Instagram Advertising is a central component of your digital campaign. This is due to the fact that Instagram is the biggest social media site operated by one of the largest online companies in the world, Facebook.

What Are Instagram Ads?


Instagram advertisements are messages or stories that a company pays for marketing their material to the target audience.

They look like regular posts, but they have a tiny supported mark attached to them.

Most companies will use Instagram ads as they want to reach out to people beyond their current follow-up.

These advertisements help to attract qualified consumers to your content, and they can make wonders for a small business that is trying to boost their brand awareness.

Unlike Instagram’s organic marketing campaigns, Instagram ads are paid advertising that target people most likely to be interested in the product or service being shown. This allows businesses to target customers on the basis of their preferences and demographics.

Instagram is a visual site, so text-based advertisements are unlikely to work. You’re going to need visual content like photos and videos to meet your target customers.

Instagram Ads

Are Instagram Ads Worth It?


Yes, Instagram Ads is generating results. The photo-sharing app has evolved a lot over the years. From being a favorite for holidaymakers to share their images, it has become a strong marketing tool for brands, marketers and influencers.

It’s a fair chance that your target audience and your rivals are also on Instagram. Instagram ads offer a myriad of benefits to buisness owners who are interested in boosting conversions, building brand awareness and growing their customer base. 

Strong Enagement Rates

With organic reach on Facebook falling as low as 2-3 percent, it’s no wonder that marketers are frustrated by their commitment rates. But when you upload something on Instagram, more of your fans are likely to see it.

This is a huge advantage, particularly when you realize that many advertisers are now using paid advertisement features on Facebook simply to get their posts in front of their own followers. On average, Instagram provides twice as much engagement per post as Facebook does.

This is primarily because the material on Instagram is more visual than that on Facebook or Twitter. As a picture sharing site, it may sound like we’re stating the obvious here.

But unlike most other social media sites that concentrate on text and links, Instagram is used primarily for photo and video content.

Images give your company an opportunity to showcase items, and videos are a perfect way to display your services in motion. And beyond that, you can also use the forum to expose corporate culture and other behind-the-scenes aspects of your company.

Instagram Ads

Your Customers Are Already On Instagram 

Whether or not you’re on Instagram, there are certainly some of your clients. This means that someone may have already posted about your company.

This is particularly true if your company has a physical location that customers frequent, such as a retail store or a restaurant. Users can add location tags to each of their posts, so if someone has ever posted a picture while in your company, they probably have an Instagram tag.

Customers can also post images of your goods and mark them with your brand name.

This is particularly true of retailers selling clothes, household goods and other consumer items.

Even if you are not considering using Instagram for your business, we suggest that you at least build a personal account to track posts that use your location tag or brand as a hashtag. This is a great way to stay in the loop about what customers share about your company.

Instagram Ads

Advanced Targeting Options

Like other popular social media sites, Instagram provides paid advertisement options for businesses. And even though you can run a profitable account without investing a dime, these advertising features can be an efficient way to broaden your account.

Like Facebook, Instagram provides a granular level of targeting that can help business owners tap into their ideal target market and broaden their business.

With Instagram Advertising, you can target customers based on their age, place, interests, gender, profession and more.

This ensures that your ads will appear on the feeds of your target audience, raising your chances of making a sale.

It’s a fantastic tool to take advantage of and you can tailor the targeting of your audience and track the results.

Instagram Ads

When you set up an Instagram advertisement campaign, you don’t need to just sit back and wait for the results.

You can track the progress of your campaigns in real time and obtain valuable insights that can benefit you further.

You will have access to metrics that will remind you of which campaigns have the best engagement. It will also inform you how many sales and leads have been converted, and how much you have spent/made on your campaign.

This means that if you continue to use Instagram paid ads, you will make improvements to get better results. Unlike conventional advertising outlets, Instagram gives you a better insight into where your money is going and what kind of return you’re getting for your ads.

Need Some Help with Instagram Ads? 

Instagram Ads is a useful tool for any business owner looking to improve their reach and generate some leads. However, Instagram Ads can be tricky and hard to get right. Why not let the experts handle it? Get in touch with the DNHQ team today!