To the general public, finding an ad on a Facebook feed for a recently visited site might seem like some kind of confusing magic.

On the other hand, for the digital marketer, retargeting is one of the most efficient means of closing potential customers-it actually yields one of the highest returns for advertisers on ad spending.

The basics of retargeting on Facebook are remarkably simple. You get a chance to re-engage with individuals who have come to your website, but have not made a purchase. You might give them a discount, or free shipping, if you’re an eCommerce company.

What Is Facebook Retargeting? 

Retargeting on Facebook, often called remarketing, works like this: someone interacts online with your brand. That individual does not immediately convert and then returns to cyberspace surfing.

Later on, the same person logs on to Facebook and sees an ad that advertises one of your products or services. That’s a reinforcement of your marketing message and the probability of conversion is going to increase.

In order to identify who to show the ad to, it uses a tracking cookie, called a Facebook Pixel. Target previous visitors based on their behavior, such as those who have visited a particular page, have not visited or left something in their cart in a while.


what is facebook retargeting


But the advantages of Facebook retargeting are numerous, including:

Lower Cost per Click

When compared to remarketing on search engines, remarketing on Facebook usually has a lower cost per click. The reason for lower costs is that Facebook traffic is supposed to be less targeted than search engine traffic.

Users are searching for a particular product or service on search engines and are therefore asking for your service (pull marketing). On social media, you expose users to an ad while they’re doing something else, so they may not be as likely to convert (push marketing).

As a result, Facebook ads have a lower price point than search engine ads because, technically, Facebook users are not looking for your product or service right now.

Higher Conversion Rates

Converting visitors to buyers for the first time takes time. If your industry is competitive, people are more likely to browse multiple sites before purchasing.

Most of the time , people visit your site, and then click away to compare your prices with someone else’s. Some visitors may forget your name when they’re gone, and you end up losing a sale because they can’t find their way back to your site. Or maybe they missed the one selling point that could make a difference.

Remarketing to your website visitors who have not converted works to resolve those instances. When visitors see your ad on another site (e.g. Facebook), you become easily recognisable and that increases your chances of completing the purchase cycle.

Granular Targeting

Retargeting gives advertisers the opportunity to target a warm audience based on specific criteria. You can target Facebook users based on the pages of your website that they have shown interest in. You could also target anyone on your mailing list. For example, you might want to show a customized set of adverts to anyone who has visited a contact page or ‘get a quote’ on your website to remind them of your business. Or, you could import all your unsubscribed contacts into your Facebook Ad account and target them to gently remind them of your brand.

Higher Click Through Rates

Visitors are reminded of something they already know about. It’s not ‘cold’ marketing. The visitor is already familiar with the brand, the product, or the offer you are making in the ad. This soft reminder might be all they need to get back to your website. They are more likely to recognize and think about the product or service than to ignore it.

Create A Look Alike Audience

You can create and market to a look-alike audience. Creating a look-alike audience allows you to reach Facebook users who have similar interests to your current target audience. This helps ensure that you reach an audience with a higher potential to show interest in your brand while reaching out to those who may not be aware of your brand.

For example, you could create an eye-catching campaign for prospects that are similar to those that have already been converted to your website.


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