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LinkedIn Campaigns

If you are looking to grow your presence and business profile on LikedIn, then Digital Nomads can help you. We have used LinkedIn for our own business in the past and we are currently using LinkedIn to grow some of our client’s businesses.

The Value of LinkedIn

We see the value of LinkedIn being that you are able to build trust and prospect for your company. The process that we use is as follows:

1. We identify the market that we want to target.
2. We sent a short friendly introduction inviting those people to connect on our business on a daily basis
3. Once the prospect connects with us we then send a secondary line of communication to tell them a bit of our services and to thank them for connecting.
4. Now these prospects are connected to us via LinkedIn, they will see all our post on LinkedIn.

This allows us to post regular content on LinkedIn that will be of interest to that target market. Posting regular content builds trust with your target market. We also use those posts to link back to actual blog post on your website or videos on your Youtube channel. So in other words, we’re using LinkedIn to create trust but also to drive traffic back to your website which in turn increases the SEO score of your website. Doing this will help convert leads into clients. It is important when driving visitors back to your website that your website has a purpose of converting that visitor into a client. Each page on your website should have a purpose whether it is to convert a visitor into a client or gain trust or to gather an emails address on your email marketing list.

Posting on LinkedIn can also be another method of gathering email addresses. You can do this by offering something of value to people and then request an email address when they want to download that content. Once you have gathered their email address they then became part of your sales funnel. I’ve written an article on sales funnels which can be seen over here.

It is very important to understand the sales funnel and to work on the sales funnel for your business. Focusing on the sales funnel will help convert visitors into clients. If you would like us to manage your LinkedIn profile and to grow your customer base through LinkedIn, please reach out to us and let us know your target market as well as your business goals. It could be that we end up suggesting a slightly different way of doing things to produce better results.

If you would like to learn more about our Linkedin Campaign, please contact our offices on 1300 760 339 or send an email through to