Wondering if there are any benefits of Google Display ads? If you’re a start-up company ready to break into Google Display Ads for the first time or a small business with a limited budget, you do need to get your marketing message out there somehow.

The Google Display Network is one of the best mediums to communicate brand awareness. If people don’t know about your goods or services, they’re not going to search on Google for you. This is where the Display Network will help: brand recognition is one of the single largest benefits of Google Display ads.

But what are Google Display Ads?

The Google Display Network is a large network of more than 2 million websites spanning various countries. One of the largest benefits of Google Display Ads? It is the biggest collection of monetized(open for advertising) websites in the world. You can use Google Display Network to advertise your small or large brand to people when visiting blogs, watching YouTube videos , playing games on their phones, or checking emails on Gmail.

Display Network sites cover more than 90% of Internet users worldwide. With the Display Network, you can use targeting to present your ads in different places (such as news.com.au) and to unique markets  in particular locations, and more.

Google Show Advertisement helps you to create text and non-text advertisements. These advertisements can include quality pictures , videos and animated advertisements. With these various ad types, you can make your advertising stand out and raise brand awareness.

benefits of google display ads

1. Impressive Targeting Options

The key and one of the first most prominent benefits of Google Display Ads is that it reaches a wide range of viewers through the Google network. The Display network consists of over 2 million websites , blogs, YouTube, applications and Gmail, growing reach and helping you advertise on a wide scale.

When advertising on the search network, your advertisements are only seen on the Google search results page. Whereas on the show network, you can reach over 90 percent of Internet users worldwide. This is a direct advantage for companies who want to boost their visibility and attract more and more customers online.

Google Display Ads offers you a lot of choices for reaching the right consumers in the right place. Here are the various targeting options:

Keywords: Keyword targeting helps you to view your ads on keyword related websites. It lets you communicate with prospects when connecting with relevant content across the Google Display Network.

Placements: Placement targeting helps you to view your ads on various websites that you want.

Geographical: Geographic allows you to display your ads to customers in a specific location, area, radius, zip code or language.

Demographics: Demographic Targeting helps you to show your advertisements to people of a certain age and gender. You may pick people by gender and their age range who are interested in your product or service and are likely to make a purchase.


2. Cost Effective and Affordable

Cost Per Click is a major and useful part of Google Advertising. CPC Advertisements will make or break your advertisement budget. If the cost per click is high, the whole budget will run out in just a few clicks. But if the cost per click is low, you’ll get more valuable clicks and build brand recognition. The cost effectiveness is one of the largest benefits of using Google Display Ads, especially if you are a small local business with a smaller marketing budget.

Compared to Google Search Ads, the cost per click of the Google Display Network is very tiny. For example, in the search network ads, the cost per click of a carpet cleaning company for a particular keyword like “Fridge repairs near me” is almost $3-5. Meanwhile, the CPC will be as low as $0.05 for Google Display Ads. You will see a major difference in the cost per click for both networks. You can also get hundreds of clicks on the show ads for the cost of a single click in the search ads. Google Display Advertising can also be a great choice for low-budget advertisers.

3. Flexible Bidding Models

Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is a standard pricing model that most advertisers use. Whereas, with Google Display Ads, you get another Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions (CPM) pricing model. With the CPM pricing scheme, you pay for 1,000 views on the Google Display Network.

Cost-per – click (CPC) means that you will be paid when someone clicks on your ads.

Cost-per – thousand impressions (CPM) means that you will be paid for printing your ads.

4. Measurable Reporting

Google Display Advertising gives you the extra advantage of getting accurate updates from your Ads. You can monitor the number of clicks on your ads, the cost per click, the average cost per click, the views of your ads, the number of conversions and several other information relevant to your campaign.

Measuring your performance gives you the opportunity to check which advertisements are performing well and where you are getting traffic from. Essentially, you will calculate the effectiveness of your Google Display Campaign in order to make decisions about how to enhance your advertising.

5. Re-marketing

Remarketing helps you to get consumers back to your website after they have viewed your website beforehand. Google Remarketing will present your advertisements to consumers who have shown some interest in your product or service and will bring them back to make a purchase. This is the most strong aspect of the Google Display Network.

Remarketing can be extremely complex and comprehensive by displaying unique advertisements to people who have viewed certain pages on your website. For example , if a customer adds an item to their cart and then forgets to check out-you, can use Google Display Ads to remind them to check out and pay for their item.


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