Christmas is right on our doorsteps, and with so little time before the big day, we’ve put together a list of our top ten tips for your 2020 Christmas marketing strategy! 

The Christmas season is one of the busiest periods of the year – and one of the greatest opportunities to create a themed (or non-themed!) marketing strategy or campaign that will allow you to capitalise on your advertising efforts during this festive time. There’s so much to do, let’s get right to it!

Here are our top ten tips for your Christmas marketing strategy…

Top Tip #1: Try Plan Early 

Amidst all the festivities, it’s easy to lose track of time and projects. The key to a successful 2020 Christmas marketing campaign is to plan early.

If your customers are thinking about Christmas gifts before December 1 even hits the calendars, so should you! Plan your content creation, optimisation efforts, campaign specials or any other marketing efforts you want in place during the festive holiday well in advance. Remember, this isn’t an isolated campaign: you have to consider how it fits in with your ‘regular’ marketing strategy. It’s important to incorporate major holidays into your normal marketing routine, rather than leave their planning for the last minute. 

We’d recommend planning at least three months in advance for any major marketing campaign. It’s November – rather late than never!

Top Tip #2: Put It in the Calendar

Whether your meetings are all in digital format or you note upcoming appointments by hand – put it in the calendar! 

  • Create a list with every task you or your team has to complete before D-Day, ensuring you include a deadline and some room for last-minute changes or unforeseen circumstances (important!). 
  • Schedule or tentatively note date on which you want to launch campaigns or implement new strategies. 
  • FYI: Christmas-themed content is usually a great way to connect with your audience during the festive season! 

Top Tip #3: Analyse Your Traffic Types

Not all business types operate within industries that are ‘busy’ all year – generally, you will experience a lull in business. However, the time at which you experience that lull may be quite unique to your business, which is why you should be analysing your traffic types, sources and, most importantly, seasonal flow. 

You can use this information to your advantage in your campaigns by knowing when to push your content out, thus maximising your exposure during your busiest periods.

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Top Tip #4: Nosy Neighbour 

It’s easy to get stuck in a content-rut and all out of ideas. A resourceful way of finding inspiration is to see what your competitors are doing – check out their website, their social media profiles and other online content to see how they’ve approached the upcoming festivities.

However, be careful not to plagiarise your competitor’s content or copy their ideas. Instead, try to improve their campaign and make it your own, entirely unique. Remember that your target audience may differ to their despite being a competitor, and ultimately, your content should be tailored for them.

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Top Tip #5: Create Urgency with Holiday-Themed Campaigns 

Time-sensitive campaigns like those that implement sales copy such as ‘Limited Time Only!’ or ‘Offer Ends on…’ can be immensely successful during the festive season. Urgency is a key part to capitalising on seasonal events or holidays and using them to your advantage.

Additionally, this may be a great opportunity to create templates that you can use in other marketing campaigns at other times of the year. Recycling!

Top Tip #6: SEO is Key! 

Optimise, optimise, optimise! Make sure that your website is ready for the busy season ahead – especially if you run an e-commerce store. By conducting technical SEO, you can help prepare your website for a potential very busy couple of weeks. 

As more and more consumers head online to conduct their shopping every year, there is an expectation for businesses to follow suit. By giving your customers a positive shopping experience during their time on your website, as well as ensuring your website is mobile-friendly, will help solidify your campaign’s success. 

Top Tip #7: Keyword Optimisation


Technical SEO is great, but you should also spend time optimising your website and your PPC campaigns for your most important keywords.

Remember, in a PPC campaign, every click counts. If you don’t’ invest in optimising your campaign for the right keywords, you could land up wasting hundreds of dollars on keywords that don’t relate to your business or campaign at all. 

You should also optimise your website for your best keywords. Google Trends and other similar tools allow you to monitor search trends at any scale you need – globally or locally. This will help you create custom content using the terms that are being used the most during the busy season.

Top Tip #8: Remarketing Rules! 

Online shopping is all about decision making – but sometimes, visitors to your website don’t make a decision the first time they encounter your brand or product. That’s why remarketing campaigns are perhaps the greatest secret tool in your toolset this year! 

Setting up a remarketing campaign will allow you to target customers who visited your website, who came across your product or service for the first time, but who didn’t take any action. These customers will see your tailored remarketing ads elsewhere on the internet, increasing your chances of enticing them back to your site and back to their shopping cart! 


Top Tip #9: Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

Email marketing doesn’t always get all the excitement that Google Ads, Facebook Ads or even SEO gets. But don’t underestimate this powerful marketing tool. Build up a customer list to send out emails too well in advance, and well before the start of your campaign. By doing this, you can maximise on the ‘warm’ audience you already have sitting in your database! 

Capitalise on your hard work by creating custom content or special offers, such as limited-time promotions, discounts or sales.

Top Tip #10: Use Your Data! 

We can’t emphasise it enough: look at your data! It’s all in the data. The performance of your campaign, any campaign at any time of the year, will provide you with invaluable data – whether your campaign performed well or not. Utilise the tools you have at hand, especially the ones Google gives you for free! Google Analytics is your best friend and can equip you with all the knowledge you need to know what worked for your campaign, what didn’t and where you can improve next time.

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We Can Help with Your 2020 Christmas Marketing Campaign! 

Stuck for ideas or tired of doing the same ol’ thing? Let us work with you to create an effective, results-driven marketing campaign for the 2020 Christmas period. We can provide advice and assistance regardless of your chosen marketing channel – we do social media, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and so much more! Get in touch with the team today.