Due to the covid-19 pandemic this year, there has been an aggressive push to get everybody’s business online it is more critical than ever to standout in the crowded digital market place. One very authentic way of doing this is by creating social proof.

 What is “Social Proof”?

Picture yourself on a Friday evening going for a stroll with your family (tough to imagine right now, right?) But a one side of the park is a street performer, juggling to a massive crowd that is super engaged: clapping, cheering and laughing. On the other side of the park is a street performer with a much smaller audience. Which side of the park is going to draw your attention? Generally, the street performer with the bigger crowd.

 The crowd is the social proof. The online versions of social proof are Google reviews & Facebook recommendations. If you click on this link https://www.digitalnomadshq.com.au/testimonials/ We easily direct users to creating Google reviews or Facebook recommendations, by automatically logging them in to their Gmail account or Facebook profile and directing them to our Google My Business/Facebook page reviews tab so that they can leave us a review. This also allows them to choose to leave a Google review or Facebook recommendation… or both.

Why Should Your Business Have Social Proof?

1. Create A Competitive Edge

Online reviews help your brand build trust amongst prospective customers, giving your business a competitive edge. If your business boasts a collection of glowing reviews about your products or services, customers will be more inclined to choose your business over a competitor who has no reviews.

2. Build Customer Trust

Prospective customers tend to do a bit of investigating before choosing to buy/utilise your products or services. Help these customers gain trust by showing them a string of reviews about your business. This way, customers can make an informed decision before they decide to part with their money.

3. Maximise Conversions

Maximise your online conversions through customer reviews. Existing customers can be useful resources, especially if they have had a great experience when dealing with your company. Collecting reviews from existing customers can help you gain new customers and maximise the number of conversions on your website.

We can help this setup for you within 2 business days. It’s a really cost effective page setup which should yield great returns for your business. If you’d like some costing, please email hello@dnhq.com.au. If there’s anything else my team and I can help you with, let us know.