When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), quality copywriting is essential for optimal website performance. The business landscape has shifted and changed greatly in the last ten years and now, in order to survive, every business should invest in creating an online presence. However, there is a great difference between simply creating a website and investing in it as a useful tool and key factor in your business’ success.

That’s where copywriting comes in.

Read on to learn what copy and copywriting is, as well as how it affects the SEO of your website.


What is ‘Copy’ and ‘Copywriting’? 

Many people don’t know what ‘copy’ is, or how it differs from ‘content’. Although they seem similar, ‘copy’ and ‘content’ are actually significantly different and require proper implementation to be beneficial to your website.

‘Copy’ refers to numerous kinds of texts that can be created to serve a function, such as to persuade people to act or buy, to inform and notify, or to entertain. ‘Copy’ encompasses all text that appears on promotional material, like website copy, flyer copy, billboards and advertisements.

‘Content’ is different in that it is more broad; it defines all kinds of texts that can inform, entertain or persuade, such as images, videos, or blogs. 

The act of ‘copywriting’ is the process during which copy is created, specifically for a purpose.

Why is Copywriting Important for SEO?

Your website will always have two target audiences: your customers and Google. Copywriting is important for SEO because optimising your website with good content is a sure-fire way to improve your rankings, domain authority and more – which is how Google relates to your website’s content. Above and beyond this, your copywriting should always have your customers in mind: what are they searching for, what need do they need to fulfil, etc. 


Your Customers

We live in a very digital age. Almost all the information you could ever need is available online, at any time or day. This easy access to such a large amount of information has provided everyone with the privilege of choice – and in this case, it’s a choice between your website and your competitor’s!

Although web design is an equally important factor for your website’s success, copywriting does all the work, long after your website has been published. Through good copywriting, your website can provide valuable information to your clients; good copywriting can highlight the point of difference between your business and another; it can emphasise the benefits of your products or services. Copywriting will also help ensure that your customers can actually find your website and, thus, your business and services or products. This is because your website’s pages will be ‘crawled’ by Google (or another search engine’s) bots when you publish them. This ‘crawling’ does a scan on your page’s content and tries to understand what your content is about. Good copywriting will ensure that the search engine not only understands what your website’s content is about, but also understands it so well that it can influence the performance and ranking of that page.

Google My Business

This doesn’t mean that you should bombard your website with as much copy as you can! A healthy balance between copy, content and design is always ideal for any website. However, it is important that you factor in your customers when creating copy for your website. Much like with Google, their interaction and behaviour on your site can greatly impact its performance. Ensuring that your customers get the information they need quickly and easily, as well as making it easy for them to find the information, will help with your website’s SEO. 


Search Engines, Like Google and Bing

Real people aren’t the only ones reading the copy you put on your site! Search engine bots frequently crawl through websites on the internet and index them. The better your copywriting, the greater the chance of being indexed and ranking well. 

What many people don’t know is that search engines actually index the pages of your website and not the entire website as a whole. This means that each page you publish on your website should be carefully crafted with great thought and care. Each page you publish can potentially be found by internet users, so you should always try to ensure that a page they can land on is a page you’d want customers to see! 

Ultimately, the copy on your site and how well it is written can mean the difference between performing well and being lost on the fifth page of the search engine results pages! 

Characteristics of Good Copy

Now that you know what copy, copywriting and content is, how do you make it ‘good’? We’ve got the key ingredients below…

  • Strong, emotional appeal
  • Unique 
  • Speaks directly to your target audience
  • Provides benefits
  • Problemsolves
  • Includes a call to action
  • Is the right size (font)
  • Is readable

Need Good Copywriting? 

Copywriting is a useful tool for any business owner looking to improve their website’s performance. However, copywriting can be tricky and hard to get right. Why not let the experts handle it? Get in touch with the DNHQ team today!