Top Ten Web Design & Content Tips in 2019

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Blog

Web Design & Content Tip
# 1 Keep your site simple

Keeping your website simple and easy to understand has been core to web design since its inception, often due to hardware limitations.

This design concept continues to remain relevant even with today’s high-speed computing.

When designing your website, you should develop a simple design strategy to call the users to action with well-placed buttons & carefully designed hoops for them to click through.

A simple site with clearly presented call to actions, will result in an increased click rate and high conversion of visitors. is a great example of a simply designed site. Opening up their landing page the user is greeted with only 4 options, 3 of which are a call to action.

Web Design & Content Tip # 2
Increasing Animation

Developers are constantly creating ways to accommodate massive amounts of animation on site while maintaining load times under 3 seconds, enabling many companies to liven up their static pages.

Having animation on a quick loading site builds immediate authority with the users as they are engaged, building a sense of investment as their actions trigger animation. All these leads to increased micro interactions.

Web Design & Content Tip # 3
Micro Interactions

Building a user experience is key to holding people’s attention in 2019. This can be helped along with the use of ‘micro interactions’.

Sometimes a plain menu button isn’t enough to grab a user’s attention, nowadays it needs more.

A good example of this is, with almost every use input resulting in an extra animation and even a custom curser to enhance the individual experience.

When considering your site inputs, perhaps think about a slider over that particular button or an animation – as doing so has a noted improved effect on your conversion rate.

Web Design & Content Tip #4
Rise Of Brutalism

Art over function, or functional art?

The rise of brutalism in web design has led to a boom in artistic website with industry giants like Gucci ( launching pages utilising these principles.

Another example with more function is a European design agency using a rather tongue in cheek brutalist design with heavy user interaction & prompts.

Web Design & Content Tip #5
Following The Lines Of Nature

Straight lines are an invention of man. What we are seeing in 2019 and dating even earlier is phase out boxes and lines in favour of bevelled boxes and flowing lines. landing page has almost no straight lines at all. This creates a less serious, more inviting feel to the site.

When creating a site, if you evisage a relaxed theme and organic vibe, remember that in nature everything ebbs & flows.

Web Design & Content tip #6
Mobile First Design

With over 60% of Google searches completed on mobile devices, designing your site for mobile use is no longer an optional extra.
When building a mobile friendly site remember there’s a few critical areas in mobile search.

  • Extremely fast loading pages
  • Well-spaced responsive buttons
  • Clear calls to action
  • Screen scalability on a range of devices
  • Originality, make yourself stand out
  • Consistent design
  • Extreme focus on usability

Web Design & Content Tip #7
Privacy Polices

Your site’s privacy policy has become a hot topic as of late, thanks due to the enormity of Facebook’s data blunders early in 2018. It is even required to have a valid policy If you want to use Facebook or Google ads as well as Google analytics.

It is critical to make sure you have a clear and concise policy and to have your visitor agree to it early on in their use of your site. This reassures your visitor about the legitimate nature of your site.

To make sure you have a Policy that its recognised by Google Check out and their many guides and tips on writing your own policy.

Web Design & Content Tip #8
The Use Of Video In Web Design

The task of holding people’s attention is getting harder. A creative new age answer to this is, instead of a traditional landing page, try a video landing page.

Websites like do this perfectly.

Its ability to fully explain their product with a short, well produced video is outstanding. Similar design exponentially helps in increasing your conversion rate.

Lastly, the ability of a video landing page to really emphasise your call to action to users & viewers is unmatched.

Web Design & Content Tip #9
The Revival Or Parallax

A Strong trend in 2019 is an increase in sites using parallax style for their landing page.

Having been around for a while, parallax sites are a clever way of presenting a lot of information on one page. Historically, their issue has often been that users scroll past the important parts.

This has been rectified with the utilisation of a viable scroll speed and has really breathed life into this design.

Using the scroll speed as a page turner rather than a traditional scroll function keep the user’s eyes where you want. does a nifty interpretation of this with a ridged style parallax that keeps the user’s attention where they want it.

Web Design & Content Tip #10
Split Design

To achieve a future-proof design for your site, it is becoming more common to split your site’s design two or more times. This allows the use of many types of media and areas for unique design opportunities. does this well with a multiple section on their landing pages, varying in design styles.