Do you wonder if you make any SEO mistakes? Businesses that consistently get the leads they expect from their marketing efforts know that a well-managed SEO strategy can be a game changer when it comes to business success.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is not an exact science and is surrounded by many myths and misleading or simply incorrect information. Working with the wrong company or following bad advice is not only a huge waste of time and money, but can result in a penalty imposed or a ban on search engines.

Here are the most common SEO errors and how to avoid them:

Mistake 1: DIY SEO Instead Of Hiring An Expert

SEO is a full-time job and requires advanced knowledge of current trends, strategies and algorithm changes. Many marketing professionals know the basics and believe that they can do their own SEO. The truth is, they can’t, and they’re learning the hard way. True SEO professionals stay on top of all the latest trends and know from experience what works and what doesn’t work. You don’t want to experiment with your website and create problems that will take more time and money to fix them.

Mistake 2: Using Generic Keywords For Each SEO Page 

Most businesses understand the need to develop a list of keywords that they want to rank for. What most businesses often get wrong is trying to optimize each page for generic phrases.

Instead of trying to cram 10 or 12 keyword phrases on one page, you’ll see much better results by optimizing one or two long-tail keywords on each page on your site. This means, by extension, that the pages should be specific, targeted and professionally written. Try and create pages for key terms that you know your target market are searching for. This approach also allows you to create a logical website layout that your audience, as well as search engines, will appreciate.

Mistake 3: Not Keeping Up To Date With Search Engine Changes

Search engines continuously change their algorithms to improve search quality and to combat cheaters who try to manipulate the system. There have been three major changes to Google’s algorithms over the last five years and a host of smaller updates that have significantly changed the way Google’s search engines rank websites. Keeping up with the most recent updates is critical to achieving good search rankings. If you don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with the latest SEO trends, you should be able to team up with SEO experts.

Mistake 4: Not Doing Keyword Research

One of the largest SEO mistakes that new SEO undertakers make is not doing keyword research, or doing a poor job of it. Keyword research is one of the most fundamental practices for Marketers to seriously step up their SEO game. Luckily, you don’t have to be a pro to get started, and it’s pretty simple to do that.

Start by using Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest, these are free tools designed to help you find the best keywords for your articles. At first, it might seem a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick is to find low-competition, high-volume keywords and try to rank for those words.

Mistake 5: Creation of Low Quality Content

The single goal of search engines is to help people quickly find quality and relevant information, and search engines are becoming increasingly effective in filtering out poor content from their search results. A common mistake is to purchase low-quality content just for the sake of content. It won’t help you improve your search rankings, especially if the content of your competitors is superior. If you want people to find your website, you need to invest time and money to produce quality content that informs, educates and even entertains your prospects.

SEO mistakes are very easy to commit if you’re not experienced and knowledgeable enough about the various ranking factors, updates and best practices that come with the territory. If you need assistance with boosting your Google rankings, get in touch with our experienced SEO team.