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SEO and Online Marketing for Sunshine Coast Businesses

SEO & Online Web Marketing on the Sunshine Coast is an often neglected or misused area for lots of local businesses. A lot of folks knowingly neglect their web and Google Ads marketing budgets as they have this idea that they will never be able to match the deep pockets of a larger rival.

But this simply isn’t true.

When it comes to local search results, the “local pack” can very much boot the big guys off the front page.

Locals look for locals, and Google Backs them!

But where do you start when optimising your content for successful web marketing on the sunshine coast?

SEO Tips to increase reach on the Sunshine Coast

If you have read any of our other content you’ll have discovered a trend of Google My Business (GMB) showing up everywhere when with regards to optimisation. It’s just that important. Your GMB is basically your business card for Google.

GMB format also translates brilliantly over to mobile search. All decent sites should be optimised for mobile devices especially since 60% of all searches are completed on mobile devices.

Getting your site mobile ready isn’t that difficult, you just need to approach it with some considerations in mind.

Tips for optimal mobile design to catch local traffic

  • Spacing consideration for thick fingers
  • Fast loading pages
  • Optimised content for Featured snippets
  • Well-fitting on different screen sizes
  • Local keywords
  • Actionable information

Locating & identifying information, like address & phone numbers are the most important aspects of a locally targeted campaign.


Name, Address & phone (NAP) is a term you will hear a lot when researching on-page content. It’s true that having your NAP available in a range of places all over is imperative so that users with a high buying intent can quickly contact you or visit you in order to purchase your product/service.

NAP does, however neglect to mention the listing of business hours, a key point for local shoppers.

The cultivation of Google reviews, Facebook recommendations and testimonials is another helpful asset in building your local presence and authority amongst potential consumers. Focus on building your reviews on your Google my Business (GMB) page as Google presents them prominently when users search for services or business on the Sunshine Coast

An example of the “local pack” leveraging their optimised content.

Although a paid ad appears first, Iinteraction heat maps show that most users often ignore the top ad result and click on the leader or most appealing result in the local pack

Wikid fish and chips are on top of their local SEO game. With the most reviews and key info in relevant locations like address and open hours.

Online marketing on the Sunshine Coast

The tools you should be using when online web marketing on the sunshine coast should be selected with the consideration of your campaign goals in mind. Target audience is the main consideration when selecting where to run your campaign.

For example, it would be a bad idea to place a video ad targeting retirees on YouTube, as statistics show that YouTube lags in reach amongst the older demographic.

How do you even begin an ad campaign that harnesses YouTube Ads?

Below is a comprehensive list of tools that would be useful to utilise when doing online web marketing on the Sunshine Coast:

Google Ad Word Campaigns

It’s free to create a Google Ad account, giving you quick access to the most wide-ranging Ad platform for web marketing. Check out Googles guide on making an ad word account.

Google Ad Campaigns are based on Targeted and Negative keywords. In-depth research is required to select profitable words with optmial cost per click (CPC). Make sure to use negative keywords as well, as they are often forgotten and can be very useful in filtering out users with no buying intent.

Word of caution though… mismanagement can lead to failing keywords and spiralling costs. If you don’t have the time to run and monitor your own campaign consider our services.

Facebook Ad accounts

Creating and running a Facebook Ad campaign isn’t drastically different from Google Ads. You must take the same considerations when constructing your campaign.

The biggest difference when preparing content for Facebook is the visual nature of the platform. Facebook is a largely a visual platform with video performing the best.

In fact videos on Facebook often get far more eyeballs on them than video posted on rival video sharing platforms.

Ad Hours

When targeting Local markets like the Sunshine Coast, run your ads during your business hours. There are many benefits to doing this.

  • Less costs, not running all hours
  • Target people during spending hours
  • Less bounce rate on enquires as you are more likely to respond

Successful ad types

There’s a formula to smart local web marketing ads. Most professionally planned ads make use of these features:

  • When and where are key to include in local ad.
  • Remember to give an incentive and something to act on. An example of this type of ad would be a time limited offer with an obvious call now button

If you properly utilise these types of ads in your campaigns, you will be gaining results in no time!

Location Extension of your adsAd Extensions

Mostly utilised on Google Ads, the addition of locating information on your ad can turn an online browser to an instore customer.

This option is available on your Google Ads Account

Calculating your ad budget

When working out your campaign budget we use this handy formula to work out your max budget for your cost per click (CPC)

Taking those numbers into consideration, you can now use that when bidding on your campaign keywords.

Keywords & Negative Keywords

  • Keywords are words in the phrases you want to target.
  • Negative keywords are words or phrases you want to exclude e.g. if you have an exclusively paid service or product – selecting the words ‘free’ to be a negative keyword is a great way to filter unqualified customers

There not much to what defines a keyword and their counter, negative keywords.

The most important part to remember when considering your keywords, is that you truly can’t do enough research. Also remember that keywords change with search trends.

Last month’s star keyword might end up being irrelevant and costing you.

Campaigning Process

When starting your local web marketing campaign on the Sunshine Coast we suggest you have some sort of SOP or Step of procedures. Below is an abreviated version of our process when running keyword campaigns

  • Research Keywords
  • Invest in Keywords
  • Monitor campaign and test alternative Keywords
  • Measure results
  • Analyse results, optimising existing keywords
  • Research new trends for keywords, Repeat from step 2

Custom pages for each campaign

This may slip a lot of people minds when planning for their local marketing campaigns on the Sunshine Coast. But creating a custom landing page is core for each of your campaigns.

Not only is it handy for measuring the traffic of the campaign, you can also customise the page to drill home the call to action of the specific campaign

5 Key Factors Of Good Ad Offerings

  • Value – add value to your ads, give the user an incentive like a time sensitive coupon
  • Believable – making your ads seem too good to be true will often turn people off. Ads offering free iPad or any resembling common online scams are poor choice.
  • Reduce risk – with all those free iPad scams online, people love to feel like they are reducing their online risk by choosing you. Give them a money back guarantee or something similar, to help convert the sceptics.
  • Strong Call to action – make sure you tell them exactly what you’re selling in your ad. Don’t have your ads be about one of your team member’s dog. It’s got to be targeted towards actionable content.
  • Unique selling points – make sure you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Point out what make you different from your closest competitors. Get creative and become relatable with your potential clients.

Building on-top of your Local Web Marketing campaign

Public Relations (PR) and SEO go hand in hand most the time and have some definite cross overs.

Backlinking to relevant sites is an important part of SEO for page ranking, but often a forgotten local marketing tactic involves building links with location relevant business – not just ones operating in the same sphere.

Local link Building is an awesome trick to build your community presence.

An organic way to build local links through community out is, for example, to sponsor sport teams, often creating a link to a long-standing local authority.

Don’t forget to have a marker tool in your ads and site to identify potential consumers. With this tracking capability you can see when a user backs out of buying at the last second, enabling you to hit them with different Calls to Action (CTA’s) as they continue to browse the web


Though this is only scratching the surface when it comes to the full depth of Web marketing on the Sunshine Coast. It is our hope that this article helps to inform a potential Sunshine Coast business of the right direction to head in when starting their web campaigns

If your business or brand requires help or you don’t have enough time to run it yourself feels free to drop us a line at