagement or page time
  • How they found your site.
  • What devices and browsers they used
  • Where they leave your conversion process/sales funnel

Your 2nd most important metric is, the users themselves. After purchasing, send them a survery, asking them about their user experience, or offer a discount code to users in exchange for completing your site survey.

The discount code method is optimal as, not only does it generate genuine data it also gives the user an incentive to buy again, whilst simultaneously building your brand’s reputation.

Bad CRO strategy’s

Avoid these methods at all cost, they will hurt your site more than they’ll help:

  • Winging it, proceeding without solid research
  • Copying your competitor’s exact tactics
  • Creating strategies solely using tactics laid out by non-experts
  • Shady CRO/SEO

Sales Funnels

Thinking of your conversion process as a sales funnel is a credible way to link conversion rate and visitor numbers to a visual source.

100% of your users enter your conversion funnel at the awareness phase but only about 1-2% get to the conversion phase. This means that your interest and desire phase are crucial to boosting your sale numbers. Below is an example of how users interact with the funnel:

1. Awareness – 100% / 5000 users enter
2. Interest – 40% of original 5000, 2000 remain
3. Desire – 15% build desire with your product, 750 remain
4. Conversion 2% proceed to make a conversion, 100 people purchase

Imagine a 15% increase in retention in your interest building phase. That would result in an extra 2 sales per the same amount of traffic.
Identifying where you lose people in your funnel is the first step in CRO

Top Tips For Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Utillise contrasting colours on your Call To Action (CTA) buttons
  • Rather than using an image slider, allow the user move at their own pace
  • Reduce your use of generic stock photos
  • Optimise and test different Calls To Action. Shift your thinking from create my account to create account and get started. Research has shown that the latter receives an increase in payments by 31% in some cases
  • Use video and multimedia where possible over static images
  • Clear titles eg: think joint relief supplement over joint relief as page title
  • Create urgency with your offers
  • Ensure that your name, address & phone (NAP) is featured prominently
  • Make generous use of CTA buttons over the use of intext links
  • Remember the power of the word ‘FREE’
  • Collect genuine Google reviews, testimonials and Facebook recommendations
  • Build legitimacy by displaying and celebrating industry awards etc.
  • Use of related images
  • Give the user guarantees such as a refund or price match deal


So, before you go out and spend a truck load trying to increase you traffic, consider your conversions. As it was wisely said – it is easier to double your business with a conversion rate increase. SEO most definitely has it place, but if low sales are your problem, SEO may not the answer you need.
IF you are interested in getting your content optimised for maximum conversion, feel free to contact us at Digital Nomads HQ for a free proposal.