Improve Your Website’s SEO

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Blog

There are a lot of variables with trying to bump your website up the ranks in Google, Yahoo and Bing, there is no quick fix. However there are some things you can do that are simple and quick that will improve your website being found in search results.

Make sure your page title is optimised

As far as SEO is concerned a great first step is your page titles. First of all, ensure that each page of your website has its own page title that reflects the relevance of that page, while also including information like where your business is and what you sell or services offered.

Make sure your images are optimised

Large images slow the loading time of your website and Google search results hates it and will penalise websites that load slowly as a result by decreasing its rankings within the search results.  Do not upload large images to your website.

Before you upload images to your website, make sure they have been

  • resized
  • renamed

Instead of it being named image34.jpg give it a brand or product description, for example, ‘digital_nomads_hq_digital_marketing_agency.jpg’.

Make sure your website is Mobile device friendly

Mobile phones have surpassed desktop devices & some businesses still don’t have mobile-friendly sites! Total madness, here’s why:

  1. Mobile users buy more – mobile-friendly sites can be accessed from almost anywhere which helps with those impulse buys.
  2. It’s cost-effective – it improves SEO making a huge difference to the marketing budget. Google doesn’t like websites that aren’t mobile-friendly & punishes them by lowering their google ranking.

User experience – is everything these days. Frustration sends visitors to mobile-friendly competitors & the chances of winning them back are slim.

Keep your website

Have you heard the phrase Content is King? Well it’s ‘King’ for a reason, and that is fresh content boosts your SEO by prompting search engines to crawl your website more often, and, if the content is engaging it keeps people on your website for longer. It also encourages visitors to come back to see what you have written next, this is why having a blog on your website is a brilliant idea for improved SEO.

Choosing the
right keywords

Did you know that something as simple as labelling the images on your website with your business keywords greatly impacts your organic Google ranking?

When researching keywords for your website, choose between 2 and 5 great ones, including one MAIN word as well as supporting phrases. These supporting phrases are called ‘long tail keywords’ and they are what gets your customers on YOUR website.

Long tail keywords are essentially what your customers are googling, to find YOU!  A long tail keyword look a little something like this: “digital marketing agency sunshine coast” or “in-house website designers” Strategically sneaking these into your website is KEY to being found on google.

Include your ‘keywords’ in your content and make sure it is on-point! Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for finding keywords people are searching for. You can optimise your content by including these keywords and phrases in your website content.

Digital Nomads HQ are experts in SEO and we can assist you with updating your website and get you to page 1 of Google! Contact our team today to chat about websites or copywriting.