While many people know and enjoy Google for search and ads, they seem to overshadow a valuable complimentary PPC marketing platform: Bing’s Microsoft Advertising.

What Are Bing Ads?


The idea behind Bing advertising is exactly the same as that of Google Ads. Microsoft Advertising is a pay-per-click (PPC) platform designed to help you target a particular audience, increase traffic to your website and increase your revenue.


Bing ads often look the same in the SERP as ads on Google and their total title and meta data length is around the same. Bing advertising operates on an auction mechanism similar to Google’s, where marketers may view specific advertisements to users who are searching for certain keywords.

Marketers can target search keywords for a chance that their ad will appear on the search results pages and pay a small fee for each click. This form of search advertisement remains one of the most popular forms of internet advertising because it is still so effective. All that is required is a campaign set up via the Microsoft Merchant Center and a budget.

Bing search ads allow advertisers to gain access to a broader variety of potential buyers, and the ad network enables marketers to target keywords that are relevant to them.

Bing ads is similar to Google AdWords in both ad layout and intent. Like AdWords, Bing advertising are based on auctions and depend on keywords.

If you run ads on Bing, you can generate bids based on unique keywords. If the bid is successful, your ad will appear for that keyword as users search for it. Then since Bing ads are based on a pay per click (PPC) model, you pay your bid sum each time a visitor clicks on an ad and it is taken to your site.

This ensures that you don’t have to pay for your ad to only appear—only for clicks. However you still pay for clicks, even though tourists click on the ad by mistake or don’t end up buying anything from you. That’s why it’s important to reduce unnecessary clicks on your campaign.


What Are The Benefits Of Bing Ads?

Bing Ads boast a number of impressive features which give the platform a competitive edge over Google. From greater control and lower costs to granular targeting options, investing in Bing Ads could be a lucrative option – particularly for Australian business owners who would like to target the USA.



Since Bing is owned by Microsoft, when you advertise using Bing ads, you also advertise on Yahoo, AOL, MSN, and other partnering sites. A huge advantage of using Bing’s advertising options is that you fill any holes in your advertising campaigns that you might miss by relying on Google alone.

While Bing accounts for only a small percentage of the global market share of search engines, Bing ads still attract 63 million users. If you don’t use Bing ads, that’s a huge amount of missed opportunity.

Bing also has 936.5 million monthly foreign visitors and nearly 12 billion monthly searches worldwide. While its market share seems limited when you look at the percentage of users, it is important to remember that Bing is continually increasing and improving.

Not only can you use Bing ads to improve your overall exposure within your engines, but you can also target a larger and more targeted audience.

Less competition and cheaper CPC’s

Many small and medium-sized companies see Bing Advertising as an afterthought, but they really should do it earlier. Bing Ads uses an auction dynamic close to that of Google Ads, so advertisers on Bing benefit from a lack of competition, such as better ad positions and cheaper click costs.

A recent research has also shown that almost all CPCs on Bing are on average 33.5 percent cheaper CPCs on Bing. Not only were these clicks cheaper on Bing, but their ads were also better off than their Google equivalents and had higher CTRs.


Bing Ads

Granular Control

Unlike Google Advertising, Bing allows you to assign different time zones to different campaigns. This makes it much easier to manage sophisticated ad scheduling strategies in Bing, particularly if your campaigns reach the international level.

Google Ads allows you to set your network, location, ad scheduling, language and ad rotation settings at the campaign level, and ad groups are confined to their campaign settings.

Bing Advertising, however, opens up these options at the ad group stage, allowing you to easily alter the settings for a specific ad group without having to go through the hassle of developing a brand-new campaign to make a change.

Bing Ads

Greater Transparency

Google gives paid search marketers two options at the campaign level: target Google search, or target Google search and search partners. There is no alternative or no one in between.

You can’t just target your search partners and remove a specific search partner. You can’t even see which of the partner engines are driving traffic to your platform.

Bing gives users the flexibility to target just Bing & Yahoo, only search partners, or both at the level of the ad community.

Bing Ads


If you advertise your goods locally or mostly to American customers, you should consider using Bing advertising as part of your marketing plan.
Bing’s gender-based audience often shows that they have almost equal numbers of male and female users, suggesting that there is an equal opportunity to reach each of them in the marketing campaign.

When it comes to age and Bing advertisements, if you are selling goods for millennials, they might not be the best place to apply to your advertisement strategy. However if you’re targeting an older demographic, you can look deeper into Bing marketing.

The highest number of Bing users falls within the age group of 45-54 years and about one third of users have household incomes of 100K or more. So, if you’d like to start targeting older, larger-than-expensive consumers, Bing ads are a perfect way to meet them.

Bing also has a significant number of married users and children’s users. Around 51 percent of Bing users are married and 45 percent have children who live at home. Using Bing advertising ensures that there are many more ways to extend your scope to include more families.

Depending on your target audience, using Bing advertising will help you meet people you’re not already using your current marketing strategies. We recommend that you evaluate the areas in which your current strategy might be missing to the degree that it reaches your audience and probably integrates Bing advertising to enhance your strategy.

Need Some Help with Bing Ads? 

BingAds is a useful tool for any business owner looking to improve their reach and generate some leads. However, Bing Ads can be tricky and hard to get right. Why not let the experts handle it? Get in touch with the DNHQ team today!