We hear a lot about landing pages in the marketing world. But what is a landing page? Well, have you ever wondered how you could get more conversions on your ads? Or how to collect emails in the most efficient way possible?

Meet your landing page. If you want to drive conversions, add one or several of these into your digital marketing campaign strategy. How do you turn visitors to leads via a landing page? Which are the best strategies to create a landing page? And what advantages does a landing page offer? Let’s start with the basics.

What Is a Landing Page?

What exactly is a landing page, then? To answer this question we are going to start with what it is not. A landing page is not a home page for your site. Home pages welcome visitors to your website and allow them to click around and browse whatever goods or services you provide. Home pages also have navigation bars, links to other pages on your site and can have several call to action buttons.

A landing page has one aim-making a sale or catching a lead. It is a single page that is used in digital advertising, so potential customers have a page to land on after clicking on an ad or post. Landing pages do not connect to other pages on your web and do not usually have a navigation bar. With additional ties, you don’t want to confuse potential buyers, because your goal is to make sure they convert. And then and then you want them to move to the landing page.

Landing pages will support advertisements by providing additional information that you could not provide in the advertising, collecting data about your potential clients, generating leads and more! Now that you have the answer to the question what is a landing page? You should start making yourself one.

Components of a Landing Page & How to Build One

There are sites that offer templates for landing pages but more often than not you want your landing page to stand out and look professional. What is a template for the Landing Page? It is basically a simple page skeleton for you to edit. Then consider designing a custom page with personal touches if you want to be exclusive and stand out. Or you can have one of our experts design it for you.

A high-quality landing page which converts leads has several major components similar to what you’d see on a web page.


You should start with a headline which will catch the attention of your user. Maybe this is the most important part of your landing page because it sets the stage for the rest of the material. Without a headline your page will fall flat. It should be your landing page ‘s biggest font so it stands out from the rest of your content. Make sure your font isn’t the same size all along. Having Hierarchy within any web page, particularly a landing page, is so essential.

The headline here is “Get access to 85 percent of my best business hacks.” It’s the largest text on the page as you can see. It leads the reader to enter their email and then some additional text describing what information you will be able to access once you have your email address. Another great component of this landing page is that they contained a testimonial. Not only does this offer some insight into what kind of person Noah is but it also gives the future lead an extra push. The majority of the time a customer makes a decision by reading reviews and testimonials before they even get to your site.


Your copy should be relatively short but the advantages of your product or service should be outlined in full. You should write a bulleted list or synopsis of your benefits.

Pick the most marketable ones when you write out your benefits. You want a potential lead to reading your advantages, because you feel that without your product or service, they can not exist.


Some landing pages just have a place for users to enter their emails but some have longer forms for users to fill out. If you want to gather additional information you will need to make sure you don’t have endless questions for people. If your form is too long you are in danger of losing conversions.

Think about what information is essential and what you can do without. If a bunch of information needs to be collected, consider a shorter form and then follow up with an email asking additional questions. This way you are catching your lead and then having to follow up on their details.

Photo or Video

What is a landing page if it doesn’t have some sort of visual? Probably not very good. People are visual and showing them a picture of your product, service or just an eye-catching image could hold them on the page for long enough to pique their curiosity.

Call To Action

Your call for action should be bold and compelling. This is usually a button on your landing page that users either press to subscribe to, or go on to buy your product.

Benefits of a Landing Page

A landing page can be of great benefit to your business. They are quick to set up, allowing you to lead directly onto the market.

Ease of Set up

The setting up of landing pages is relatively simple. You ‘re not building a whole website, just a single page. Websites are dedicated to building drag-and – drop landing pages so even a novice can do that. The difficult part of landing pages is writing the content. Fortunately, you know a digital marketing team that can do all that for you so you don’t need to. To learn more today contact one of our consultants.

Easy To Measure

When it comes to analyzing data, it can be hard to understand exactly what happens to all the different analytics. Landing page analytics are fairly easy to decipher. Three basic metrics you’ll want to pay attention to:

Bounce rate
Time on Page
Conversion rate

Your bounce rate will tell you how many people did not convert and left your page. Time on page shows you how long someone has been watching your page for. The conversion rate simply tells you how many leads on your page have actually completed the action you wanted them to take. You will gain insight into how good your page is with those metrics.

Need help with building effective landing pages that help siphon customers from each of your marketing channels? Get in touch today.