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Write and optimise “About” sectionReword content, copied from website for About section and “Our Story”Input opening hours as per client’s websiteAdd website URL as per client’s websiteAdd email address as per client’s websiteAdd address as per client’s websiteAdd phone number as per client’s website Phone NumberCreate “Our Story” using images provided all from client’s websiteAdd captions to the images and “Our Story”Once you have published “Our Story”, test the layout repeatedlyEdit “Add a button” underneath the cover photo, to reflect the most appropriate for this business.Test Call to Action ButtonUnder “Page” settings, choose Templates and TabsRearrange Tabs in the following order: • Home • About • Posts • Photos • Videos • ReviewsAdd services if applicable and available on client's website. Remove prices and duration from all services.Disable the “Community” tab if possibleDisable the “Events” tab if possibleDisable the “Offers” tab if possibleDisable the “Shop” tab if possible, unless the client’s Facebook page has Woocommerce integration and they are selling their products straight off their Facebook pageSend link of Facebook page to clientUpload all images you've used, to the client folder in DropboxClient reviews pageClient submits reviews