YouTube marketing is frequently ignored by marketers of social media. Some consider that YouTube counts as a network for social media. Others see it as something of a forum for online videos.

Any way, on YouTube, there are endless marketing opportunities, especially if your audience is on the platform and your rivals are not. Worldwide, YouTube records two billion logged-in monthly users.


Understanding the role of YouTube SEO

People usually visit YouTube and from the videos they watch they want to be amused or learn something new – this explains the amazing popularity of all those kitten videos that you see passed through your Facebook feed.

There is plenty of space for brands and video SEO techniques, apart from all the animal videos that seem to dominate the website, however.

There is an extremely large audience on YouTube – over a billion people.

This means that videos on the web are an opportunity to introduce a brand to new audiences, raise brand recognition, and create an audience of future interested clients. For YouTube SEO, achieving that requires a successful strategy.


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What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO refers to the method of optimizing the organic search results for YouTube videos and channels to rank higher. This also requires the optimization of video and meta descriptions, thumbnails, transcripts, tags, connections, CTAs, etc.

How To Improve Your Youtube SEO:

When optimizing your YouTube video for the highest possible SEO rankings, there are a few things to bear in mind.


Keyword Analysis

It’s important to do keyword research when deciding which subjects you’d like to make videos for. Not only does this allow you to make sure that your content is optimized, but it also means that people are interested in the content you produce.

For YouTube videos, there are a variety of ways to do keyword analysis.

The first is to look at what keywords your rivals use. Look for videos discussing the same subjects as yours to see what keywords they use.

The second is by seeing what people on YouTube are looking for. A good way to begin your research on keywords is to actually type keywords into the search bar of YouTube to see what the top suggestions are.


youtube seo


It’s good practice to include your target keyword in the image tag anytime you upload an image on your site, since Google places high emphasis on the “alt text” and title of the image to decide the content.

Similarly, you can use the keyword in the video’s filename when you upload the video to YouTube.


Video Title

In order to use your target keyword in a longer sentence, the title of your video should have at least five words.

For example, the keywords “advanced SEO” are targeted by a video titled “Advanced SEO Strategy That Gets Results.”



The most critical part of increasing your YouTube SEO is writing a great summary.

Google will crawl through the post to gauge its content when you write blog posts for your site. But search engines cannot watch videos just yet. That means they rely heavily on the text of the description to get a sense of what the subject of the video is, what it encompasses, and how deep it is.

And the more YouTube learns about your video and the keywords it covers, the better for those keywords it will rate you.

Your YouTube video description should be at least 200 words to be truly successful.

It helps to increase the amount of clicks back to your site by putting your link at the top of your description, which helps you get more visitors and expand your SEO website. This way, in order to access the connection, viewers don’t have to click on ‘see more’.



Including the correct tags can also help increase the rating of your video, although YouTube video tags appear to be less relevant than other variables, such as the definition.

You should have a few keywords about what your video is about when it comes to your tags, and put the more “important” tags up front. Such tags will help to discover your video in the “related videos” section of YouTube’s side bar.


Encourage Individuals To Subscribe And Share

When it comes to improving your Google rankings, link building is still important.

Encouraging your YouTube video viewers to share your video with their friends tells Google that something that people really like has been made by you.

YouTube also looks at user interface cues within their site to rate videos, and heavily weighs them.

After watching your video, if people subscribe to your channel, then chances are you have created some quality content.

Another metric that measures user experience is making people “like the videos, although it is not quite as critical as the number of subscribers.”


Create Keyword-Rich Playlists

By developing playlists, a perfect way to get more search traffic on YouTube is. You should group them into one playlist with a similar theme until you have at least 10 videos on your page. You give YouTube a deeper degree of understanding in your video by creating a keyword-rich playlist.

YouTube Helps You Get Identified On Google

With Google Universal Search, videos, photos, news, books and local searches are incorporated into Google’s search results to provide the most useful information for people searching.

You may have noticed that videos appear more often in Google’s search results. This shows that Google finds video to be just as critical as text-only sites.

You can take advantage of this by writing high-quality posts on your blog and making extra videos on YouTube. Doing this would create backlinks to your blog, which ensures that more people are searching for you on Google.

By using YouTube as part of your marketing campaign for your company, you are also increasing the authority of your website. The more authoritative your website is in Google’s eyes, the higher your search results rank all your sites.

So, why choose to market on YouTube?


People Are Going To Find You Easily

Google owns YouTube, and you’re going to take advantage of that. This is because videos can be seen on the first page of the search engine results pages. This process of leap-frogging to the top of the search engine results page through Youtube videos has become a successful SEO strategy. 

 Videos are the ideal way to communicate with your audience and make them feel more personal and more hands-on than any other conventional marketing content. In reality, YouTube not only allows you to upload videos, but also provides the viewer with several features.

Viewers can leave comments, such as a gif, share the cross-platform, or even save the video to make it easier for them to retrieve the video. It can also give the business a chance to respond to questions or feedback from viewers.


Promoting Products

A lot of companies post promotional videos that can be released for an upcoming event or new product. At the same time, sharing such videos can be more attractive, inspire audiences to take part in your events or try out your new product, and gain more sales revenue and interested customers.


Use Youtube Ads

Youtube Ads is one of the most critical channels offered by Google Ads. This is because you can advertise on videos that your audience is most likely to watch. The massive advantages of Youtube Ads is that you only pay for your engaged views. This is because the audience must watch your ad for at least 30 seconds. If they do not watch more than 30 seconds of your video, you don’t have to pay for anything.


Cross Plattform Marketing

YouTube provides the opportunity to upload videos on a wide variety of pages. By sharing videos on other sites, you can instantly increase the visibility of your brand, video rating, and other chances of clicking on your associated links. These are only a few of the many benefits of using YouTube in marketing campaigns. 

Need Help With Youtube SEO?

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