WordPress Websites Vs Wix Websites

by | Sep 10, 2019 | Blog

Easily the most popular website builder in the world is WordPress, however it’s not the only one. Wix is another that offers site owners without the technical savvy an easy to use, drop and drag page builder. While both Wix and WordPress provide the tools to create attractive, fully functional sites within minutes, they are extremely different when it comes to features and costs. Let’s take a look at those differences and what each has to offer.

Ease of Use

Many know, that WordPress offers a host of benefits and this is why so many users love this platform. Though it’s important to note that Wix also extends a myriad of features that are strongly desired amongst website owners. With over 500 website templates available, users can drag and drop elements and create a site within minutes – no coding necessary. Due to the fact that Wix is a hosted platform, control over all the tools will be maintained by the developers, this means users won’t be able import outside tools from any other sources. So, when the new site owner has decided on a template, they’re stuck with it. Wix templates can’t be easily changed as a site’s identity evolves.

With beginners in mind though the Wix interface is user-friendly and offers 24 hour support for troubleshooting and answering all their questions.
WordPress on the other hand leaves most of the functions up to the user. Users will have access to an administrative dashboard that will provide access to all the tools required to install their chosen theme, make basic customizations, compose a page or post, and add any plugins necessary for added features.

Navigating the WordPress dashboard, along with the vast variety of available themes and plugin options is a bit more of a learning curve than Wix is. Although, WordPress users do not have access to dedicated technical support, it does have a worldwide WordPress community offering information and advice on pretty much all things WordPress.

Flexibility and Versatility

As your business grows, you might want to consider if you’ll need the ability to up-scale. While Wix offers users the tools to create and run a fully functional website, it may not include all the features you need to accommodate growth.

One of the reasons for the ever-increasing popularity of WordPress is that its versatility is virtually limitless. Once the core WordPress code has been installed, users can immediately draw from the official WordPress theme and plugin directories. WordPress allows users to easily switch themes as a site’s identity changes and the necessity to add and delete plugins evolves. Although, WordPress users won’t require coding skills in order to set up and run a website, those who do have these development skills will have the ability to fine tune WordPress even more by working with its core code, along with themes and plugin files to fine tune the site’s features and appearance.

Setup and Maintenance Costs

The set-up and everyday costs of running a website, widely depends on factors that over time can change as the business evolves. Because Wix is a site-builder and also a hosting platform, users can easily calculate costs using a tiered system. Included in these monthly plans is their domain name, storage and access to a variety of add-on apps.
There is also a free starter plan, but its features are quite limited and users will have to allow advertising on their websites. As the need for growth and upscaling is required, higher price plans with more features are available. As Wix is basically a ‘one-stop-shop’ offering its tools in packaged bundles with fixed monthly fees, things like hiring the services of a web developer is not necessary. This aspect is what attracts new users looking for simple and inexpensive methods to set up a website, despite having limited options for specialized and customised functions.

WordPress is essentially free to download and install. In fact you can almost set up and entire website for free with a itself is free to a basic hosting package, free themes and plugins from official WordPress directories. However depending on the needs of the business and the website expectations, the cost of setting up and running and website can vary, if for eg. if domain name needs to be purchased, whether you want access to premium themes and plugins in order to have the right look and functionality required, or alternatively hiring a web developer to work with the site’s code.

Hosting your
own Website

Wordpress is a self-hosted platform, which means that you own any website you create in its entirety. It also means that you will get to choose which hosting company you want to use in order to get your website up and running, this also gives you the ability to be able switch between web hosts at will.

On the other hand, Wix must host your website for you, so while you won’t have to search for a hosting company yourself, you are stuck with the one you are given. If your website starts running slowly due to poor hosting, or if you want to transfer your websites data to to another domain later down the road, you won’t be able to.

eCommerce Support

With the boom of eCommerce – almost anybody can start an online store using either Wix or WordPress. Wix offers a variety of eCommerce templates for building your website, however in order to get full eCommerce functionality, including payment gateways like PayPal, authority and other vital eCommerce tools, you will need to purchase the eCommerce web hosting package at a higher monthly price as opposed to the standard fees.

Wordpress uses the worldwide favoured plugin called Woocommerce. WordPress offers a variety of eCommerce themes and plugins to build your online store and have the ability to upscale it as your business grows. There are a number of payment gateways, display layouts for your products and configurations for your shopping cart to conduct a local or global business.

Visually appealing and fully functional websites are available to users by both Wix and WordPress. For new users with small websites, Wix may be an acceptable option remembering that users are limited to the development team’s tools and features. For those wanting more control over every aspect of their website, including the flexibility to add in new features as their business evolves, self-hosted WordPress provides those unlimited options for unlimited growth.

Now that we have outlined the various differences between WordPress and Wix, you are now armed with the knowledge to decide which will be the most beneficial for you and your website.

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