Online reviews are extremely good for your business. Positive feedback, and a good number of them, will build immediate confidence with potential consumers, increase the conversion rate of your website, and even generate ads or hype around the brand.

The physical value of your products may be easy to calculate, but your consumers’ perceptions are what really determine the value your brand and products have in the marketplace.

Because of this, your ability to build value into your brand and communicate that value to customers through your marketing is essential to the long term success of your company.

Of course, having consistent online feedback for a new company is easier to tell than to do. 


How To Market Your Brand With Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can become a goldmine for your business. This is because they help to change the way that prospective customers perceive the quality of your goods and services.

With so many companies competing online, customers can be dubious about which product or service to choose.

However, if you had a myriad of happy customer reviews in your marketing arsenal – you can instill trust and build a great brand reputation which will encourage more sales.

How To Market Your Brand

Give A Gift For Each Review

 The first step to getting more online feedback is simply asking for them. If you don’t inquire, few clients will know to leave the review, and far fewer will waste time finding out where or how to leave the review.

Sending an email to ask customers for a review is a perfect way to get the ball rolling.

Always make it as convenient as possible to the user. And if you want to maximize the number of people actually writing a critique, give a small reward (10 percent off their next purchase, for instance).


Create a Facebook Business Profile & Google My Business Account

Collecting feedback on the company’s website is key to increasing the conversion rate on-site. But that’s not the only way consumers are searching for online feedback. According to recent reports, more than 60 percent of customers are testing Google reviews before visiting a local company, which is more than any other review site.

Similarly, Facebook now controls over 50 percent of online and offline purchase decisions.

In other words, online feedback beyond ratings on the company’s website are key. Creating a Facebook profile and a Google My Company account helps businesses to obtain online feedback where future buyers are already searching for them.


How To Market Your Brand

Respond To Reviews Quickly


Show your customers that you care about it! This is for both positive and negative reviews. Take note of the feedback and respond quickly.

Please ask your customers to contact you directly in order to address the issue.

Show them that you are willing to do whatever you can to fix the issue. This will create trust in your customers and also set you apart from your rivals. And if anyone else comes across the study, it will be remembered that you tried to solve the issue as soon as possible.

How To Market Your Brand

Make It Easy For Customers To Leave A Review

Try to make it as simple and fast as possible to review your product or service, so that your products and services get more ratings and more feedback.

Customers should never feel burdened by filling out the review forms. Keep your review forms short to make it happen with a minimum of clicks. In addition, it makes sense to make the forms as enjoyable as possible.

You may use an online review portal that sends automatic review request emails when customers order from you. Your customers should feel like you are interested in their input and want to make sure they are pleased with your goods. You might also go to your website for a short survey or a fast Facebook poll to find out about your customers.

How To Market Your Brand
How To Market Your Brand

Turn Your Customers Into Ambassadors For Your Brand

With the overload of content on the internet, it is difficult to produce content on a regular basis that engages and entertains people equally. This is where it helps to make your customers ambassadors to your brand.

By getting a community of customers as ambassadors of your brand, you can easily break through with an authentic voice because it will sound distinctive, sincere and, most importantly, real. With the ever-growing rivalry on the web, it is critical that your customer is in charge of your brand. There may be customers who run an entire blog on your site, or one or more customers may be in charge of tweeting and posting stories that are important to your product.

Keep An Eye On Review Sites

Review sites are essentially local directories that allow people to share their experience with different companies and brands. Visitors will receive feedback and ratings along with the listing when searching for a specific name of a company or product.

It’s a simple way for consumers to know what other people are thinking about your brand and your company. There are a variety of common review sites, such as Yelp, the Review Center and Trust Pilot. So, build an account on both of these sites and use it to make you look better.

You may also consider ads on these pages. For example, Yelp lets you select your best reviews and run them in the list right next to your competitors.

Include The Customer’s Name And Picture When You Post A Testimonial 

This can be a good way to reward the clients, and it also brings a degree of credibility to their evaluation. Consider incorporating the source of the review, such as Yelp, to allow other consumers to request their own reviews.

Wondering How To Market Your Brand With Reviews? 

Marketing your brand with customer reviews is essential for any business owner looking to improve their reach and generate some leads. However, this can be tricky and hard to get right. Why not let the experts handle it? Get in touch with the DNHQ team today!