Business Logo Design Trends 2020

business logo design trends 2020

A professional business logo is one of the most crucial investments for your business. Having a business logo is an integral part of making your brand a successful one – right up there with having high-quality products and positive referrals. So, why is a business logo important? Because it makes a strong first impression, grabs attention, is the foundation of your brand identity and it separates you from competition. 

Attention spans are especially short these days with consumers spending up to 4 hours per day online. Think of all the different brands and logos that your target market come across in one day of internet browsing? Its a lot! As things stand, companies have about 2 seconds to convince potential customers that their products are worth any consideration.

Enter: Your business logo.

A business logo can quickly grab viewers’ attention and communicate a company’s core values in an interesting way. They say a picture says a thousand words – and this is especially true for logos. With just one glance, your target market will be able to decide whether your logo grabs there attention and fits in with their values and desires. 

It is vital that your brand keeps up to date with the latest logo design trends in order to keep front-of-mind and cater towards your key target audience. Therefore, we have put together 5 logo design trends that are making waves throughout 2020:

business logo design | business logo trends

1. 3D Gradients logos


In 2020, you’ll see the popular gradient trend evolve and merge with the 3D trend—a perfect fit for our smartphone society.

Gradients are a great way to turn any group of colors into a dynamic spectrum of color that feels like it has life and energy. This year, designers will give rise to the newest evolution of gradients creating depth and 3D effects in logos. Especially tapered gradients—ones that come to a central point and actually emphasize the contrast between their colors—are poised to rock 2020 logo design trends.

3D gradient logos can be tough in print, but they’re perfect for screens.

That’s why they’re super popular with brands that don’t need to worry too much (or even at all) about how their logos look in print.


business logo | logo design trends

2. Vintage Cartoon Logos


In our fast-moving world where everything is moving to digital, people are looking for the familiar comforts of the olden days. Printed vintage cartoons to keep people grounded and inspire a sense of nostalgia from their childhood. Its no wonder that this logo design trend has made a modern comback, with large brands turning to this style to engage their auidences and provide them with a peice of comfort and familairity. And the simple, expressive and adorable style of the 1930s hits the spot, appealing to designers and brands alike.

The ultimate aim that businesses aspire to achieve is to create an iconic logo. One symbol that says it all. Evidently, the vintage logo design is on the edge of glory. Due to which it is gaining prestige in the creative market.

We know how businesses who were once at the inception stage now progressively booming towards becoming a global thrill. For instance, McDonald’s, BMW, Coke, etc. These brands have built the sense of familiarity that consumers yearn for from a great logo.

business logo | logo design trends

3. Minamilist Logo


In 2020, digital media is leaving its mark on business logo design like never before. We are seeing designers create extremely delicate lines and effects that can only work in the digital sphere.

Incorporating a minimalist approach into your logo design spares your consumer the clunky, gaudy design of your less sophisticated competitors and solidifies your place as a contemporary brand. But what is minimalism, exactly?

Minimalism is a design approach that utilizes existing elements, maximizing simplicity and capitalizing on space. Minimalist logo design has become a trend in recent years as it provides a sophisticated and simplified look and feel that quickly communicates a level of professionalism. 

Minimalism as an artistic concept didn’t come about until the 1960’s and 70’s, though its roots extend much deeper and span many cultures. Many brands have chosen to take advantage of this trend and rebrand themselves as a more sophisticated, professional business.

Minimialism can be a tricky style to achieve as sometimes your logo can come across as being too plain and boring. Try and ensure that you incorporate a unique symbol, utilize negative space and most importantly – don’t overcomplicate it!


business logo | logo design trends

4. Multilayered Logos


This year business logos are going deeper than they’ve gone before, through layer after colorful layer. With this trend, designers are pushing past flat and semi-flat design for a more 3D look and feel. Shapes and colors will still be simple, but with more layers to play with, designers are creating more complex logos that use highlights, shadows and overlapping colors to communicate even more about their brands.

The three-dimensional effect of overlapping elements and shadows creates a tactile experience, like you could almost reach out and feel the individual layers.

Layers don’t always have to have color. Designers also use shading and semi-transparent layers to create subtle effects. Layers and overlapping elements will be drawing eyes deep into logo designs in 2020.

business logo | logo design trends

5. Cheerful Cartoon Logos


Cartoon logos are associated with fun, optimism, and cheerful mood. Brands that want to be accepted as such, often decide to go for a cartoon logo and usually, they manage to win the hearts of potential clients from a first glance. Logo illustrations with thick outlining which almost look as outlined by a marker, are firmly positioned as one of the logo design trends 2020. These illustrations look simple and fun which make them perfect for a logo.

Cartoon logos have become a hot design trend in 2020 as more brands lend themselves to a fun, cheerful and optimistic look and feel.

Brands which utilise this design style typically cater towards the millenial age group and do not comform to the a corporate company style.

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