For businesses whose doors are still open… the importance of marketing your business on digital platforms is more important than it’s ever been! Digital marketing during Covid-19 is an important asset to your business.

Why? Current covid-19 circumstances could very possibly be the norm, for longer than we anticipate – it’s imperative to plan for this and learn how to navigate this new normal from your business’s perspective. Investing into marketing your business NOW ensures that when we do return to life as we knew it, you’ve set yourself up to be in the best possible position to capitalise.

Digital Marketing during Covid-19 can be confusing so we are going to break it down for you.

Digital Marketing includes (but not limited to):

⦁ SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
⦁ PPC (Pay Per Click)
⦁ Google Ads
⦁ Social Media Ads
⦁ Email Marketing
⦁ Social Media Marketing
⦁ Facebook
⦁ Instagram
⦁ Linkedin
⦁ Pinterest

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine = Google
Optimisation = structured in a way so that it ranks #1

SEO simply refers to which website appears when you Google something. For example: “Hairdresser near me” The hairdresser’s website with the best SEO, will come up #1. SEO is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing during Covid 19 as it ensures long-term, organic growth.

I’ll give you a great example… Open up a browser and Google: “SEO Agency Sunshine Coast””
If you are searching from your phone, you’ll have to scroll several times to get past the paid ads. Any listing with the ‘Ad’ badge on it has not earned that spot through credibility with Google & its users – it’s bought that spot. It’s like buying your child’s Dux award at school versus them legitimately earning it through hard work and time spent.

The power with these #1 organic rankings is that’ve helped our companies to grow and expand, without spending any money on actual advertising – digital or printed. These rankings have allowed us to grow, moving them both into corporate offices, which is been very rewarding.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Pay Per Click is very much a skill. There are 99 ways to do it wrong and only a few ways to nail it. In general terms, PPC covers Google Ads and Facebook (social media ads). These types of ads are vastly different one from the other – each platform more conducive than the other to particular industries & business models. Whether your business is product or service-based, factors in as well.

If you’re not making a return on investment, your PPC campaign is being managed incorrectly. That’s not to say that a favourable ROI is guaranteed, but rather that you should only be running these ads if your research has shown that they WILL run in the black.

Launching a marketing campaign using Google or Facebook ads without completing this due diligence is irresponsible and a waste of precious resources.

PPC experts who manage campaigns, day in & day out, analyse their metrics on a daily basis, looking for opportunities in your target audience, demographic, objectives, ad placement, keywords etc. to ensure a return.

There are certain businesses who we would advise against paying for Facebook Ads because the stats show that they will not pay off. On the flipside, there are businesses who should not be running Google Ads because they won’t get a return no matter what refinements are made – due to the fact that they are not a good fit on that platform.

Your Google Ads should include & follow these basic principles:

⦁ Your landing page needs to be simple. It should be custom designed with the pure intent to funnel & convert. The big mistake many Google Ads make is they are directed to the homepage which is in no way designed to finalise sales or convert a warm audience.

An engaging landing page that loads fast, holds attention long enough to fill out the contact form will put you on a strong position for conversion.

This decreases your bounce rate, while improving the volume and quality of client enquiries. Google Ad management should come with a tracking package which utilises Google Analytics as well as specialised tracking software with in-depth tracking abilities that include a click heat map. This shows exactly where on each page users have been interactive.

⦁ Your Google Ad text must mirror your landing page text.

⦁ Negative keywords will ensure that you don’t waste false clicks.

⦁ Your geographical location needs to be very precise to ensure that you’re not targeting an audience outside your area – if you are only servicing a refined section of your local community.

⦁ Keyword research is critical to the success of your Google Ads campaign. Your search volume needs to be adequate and your CPC should be low. If you’re targeting a search term with a high cost per click but a low search volume, this could result in a very poorly run ad campaign with a low return on investment.

Email Marketing

For certain business models, email marketing can be a very strategic way of staying connected with your existing client base – as well as staying front-of-mind of your target audience.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing during Covid 19. Email marketing tends to have an opening rate of only 20% to 30% however, so designing them is about so much more than just pretty pictures and dry content. There is definite strategy involved:

⦁ There is an art to the subject line. Your subject line is almost the be-all and end-all that determines your opening rate.

