Quality products or services when paired with a powerful remarketing strategy can help boost conversions enormously. You may or may not have heard of a remarketing, but you have undoubtedly come across it on and off the Internet. Google ads is one of the most common types of online or digital remarketing. Have you ever visited a website and left, only to see advertisements for that specific website or search theme every time you visit a website that uses Google advertising? This is remarking.

A common offline example of this type of marketing would be the sidewalk or “burger board” signs used by cafés outside their businesses, but only the signs do not alter their content. These signs are intended to attract regular passersby in hopes that they will eventually come in to try whatever the signs are advertising.

Remarketing is obviously nothing new, but there is still a lot of uncertainty about what it is and how to use it effectively. In this post, we ‘re going to clarify what remarketing is and talk about remarketing strategies that you can use to improve your conversion rates.

What is Remarketing and Why is It Advantageous

Remarketing is a method of selling a product or service to a potential customer who has already been introduced to the product or service. You can add a tiny snippet of JavaScript code to your site using tools like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads or AdRoll. Remarketing strategies are one of the most powerful ways to boost conversion rates.

The code in the script will collect cookies so that new guests can be identified and labeled anonymously. That’s when your ad service swoops in to kill and starts showing advertisements for your shop anywhere your future customer goes, as long as the place they ‘re visiting supports your ad service.

An increase in conversions is the most significant advantage of remarketing. When a prospective customer visits your shop and buys nothing, the probability of their return is tiny. But, by remarking on the product they were looking at and selling it at a discount, you can significantly increase the odds of the same consumer returning and making a purchase.

Remarketing helps you to turn almost every consumer into a leader by remarking on specific items or the brand as a whole. Remarketing is also a perfect way to raise brand recognition in order to ensure that general customers continue to understand it. Planting the seed in their minds will lead to even more sales when they need to purchase whatever product or service you ‘re offering.

5 Remarketing Strategies You Should Launch Implementation Today


Now that you know what you’re talking about and how it can help you, let ‘s talk about realistic implementation. Here are five remarketing strategies that you should start using today.

Before you remarket any of your products, decide which pages you want to tag. The pages should be specifically related to your marketing target, as those pages would be the ones you’ve set up for the whole campaign.

If you want to create more sales, you could add the top-selling individual product pages or even the best-selling categories and re-sell them to the top-selling visitors. Seeing those advertisements again could make them change their minds and come back to make a purchase.

On a similar note, you might opt to tag pages that will remind you about your business and your products, show them the benefits so that you can cultivate the missed leads and create brand awareness. Doing so would allow you to prime them for conversion so that when they actually buy, chances are higher for them to purchase a higher-end product and become a loyal customer.

2. Segment Your Remarketing Campaign

You ‘re going to have a lot of success with your remarketing strategies if you segment them to reach different individuals. It is fair to say that not all visitors to your website would be interested in the same items. You can use the time spent on your web, the amount of pages viewed, and the pages visited to help assess the items will be more interesting to you.

For example, if you sell pet food, you might build various advertisements for people who want to buy dog food and cat food. This way, you will be able to respond more directly to the needs of your guests and help them better fulfill their needs.

Use a different call for action and connect it to the goal-based pages on your web. Keep an eye on your conversion rate so that you can monitor and change your performance as appropriate.

3. Increase the Bid on Shopping Cart and Abandoned Carts

One of the easiest ways to improve sales is to use remarketing on shopping carts and abandoned cart sites. Those consumers have already shown an interest in your goods and have been a step away from making a purchase.

Remarket to them as soon as they leave those pages on your site and keep reminding them to come back and finish the order.

Since these visitors were close to converting, they are considered to be warmer traffic, so you can set a higher budget to get a better return on investment.

4. Reduce Ad Spend on Homepage and Related Page Visitors


At the same time, you should consider reducing the budget for advertisements that appeal to tourists that have skipped off your homepage or other sites that are not sales-oriented.

Visitors who come to these pages and bounce off are not ready to make a purchase, and as such, they don’t bring as much value to the table as those that bounce off your shopping cart pages.

However, that doesn’t mean you’re expected to avoid remarking them absolutely. It just means that you’re going to have to spend more time cultivating those leads and sending them to pages that provide more detail, as described earlier.

5. Offer Coupons to Repeat Visitors or Product Page Viewers


Another successful remarketing tactic is to build coupons and discount codes and sell them to people who continue to visit your site or access your product pages.

If they keep coming back, chances are they’re really interested in the product so giving them a 10% off coupon or deal could just be the thing that convinces them to take the final move to purchase the item.

They’ll keep seeing your ad everywhere they go online, but the product is now discounted. This improves their chances of progressing and becoming a client. Remarketing to these consumers has also created a brand image that helps you turn the visitor from a one-time user into a repeat customer.

Remarketing can be an effective marketing technique when properly applied. Whatever form you want to use, don’t forget to test and tweak the ads to increase your conversion rate. This will allow you to get a better return on investment while remaining within your marketing budget.

Use the tips above to start a remarketing campaign and remain committed to your efforts. Very soon, you ‘re going to be able to see the results and boost your bottom line. Need help with setting up an effective remarketing strategy for your business? Get in touch today.