Email marketing continues to evolve as a medium that brings money to business. Businesses can invite customers to return to their businesses via email marketing funnels. It helps them to stay in touch with them, keep them updated, and remind them of upcoming deals.

Many businesses find it convenient to use an email funnel to guide potential customers, hoping they’ll make a purchase. An email marketing funnel helps the company to convert and attract email subscribers to loyal customers.

They do this by applying key tactics, such as sending automatic emails and reminding them of new goods.

An email marketing funnel is a simple marketing model used to illustrate the customer’s path from being exposed to a brand to the moment they buy a product or service.

This method is a fantastic foundation to use when you come up with a marketing strategy.

But when it comes to marketing for your business, you already know that there are a lot of moving parts that contribute to your plan. A funnel can be used in every aspect of your marketing campaign, and it will help you target your audience based on where they fall inside the enclosure.

What Is An Email Marketing Funnel?


The email enclosure applies to how your customer passes through a sales pitch. This is also achieved by company owners to promote a product or service through educational content and convincing sales.

The email enclosure supports your marketing campaign by converting your prospects into customers. Prospects initially show interest in your company, and customers refer to those who make a purchase and can return to your firm.

Customer retention should also be part of your email marketing enclosure.

How Do You Create An Email Marketing Funnel?

As you follow this guide, you can boost your email marketing by concentrating on the email enclosure. Learn more about email marketing funnels, their main tactics, and how to deliver emails as quickly as possible.

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Map the Customer Journey


Step back and ask yourself, why are you trying to enforce this funnel? The real reason you’re supposed to do this in the first place is that your sales are going to happen over time.

You need some sort of marketing automation process that will feed your audience to paying customers.

Most of the leads are not ready to be sold when they come to you for the first time. Studies show that half of them might not be ready to buy. This is an uphill battle.

Setting up a sales enclosure to help them will expand and feed those leads over time so that you can see further sales at a lower acquisition cost.


Look down and plan out what the ideal consumer lifecycle experience will look like when they find out about you and when they buy it. What people are missing here is what happens if their audience doesn’t buy.

It can’t just end the funnel. Everything has to continue to happen.

Then you need to make it easier. Funnels don’t have to be complicated. You can automate the processing of three emails, and that’s it. Get your fancy later.

Build A Welcome Series

A great common starting point is to have some kind of welcome sequence. Email 1 should tell your audience what to expect from you. Share when you write blog posts or podcasts, and maybe even when you work.

Ideally, email 2 will be something about your story and how you got to where you’re at. Email 3 may be an email that says what you stand for and what you’re against. This is what I want and it reminds me of what I like to hear, market like a magnet. It’s all about recruiting the brightest and repulsing the rest.

These first few emails are where you can share some of the best of your content. Give them content that is going to resonate with them. Then it’s time to send an email – address their pain points, talk about the benefits of your product, or whatever it is that you offer.

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Create A Lead Magnet

This will help you decide what your lead magnet should be because you want something that will set up your audience to purchase your product or service. Survey the audience to answer those questions. Try to figure out what’s going to draw people to you.


When you create a lead magnet, you want it to be somewhat similar to the intention that your audience will have to buy your product. You can also go back and find a lead magnet that’s going well for your product, but you still need to do something that your audience needs.

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Don’t Neglect Customer Retention

A lot of entrepreneurs forget that it’s not only a new lead funnel, but a new consumer funnel. What happens when someone buys something from you? Is there an onboard sequence? Do you have to check in with them?

Automation is expected to happen when someone buys as well. Get your touchpoints down so that you can keep in touch with the relevant email content and make sure they’re a happy customer.

People also get into memberships where they’re not nurtured. Ask them if they signed in and introduced themselves. Tell them about the forum and other membership areas. Using email automation to engage the audience at every point of their journey.

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Focus On Pursuading Non Buyers

You’ve got to engage non-buyers. This may be as simple as sending an email after you don’t buy it, particularly if you opened your previous emails. If it’s the first launch or funnel, you want to know why they didn’t buy in their language.

You can fix it if you start noticing patterns. If you notice that some customers don’t respond well to your email enclosure-create a new enclosure specifically for those customers and try out different techniques.

Perhaps your first email enclosure was too salesy? Or maybe it was too happy and too conscientious? Irrespective of that you should figure out why these customers did not respond to the first funnel by trying out different strategies before you found the sweet spot.

Need Some Help With Your Email Marketing Funnel? 

An email marketing funnel is a useful tool for any business owner looking to improve their reach and generate some leads. However, this can be tricky and hard to get right. Why not let the experts handle it? Get in touch with the DNHQ team today!