⦁ There is strategy to the optimal number of images used, as well as their size

⦁ Your content needs to be concise, snappy and engaging – written in a language appropriate for your audience eg: a legal firm would be more formal whereas, a local café could afford to be more colloquial.

⦁ Email marketing works especially well in conjunction with a giveaway offer. For example, if you are offering a free download, free eBook or a free trial – growing your database in this way lends itself well to an email marketing campaign because you are constantly growing your potential client base.

⦁ Another underutilised strategy is: not including the entire newsletter content IN the actual body of the email. If used properly, email marketing can automatically give your SEO a boost by serving as “clickbait”.

Have a taster for your message in the body of your email with a hyperlink that says ‘Read More…’ which directs your audience to read the rest of the newsletter on your website.

When Google sees that potentially 100’s if not 1000’s of users are spending more than a few minutes on your website or on a certain page, it will automatically conclude that this page is relevant and adding value so it will boost it’s ranking.

Along with enticing people to read your newsletter on your website, the content needs to be optimised to enhance the organic ranking of the page – which ultimately results in more users finding your website/business and becoming a warm audience, possibly ready to convert down the line.

Social Media Marketing

Keep in touch with your target audience through one of the most powerful channels in Digital Marketing during Covid-19 – Social Media.

The nature of social media has changed dramatically since the data breach of 2018 – at which point Facebook & Instagram became notoriously focused on what they were first known for… They returned to their roots of connecting families and long last friends. Without boosting or sponsoring posts, the organic reach on a business Facebook post is abysmal best, anything over 5% is golden!

There are several strategies, however, that as an agency we use with our clients to dramatically increase organic reach from 5% up to 1000% in some cases! If used wisely, these strategies can increase the exposure of your brand in the algorithm as well as engagement with it’s users. We’ve spent years sharpening these tools to great success and it’s a system that we share with our clients exclusively.

Part of our system involves an 80-20 split between posts that are hard-sell and posts that are purely adding value. We further break this 80/20 split down into much more detail for our clients but it’s a great strategy, especially for service-based businesses.

There are several free tools which Facebook and Instagram offer for businesses to use, taking your free organic posts to the next level in terms of reach, impressions and brand exposure.

Not using these tools is a huge mistake! Expecting to sell volume off platforms like Facebook or Instagram for the majority of businesses (particularly service-based businesses such as ours) are a grave miscalculation of the power of these platforms for business – unless you pay for ads. These free tools include strategic and creative use of:
⦁ Stories
⦁ Lives
⦁ Facebook groups
⦁ Facebook pixel – another powerful tool essential to any business sponsoring posts on social media.

The Big Question…

How do I know which platform to market my business on to get the most return on investment and bang for my buck? Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer. Our clients span a range of industries for whom we create a personalised digital marketing strategy. There are endless factors in deciding where to direct your online marketing budget:

⦁ In-depth analysis of several critical metrics
⦁ Research of your industry
⦁ Analysis of your competition, how well they are ranking, how hard they’ve worked to rank, whether it’s worth your while to try outrank them
⦁ Determining how urgently you need the sales?
⦁ Budget

How Do I Get Started?

In order not to waste money, it is essential that you get your digital marketing strategy managed by an agency who can prove their ROI for clients with case studies.

You wouldn’t take financial advice from someone driving a 20-year-old jalopy. You shouldn’t be trusting your SEO to anyone who isn’t ranking for their own search terms. Don’t trust your Google Ad spend anyone who’s not making return of their own Google Ads. Ask for proof! Don’t trust your online marketing budget with someone who can’t prove to you in black and white with stats & numbers that they know what they are doing.

At Digital Nomads HQ, if we do not believe that there will be a return for a particular client based of the metrics, then we will not take their money because our reputation is on the line! If you would like us to do a free SEO audit report of your website which includes how you’re ranking, how to improve your ranking, please email your URL to We are a friendly and very enthusiastic team comprised of Australian based strategists all across the Sunshine Coast (Thanks COVID-19 for splitting us up!)

Our team comprises of:

⦁ Web designers
⦁ Graphic designers
⦁ A Database developer
⦁ SEO strategists
⦁ PPC (Google Ads and Facebook Ads) experts.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency and we are here for you! We help businesses with no-obligation strategy sessions (we always have!) so you can navigate current waters with clarity and direction. Please call us on 1300 633 100 and let’s see how we can help you.