It doesn’t matter what the business is or what goods and services you sell – digital marketing channels can’t be overlooked. Not so long ago, businesses wanted nothing more than a website and a Facebook page, but now the digital world is changing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up.

So far, there aren’t too many popular businesses that don’t have an online presence.

New innovations and techniques will come to the fore in 2020 and push marketers to change to keep their organisations at the top.

In order to help you decide which digital marketing channels you will distribute your content through, we have compiled a list of marketing channels to concentrate on in 2020. Read on to learn about the marketing channels that can boost your scope, popularity, and revenue.

1. SEO

Search engines are potentially the best digital marketing channel to gain attention — most people discover new products and publications via Google. In reality, according to Google, 89 percent of B2B buyers and 81 percent of online shoppers use search engines to search for new products and services.

Search engines are also one of the fastest digital marketing channels to transform. Since people are actively searching for answers to their questions and solutions to their problems on Google, they are likely to download your offer or sign up for a free trial if you can provide them with what they’re looking for.

To create a vibrant organic presence online, consider incorporating the Pillar-Cluster model into your blog. Using this approach, you can create a single pillar page that offers a high-level overview of the topic and hyperlinks to the cluster pages that are discussed in the subtopics of the topic. This indicates to Google that your page on the pillar is an authority on the subject.

Hyperlinking all cluster pages to the Pillar page often extends domain authority across the cluster, so that your cluster pages get an organic boost if your Pillar page is higher, and your cluster pages can also help your core page rank higher if they start ranking for the same keyword they seek.

2. Online Media Products

Many people use social media to escape from their daily lives, amuse themselves, and interact with others. Often, though, marketers forget that people use social media in the first place, relentlessly delivering their ads to as many people as possible.

For more than 2.7 billion social media users worldwide today , millions of companies have been marketing their products on these channels for years. Yet the proliferation of social media has filled every site with a multitude of posts, images , and videos, increasing the availability of content as the market for it has plateaued.

And how are the brands able to break through the noise? One approach is to publish entertaining videos, connect with fans as much as possible, and post content that doesn’t guide visitors to another page, such as informative status updates instead of links.

3. Email Marketing

In Australia, email use has risen every year since 2012 and 91 percent of Australian Internet users use email.

As of now, subscribing to your favourite online publications via email is the best way to keep up with your latest stories and news. And because it takes an average of six to eight touch points to generate a successful sales lead, persuading people to subscribe to your emails and, in effect, continuously consuming your content will generate more leads and revenue for your company.

Growing up a dedicated, loyal user base also speaks volumes about the nature of the content and its emotional resonance. And though content hoards are saturating the internet and most people’s inboxes today , people are still actively interacting with your material, which is a strong indication that they actually do. Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels in 2020.

4. Word Of Mouth and Testimonials

Just 4% of customers agree that advertisers exercise honesty. And what’s a marketer to do when the very people they need to persuade don’t believe them? We need to rely on the advice of their brand to their customers.

Consumers trust consumers over advertisers because advertisers have an agenda — promote their product or service to generate sales. At the other hand , consumers would only appreciate a product or service if it has actually helped them.

To order to build as much word of mouth marketing as possible, you need to remain laser-focused on creating the best possible product or service and delivering top-notch customer support. In other words, before your own needs, you need to satisfy your clients. Only then can your consumers become a loyal, dedicated group that will recommend your brand to their friends and family. One of the best digital marketing channels to attract testimonials is Google By Business. You can ask your customers to provide you with positive feedback via your Google My Business listing. This will help prospective customers make a decision when they research your business online.

5. Blogging & Content

The more time spent on content marketing means that you will have more content on your website. This means that your consumers will have more incentive to hang around, more chances to get acquainted with your brand, and more confidence, which will lead to higher conversion rates. With quality content, your visitors can linger longer on your site, and that’s always a positive thing. For more about why advertising about-site is a positive thing.

Content marketing is a long-term approach that focuses on developing a positive relationship with your target audience by delivering high-quality content that is very important to them on a regular basis.Finally, as consumers make a buying decision, they are always committed to you. They would buy the goods and choose it over the products of the competitors. In comparison to one-off ads, content marketing reveals that you truly care about your customers.

Now, more than ever before, people want to know that you care for them. The world is bigger and bigger than ever before, and focus is our most important tool.

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