Wondering how to generate leads on autopilot? Irrespective of the industry or niche you might be in, one thing is certain – the main aim of your company is to gather more leads, increase your audience and as a result – increase profits. You may have tried several different ways to generate leads. From popups and newsletters to e-books, there are a range of leading generation tactics out there. But which one of them is the most effective?

What if we were to tell you, there was one lead generation tactic that works every time – quizzes. That’s right-online quizzes can also be an incredibly successful way of gathering leads. The use of quizzes for lead generation is a recent technique used by a range of top digital marketing experts, including the legendary digital marketing genius – Neil Patel. Many businesses often wonder how to generate leads for their business and the truth is, it doesn’t always have to be complicated.

You’re probably thinking, yeah right – quizzes are for passing time at work when you’ve done all your regular tasks. Well, you’re wrong! Quizzes can be used to generate high-quality leads for almost any business model out there. But how do you generate leads from quizzes? But why are the lead generation quizzes so effective?

Let ‘s take a look at the benefits of quizzes for generating leads:

1. They Help Grow Your Mailing List

Quizzes are an excellent technique to maximize the number of email subscribers on your list. As a matter of fact, up to 50% of the people who participate in the quiz subscribe to the list. This is because, in order to see the results of their quiz, they would normally need to type their name and email address. We know from our experience that many business owners are often left wondering how to generate leads for their business and quizzes are an extremely low-cost and effective method for growing a mailing list.

Three of the most successful websites – Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Investopedia, state that “delivering useful and beneficial information to the correct audience is one of the main obstacles that companies need to conquer in order to remain ahead of their competition and succeed in the industry.”

Luckily, email marketing can solve these problems effectively. Instead of collecting cold leads, email marketing helps entrepreneurs gather warm leads that are truly interested in the company’s goods or services, helping to bridge the gap between consumers and business, as well as growing sales opportunities.

More so, recent studies have shown that marketers get back around $44 for every $1 they spend on email marketing, which is equal to more than 40x return on investment ( ROI).


2. They Can Increase Your Social Reach

Due to the curiosity of humans, they are captivated by quizzes. A lot of people prefer quizzes with more alluring and customized content. Social media platforms provide companies with an extended opportunity to expand their brand recognition, content and interaction through engaging quizzes.

Quizzes typically get almost 2,000 times shares, where over 80% of the shares come from the massive social media platform Facebook.

This data indicates that people are not only interested in taking quizzes; they are also delighted to post them on social media sites. This situation will help businesses, as the high number of shares greatly increases the visibility of both companies and their customers. If you have ever struggled with how to generate leads and grow your social media presence – then quizzes are a great option to test drive for your business.

The number of shares also shows the effectiveness and engagement of the content, signaling the algorithms to display the content more often to more users.

In addition, the best thing about using quizzes in social media marketing, as well as in other types of marketing, is that existing content can be reused to create them. For example, an article entitled “Five main elements of a good newsletter” can be used to build a quiz entitled “Is your newsletter engaging? ”.


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3. They Can Boost Revenue

Personalization is one of the most successful sales strategies, especially in e-commerce companies. Top shopping websites use this approach to deliver tailored product reviews based on the preferences of their customers. Many people wonder how to generate leads from quizzes, but they also don’t know that you can also use quizzes to boost revenue and sales.

According to recent reports, 60 percent of online shoppers prefer online stores to maintain contact information and purchase data. They hope to get a customized service that knows their shopping behaviour. Based on the outcome of the quiz, the results of the quiz may be set to provide customized product and service recommendations.

Quizzes allow a marketer to target a particular audience with personalized recommendations that produce more sales compared to non-personalized recommendations.


4. Segment Your Subscribers

Based on the results and results of the quiz, advertisers may segment their subscribers to the e-mail service provider using tags. This segmentation optimizes the marketing plan and enables marketers to treat each category of subscribers differently for optimum benefit. More personalized content can also be used for improved conversion.


5. Increase Website Traffic 

Given the popularity of quizzes, it’s no wonder that quizzes can drive traffic to websites. Thanks to the engaging and enjoyable nature of the quizzes, users are more likely to linger longer on the web, increasing the time-on-site rate and decreasing the page bounce rate. These improvements will have a positive effect on the algorithm and will boost site ranking and consistency. For example , advertising platforms like Facebook judge the quality of your ads based on how long someone spends on your website / landing page until they click on an ad.

Because of the simplicity of the quizzes, people will usually spend a few minutes filling out the questionnaire on your website. This makes quizzes an efficient ad format as the Facebook algorithm would “reward” you based on how long your visitors spend on the quiz on your website.


6. Help You Understand Your Target Audience

The answers and results of the quizzes provide the requisite data for marketers to evaluate and learn about their audience, including their pain points, desires and behaviour. These data will be of considerable assistance to future targeting.

Most quiz platforms will include in-depth reporting for and quiz you make, so that you can review the individual outcomes of those who took your quiz and opted in.

For example, if you were an eCommerce store and you created a Christmas gift quiz. One of the questions you might ask is, “What’s your Christmas gift budget?” Based on the answers you have got, you can then recommend items that are tailored to your customer’s budget requirements.

7. Assist With Retargeting

After successfully capturing leads through quizzes, custom audience profiles can be generated and marketers can use the pixels to redirect them to a higher ROI.

Retargeting creates greater online revenue and sales by keeping your brand “top of mind” and attracting browsing shoppers when they’re ready to buy. Every time your customer sees your re-targeting advertising, your brand gains momentum and awareness.


Businesses in a range of industries have used quizzes in a myriad of ways, ranging from a fun personality test to a recruitment skills test. Each type of quiz has its own purpose and can assist companies with completing a range of objectives. Due to the different benefits of quizzes, many entrepreneurs are utilising this highly effective strategy. Wondering how to generate leads for your business? We can help you! Get in touch and our talented team of lead generation experts would be happy to assist you.