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The internet is constantly evolving the way we stay up to date, with email marketing returning higher conversion rates than any other marketing channel. That’s correct, email marketing is one of the most important weapons in your marketing arsenal. This is because it allows you to personally connect with your target market in a personalised way. Our team of email marketing experts use data to optimise content and excite your target markets. Distributing engaging content to relevant segments of your target market is a vital component of email marketging strategy.

Email marketing is one of the few marketing platforms that allow brands to have direct conversations with their consumers by sending the right content to the right people, at the right time. It is a fabulous tool to take advantage of. Consumers are using their email on a daily basis. Ensuring that your product is their first choice, is one of the key reasons why this marketing method is so important to your brand.


Email Marketing Services

Generate Leads with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best and fast ways that to drive relevant traffic to your website. This is because email marketing offers a high ROI(return on investment).

We use advanced segmentation to send tailored messages to your target market. Our tailored and personalised email campaigns are focused on segmenting your audiences through data analysis. After studying the behaviour of your campaigns, we are able to use segmentation to find targeting opportunities.

We can identify clusters of audiences based on factors such as: Gender, occupation, location, age, etc. Our marketing packages are based on the targeted audience. Call us now and let us understand your requirement.

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Develop Brand Awareness

Email marketing is an extremely powerful platform for helping businesses develop brand awareness. By sending relevant content to the right people, at the right time – brands can create a personalised connection with their customers. Customers who enjoy your email content are more likely to share your email newsletters.

Build Relationships & Engagement

When you build a strong connection by engaging with your audience, they are more likely to buy from you. We will help you maximise this engagement on your email marketing messages and increase open rates. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your audience.

Increase website traffic

Increased traffic to your website has a direct impact on leads and sales conversions. Our team places a direct focus on email marketing campaigns with the objective of driving high volumes of traffic to your website. Therefore, increasing conversions.



Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. In its broadest sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing. It usually involves using email to send ads, request business, or solicit sales or donations, and is meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

Smart companies make use of effective email marketing to reach their consumer bases. This valuable marketing tactic is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing and surprisingly also one of the most affordable.

The popularity of email marketing stems from the fact that it can be highly targeted and customized to reach specific audiences and its performance is fully measurable. It also takes advantages of the internet users most productive and personal connection to the internet – their inbox.


Email marketing is a worthwhile marketing investment to make for your business. It provides a reliable method of communication between you and your customers, establishes trust and credibility, and allows you to easily share information about your business, products or services. Unlike many other forms of marketing, email marketing allows you to reach an audience that has already been engaged. In other words, the audience you are communicating with is already familiar with your brand, products or services. This can make it easier to convert leads into sales.

Here are some other benefits:


Global reach – regardless of where you are or who you need to reach, using targeted emails you can pave the way for your company. Boarders are no longer an obstacle with email marketing.


The costs that are incurred with designing executing and sending email is up to 70 % less than a paper based direct mail version. Choosing email marketing over traditional print-based marketing will help you spend less money, time and resources. 


By aiming your emails to specific segments of your target market, you can use videos, graphics, music and other multimedia to pique the interest of your prospects and grab the attention straight away.

Top Performance

why Choose email marketing

Great design, relevant content and targeted audiences is what it takes to get your email campaigns noticed

Effective email campaigns only target people that want to hear from you about what they’re interested in, at a time most convenient to them. It’s all about them – get to know who you’re talking to and they’ll reward you by taking the action you want.

Email marketing is one in all the foremost effective and powerful marketing solutions for businesses nowadays. providing a large supply to attach and communicate with the larger international audience, email marketing will earn 40% further sales.  It is one of the most cost effective ways to improve your internet traffic and connect with existing and new customers. With our email Marketing services you’ll quickly boost your promoting budget even additional by sharing your views and ideas, strengthening client relationships, and up whole awareness via email Marketing services.

We offer professional email marketing services to our clients. We design the mailers, build the campaign and send it to the targeted audience.




At the beginning of your email marketing project, we will arrange a time for a consultation at our agency to discuss the marketing objectives as well as the marketing budget. In this initial meeting we will go through the various advertising options, identify key areas for new growth and we will also discuss aspects like the ability for your business to handle new work. In our experience, it is futile to create a large and strategic marketing plan without having the resources to fulfill the services or products that you are marketing.




After the initial meeting, our agency staff will spend time analysing your products/services and develop a strategic marketing plan in order to boost your sales and drive new growth.

There are many different marketing options of course and some will have a better return on investment than others. We will decide which marketing avenues are best suited to your business and industry. Each of our marketing plans are tailored to suit our client’s individual business goals. From using SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing, social media management, signage, and many other forms of advertising – we will create a strategy aimed to exceed your marketing expectations.



Once we have created a tailored digital marketing proposal, we will then invite you back to our digital agency to discuss the various aspects of the overall digital strategy. We will discuss timelines as well as the budget for each marketing avenue. Additionally, we will discuss ways to measure the success of the marketing plan so that we can track the return on your advertising investment.



After running your marketing campaign for a short time, we will analyse and measure the success along the way by identifying strengths and weaknesses of the campaign. We will take a look at which marketing avenues are working and which avenues require tweaking or re-adjusting – or, in some cases, scraping entirely.

Once we have identified which marketing avenues are performing the most successfully, we will discuss different options such as increasing the marketing budget in one avenue and possibly decreasing the marketing budget on other avenues. We will then continue to measure our marketing efforts and make sure that your marketing campaign is practical and is driving sales and growth for your product, service and business.

Our Email marketing Services Include

Brand Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Content Creation

Content Mapping


Audience Segmentation


Strategy & Management




I can highly recommend the services of Chris and the rest of the team at Digital Nomads HQ.

Chris and his team rescued my business by diagnosing a serious fault we had in our system that had gone unrecognised by multiple other technicians.

Since then they have provided us with exemplary service and helped us create a great website! He is punctual and honest – I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Dr Mark Fulton

Owner , Pulse Holistic Medical Centre

I contacted Digital Nomads looking for a fresh approach to our advertising and marketing, Chris and Jodi were great to deal with - they gave me time to discuss my needs with them, and put together some suggestions for how to move forward. We put together a package that has been working well - one of our entities is now ranked no:1 in SEO for it's core business!

It's really important to deal with people that care about the prosperity and success of your business - Digital Nomads were careful to make sure that what they were doing was going to actually make a difference to us.

Shanti Herbert

Practice Manager, Suncoast Christian Health Centre

Without Digital Nomads assisting with my digital marketing and website management I would have been lost. Since utilising their knowledge my business has started to pickup and is continuing to grow exponentially.

Greg “Ledge” Edie

Owner , Ledgies Custom Fishing Rods

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