Optimising for Voice Search, The Growing Giant

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Blog

What is voice optimisation, and why is it critical in SEO campaigns going forward?

Voice search is increasingly becoming a game changer in the SEO and web optimisation industry.

If you would like to optimise your website for mobile searches, which is a demographic that has some of the highest rates of consumers, then looking towards voice search and Google featured snippets is a must.

Voice search users are an impending demographic in today’s ever growing mobile tech market. It’s an area that has seen heavy investment by Google, with their development of Google Home Assistant.

In a recent press release by Google, the company announced that they planned to increase their assistance’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that it could handle multiple tasks and understand 30 languages.

What Is Voice Search & Why is Voice Search Key In Google’s Future?

Voice search is a growing market and critical to capturing mobile and local traffic for your website. It’s a convenient and hands-free way to search the internet and to find answers to all your burning questions.

Google was recently bragging in a blog post that it has sold “tens of millions” of home assistant devices in 2017.

Optimising for voice is also key to growing in future demographic markets. It’s growth amongst millennials was highest within the surveyed groups.

Voice Search is routinely used by searchers on the go, looking for direct search results and actionable information. Most of voice searches are conversational in nature and use longer search terms.

A core aspect of voice SEO is that it is extremely helpful for ranking in a featured snippet, which can mean a huge traffic boost to your website due to the fact that is is highly favoured by Google. Devices like Google home assistant’s voice reply is based on featured snippets search results.

Featured snippets. The response form for voice search

Getting your site used as the featured snippet is a huge boost in desirable traffic.

Featured snippets get the bulk of its traffic when Google uses it to deliver key messages quickly by either voice reply with Google home or other voice search devices.

While voice SEO is key in gaining a featured snippet, it’s not the only factor. There are many ways to peel an apple, so to speak, when it comes to ranking for a snippet. So, if you’re interested in that topic check out our article on ‘How To Create Content For Featured Snippets”.

How To Optimise For Voice Searches

Searches through voice search mediums are more conversational in nature and often longer than your average desktop search.

To best target the spoken words used in voice searches, long tail keywords are essential. A helpful site often used for researching spoken longtail keywords is www.answerthepublic.com.

Aim for keywords that are likely to rank as commonly used phrases for questions as a large portion of voice search are questions or requests.

Put yourselves in your customer’s shoes sing questions like “where is” or “call the local hairdresser” when thinking about voice searches.

Another key factor for high voice search ranking is the locality of your content. A lot of voice searches consist of no locational keywords.

Imagine “doctor near me” as the entire search. For that, you must remember to geo tag your images and use local lingo in the content you aim to feature in the featured snippets.

Useful knowledge for Voice SEO

  • Use local lingo
  • Use common phrases to describe the local neighbourhood around the business
  • Have a ‘near me’ in the tag and meta data
  • Remember that searches are often question phrases
  • 40% of adults now use voice once a day
  • The estimate for 2019 is that there will be over one billion voice searches per month
  • Voice search is expected to dominate 50% of searches by 2020

How To leverage Voice optimisation to gain an increased conversion rate

To make sure you get the most out of your voice SEO, there are a few other factors the you need to consider.

The pages which you focus your voice SEO campaigns on are important. ‘Contact Us’ as well as pages containing location information should be your first priority when it comes to deciding which pages to optimise first.

Also, when it comes to the optimising of your site, it is of utmost importance that it’s also mobile friendly and has a high authority ranking. Investing in voice SEO and ignoring other huge portions of the user base is a mistake.

Securing Your Google My Business listing and optimising your meta data are also critical for local search results.

In Summary

There is no reason not to put the extra effort into voice SEO, it isn’t too radically different from text searches and it yields long tail keyword-rich content. Voice search is also a rapidly growing user base and is generating massive investment from Google and is being used in their feature snippet replies to user enquires.

It is worth enquiring about voice SEO for your website as any decent campaign, looking to gain direct action and results, would pursue it.