Why Google Prefers Brands & How To Build An Online Brand In 2019

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Blog

Maintaining an online brand during the era of misinformation and fake news, can sometimes seem daunting and confusing. Even Google can find it difficult to differentiate credible sites from low quality ones at times.

Fortunately, Google experts have discovered a predictable marker for sites that are worthy of its time, differentiating your site from the cyber cess pool.

Branding and brand recognition are now vital in the online marketplace!

Whether you’re a personal brand or a multi-national company, the utilisation of your brand and the way you go about building a brand remains consistent.

How Does A Brand Benefit Your Business Online

Think of your brand as an indicator of legitimacy, for both Google and your users. It should stand as a promise to your customers as to what they can expect from your business – hopefully a consistent level of quality and customer service.

More than just a logo, your brand should be incorporated into all your content as the key indicator of quality because if Google thinks you’re quality they’ll send you quality traffic!

Don’t neglect you users experience – this is achieved by incorporating your, you guessed it… branding! As users browse your site, viewing your products, they’ll begin to build a visual association of your brand. Show a toddler the McDonalds logo and even though they don’t yet know how to read, they can tell you that the golden arches with the word ‘McDonalds’ underneath indeed says McDonalds… branding! These instantly recognisable brands have worked hard to gain their customer’s trust.

Optimising Your Webpages For Branding

People’s first instinct when branding their pages is just to plaster their logo, tag line and messages all over their old content. This, however, can often be counterintuitive because you can’t polish a turd.

Rather, it’s important that your content and site design is high quality. Here’s a checklist to tick off before you go saturating your pages with branding:

  • Page design and layout
  • Usability
  • Quality content
  • On-page SEO e.g: backlinks, rich in search terms
  • Page load time
  • Mobile friendly

Finally, ensure that your product or service is of value and that you have an established service record.

Googles Loves Brands

If you typed “Computers” into Google’s search bar, chances are the first result will be a recognisable brand that sells computers rather than a wiki page on the topic. So why so much favouritism toward brands?

Simply put, branding is a marker of authority and Google is in desperate need of legitimate sources.

How To Build Your Site For Branding

When you begin to build a branded site, there are a myriad of extras needed on your page to fully utilise all channels.

Besides having a generally well-constructed site, most pages miss the vital aspects required for wide reaching brand appeal.

Linking out to all your social platforms, is a good start. Even going as far as adding a tweet box to your site, for message consistency.

Make an effort to include areas on your site for video or podcast content, as high-quality video or podcast is a huge boost helping to create content that leaves a lasting imprint on the user. Your site should also conform to a consistent style that you have maintained across your site. There a reason why people in the army wear uniforms – having the same consistency on your pages generates user respect

Brands should emanate professionalism and be authorities in their niche.

Include only good quality photos – you could even go as far to hire a professional photographer to take some head shots and photos. It’s equally important that you use quality icons and font, nothing ruins a site faster than comic sans!

With regards to which pages to include, “About Us” should be at the top of the list. Building information out about your brand is key for educating your user about your brand and what promises you can fulfil. Another idea is to bulk out your “About Us” page with staff profiles and photos, even embedding their LinkedIn profiles. Building personal brands alongside your business brand all contributes towards overall branding.

Branding Tips & Tricks in 2019

  • Having a unique design
  • A thoughtful and catchy tag line
  • Podcast or video content
  • Engraining your logo into customers visual memory
  • Consistency
  • Weekly updates e.g. Mailchimp Newsletter
  • Fulfil your brand promises in a timely manner
  • Knowing your customers and ideal target audience
  • Be real, be genuine
  • Don’t try too hard
  • Don’t be a know it all
  • Identify the competitors in your niche
  • Following trends
  • Quality content
  • Don’t try to please everyone
  • Remember your product value
  • Consider how people see you
  • Factor in how people find you
  • Associate with recognised brands
  • Know your sales pitch
  • Let your brand’s personality grow and change
  • Be responsive and reachable for your customers
  • Community outreach
  • Building community relationships
  • Remember branding is a long process

Standout Brands And Campaigns

You don’t always have to use something straight from the play book, sometimes it pays off for brands take risks & try something new.

Wendy’s Twitter is a great example of a brand claiming a space and making themselves stand out. What Wendy’s did instead of the norm was to change it brands personality on twitter to a sassy meme lord.

Often roasting rivals or lighting up a stupid commenter, Wendy’s twitter success is the object of jealousy to their competitors.

The following idea was pioneered by Avis car rental. Their campaign “When you’re No.2 you try harder or else” was an resounding success. By flipping a weakness on its head, creating a relatable point for their users and humanising themselves in the same breath they won over a legion of fans.


It should be a no brainer that if you are a business you need a brand, even more so in today’s digital age. Getting your Brand started now is key, build your respect and grow your fanbase and users.

If you require any help and are interested in us handling your branding, contact us at Digital Nomads HQ and we will put together a proposal for you.