Interested in how to use LinkedIn to grow your business? Looking to add LinkedIn to your marketing strategy, and learn valuable tips and tricks from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn will help the more than 500 million users link your brand. By tapping into established relationships, LinkedIn will help you expand your brand through awareness-building and word of mouth. LinkedIn is also one of the top social networks that contribute to lead generation.

Ready to get started?

Here are ten professional LinkedIn tips and tricks to attract new business , increase credibility and expose your services if you still need a little more convincing.

# 1: Build A Successful Company LinkedIn page

A Company Page is the LinkedIn profile of your business, similar to how your Facebook Business Page is a personal Facebook account of your business. The company page is used to inform other potential partners about the deals, the people who work there, and the material that can be actioned. Company Pages are also a great way to build branch expertise.

Just build a Company Page is all you have to do to get started.

On other social networks your company logo will take the place of your profile image. The cover photo needs to capture your business look and feel.

PRO TIP: Much as your personal profile gets more views if you have a profile image, your company profile is up to six times more likely than companies without a profile photo to get traffic to their website.

You would then want to fill out the overview of the company.

You’ll want to tell your audience who you are in this 2000 word character limit and how your organization can overcome any pressure points they may encounter. In the first 150 characters, business-related keywords are particularly important, as that is what will appear on your company’s Google Preview page.

Below your company description you can add a few keywords (specialties) that specialize in your business. These specialties help people find their business so it’s important not to skip this section.

Just because you’ve created a website for a business doesn’t mean success is coming. Keep following these professional LinkedIn tips and tricks for business marketing to help your chances of gaining followers, recruiting, leads, social selling, etc.

# 2: Connect your employees to a LinkedIn page of your business

Your staff have 10x more first grade interactions than your business does followers, according to LinkedIn. Employees are the greatest supporters and you are also tapping into their vast network of future contacts by making sure they ‘re following you. Interested in how to use LinkedIn to grow your business? Start building up your employee connections on LinkedIn.

PRO TIP: If your employees add to their profile their position at your company, your page will be linked to their profiles and their profiles will appear on your company page in turn. This association is giving your page that many more opportunities for other people to see.

# 3: Define your target audience

As with every marketing campaign, a great place to start is to identify your goals. Try to create yourself as the leader of your thoughts? Recruit worthy candidates? Or generate follow-up leads for your company?

Whether you want to tackle one of these aspects or all of them, your goals will help you measure your success in seeing how your efforts pay off.

PRO TIP: If you haven’t already built a customer avatar, this is a perfect opportunity to do so. Knowing who your target audience is will enable you to tailor your messages to suit your audience, instead of tailoring your audience to suit your message.

# 4: Improve your company’s page for search

Your company page is built to be SEO friendly, so optimizing your company page is essential to increase exposure through searches either on or off LinkedIn. Interested in how to use LinkedIn to grow your business? You’ll need to work on your organic reach.

Add Keywords: If you skipped adding this in step one of our list of tips and tricks from LinkedIn, now is your chance to incorporate keywords into your company profile. These keywords can range from phrases about what you are doing, or from specific terms that include who you are. There is however a method to the keyword research process. Read on these tips for keyword research before choosing the keywords for which you want to optimize.

Connect to your Company Page: Connect to your company page from your website, forum, social media articles, or email newsletters. This move is important to improve your search and drive traffic rankings to your LinkedIn page.

Share relevant content: The most effective ways to improve your rankings is to share content regularly. The more frequently you share content, the higher the search results will show up on your company page.

# 5: Publish unique content

The best way to grow and keep your followers interested is to publish content that the public finds interesting and on a regular basis. Your content needs to answer questions, allow your audience to better do their work or help fix their pain points.

PRO TIP: LinkedIn advises to post at least once a weekday.

Most of the people on LinkedIn are considered ‘news-junkies.’ In other words, they thrive on the latest updates and ground-breaking news. Of course you’re going to want to share your own content, but it’s also a good idea to include engaging content from others. Sharing from an external source indicates that you remain actively engaged and immersed in your industry.

# 6: Include rich media to increase the Company’s commitment page

Our brains process images faster than text, so it only makes sense to get 98 percent more engagement from LinkedIn posts with images.

We ‘re halfway through our tips and tricks on LinkedIn, keep reading to unveil even more!

# 7: Tag your connections in posts, or other members

Nice for you, of course, is having loves in your messages. However, if you really want to stand out, then encourage some activity on your posts. Take the time when someone leaves a comment to respond. Or you can do this on posts from other people too, just make sure that you mention them using their first name. This is the best way of being access to your main networks.

By mentioning a link or another member of LinkedIn you promote interaction with your posts. These tags alert your relations that you don’t want anything important or of interest to him or her missing. But don’t be tempted to continuously sign your contacts and bug them.

# 8: Get more LinkedIn Tips and Tricks into LinkedIn Groups

As an organization, taking advantage of LinkedIn groups would allow you to communicate with your clients. It also enables you and your company to network in your field with other people , particularly those outside of your immediate connections.

Be careful not to blast advertising in groups, this platform is better used to share content that will promote greater involvement and interactions of quality. You can also drive more visitors to your Website by sharing relevant content.

# 9: Advertising on LinkedIn

When you build your personal LinkedIn profile, you give detailed information about your interests, basic demographics and abilities to the network. For advertisers, the data is important! The platform with the most defining targeting options can be known as LinkedIn, which allows you to easily incorporate LinkedIn into your marketing ventures.

There are three options to remember when it comes to visibility on LinkedIn:

1. Supported Content: Consider endorsing your update when you post an update that is highly engaged and fully aligns with the metrics outlined in # 5 of our LinkedIn tips and tricks. By advertising it directly on the news feeds of the people you want to target, this helps you to reach a larger audience than ever.

2. InMail Sponsored: Send personalized messages to highly targeted receivers. This ad format removes the risk of landing your ads in bogus or spam inboxes, since it only delivers to active members of LinkedIn.

3. Text Ads: This is LinkedIn’s pay-per – click (PPC) platform. On home pages, profile pages, group pages, and search pages, these ads show up.

# 10: Understand the Algorithm for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the only platforms to unveil its algorithm whereas most social platforms keep it secret. Here’s how the material ranks on the algorithm:

Content is posted, and the initial computerized test passes. It ranks as ‘spam,’ ‘poor quality’ or ‘simple.’

Quality is key because you obviously want to have your content in the clear.

Containment is briefly left on the feed to calculate dedication. Initial engagement indicators (likes, comments , and shares) are fine. But if your content is secret, then it’s not healthy.

Make sure that the content appeals to the audience so it won’t be obscured or marked as spam.

The content passes a virality check in computerized form. The algorithm does some additional spam and integrity tests based on your account and network capacity.

# 11: Learn from LinkedIn analytics 

Monitoring your analytics on LinkedIn lets you make educated choices that lead to better outcomes. This will result in optimizing the efficacy of this essential social enterprise network. On your company page you can understand the demographics of your followers, monitor the traffic and activity.

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