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Search Engine Optimisation

Welcome to Digital Nomads. We can help you with Search Engine Optimisation for your website. What good is it having a website if nobody can find you? This is where search engine optimisation comes in to play. We use trusted techniques by Google to get your website ranked on the first page of Google, where you can be found.

Why the first page of Google?

If your website is not found on the first page of Google, you are very unlikely to have any visitors to your website. The top 3 websites on the first page get the most hits. With the most visitors going to the number 1 spot, then 2nd, then 3rd. Unless those websites severely miss the mark then your website will hardly get a look in if it is not in the top 3. We suggest you aim for number 1. We have multiple websites ranked for multiple keywords in the number 1 spot and these websites get a fair bit of traffic which results in sales conversions.

Why use Digital Nomads for your SEO?

You should use us for your SEO because we do what we say. We do not just take your money and provide you with reports, we actually get excited about getting you results. If we do not see results from your SEO it drives us crazy, which makes us work even harder to get you and your business ranked.

We believe that when tackling SEO for your company, we should tackle it hard up front to get it ranked. This often results in us putting in hours and hours of effort to get Google to take notice of your website, after this we apply regular SEO techniques and tricks to maintain that ranking. Once you are listed at the top of Google it is important to keep the maintenance up so that you can stay at number 1.

Is Content Important for SEO?

We have heard it said that “Content is King”, and they are rights, content is important, but it doesn’t just stop there. Well presented content is important. Well presented content will keep visitors on the page that they land on. If you do not keep your visitor on your page then your visitor will leave the site and Google will recognise this as a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate will inevitably cause your site to lose rankings, so although you may start with a good Google ranking, you will not keep that ranking without good content.

The content also needs to be presented in a way that Google understands. What I mean by this is that Google needs to know how to rank your content, so having correct Titles and well positioned, long tailed keywords in place, is very important. As well as improving the content on your web page is important, which is called on-page SEO, we also need to address off-page SEO, and what we mean by this is we run credible backlink campaigns.

What is a backlink and how does it affect my SEO?

A backlink is exactly what is sounds like. It is another website linking back to your website. Now merely having a link back to your website does help but having a well structured link back t your website really helps. What is also important is that the backlink coming back to your website comes from a credible source, so we have an internal list of highly credible sources that we can use to link back to your website. Some of those sources are our own websites that we use.

There are many techniques that we apply to back linking, such as using anchor text and making sure you use the right number of words in a guest blog that you might write. The guest blog obviously providing backlinks back to your website. There are also techniques of having backlinks back to relevant pages in order to give those pages a boost. Google also gives weight to the number of times a page is referenced within your own site, so if you want Google to take note of a particular page, you might reference that page multiple times throughout your site, or from various blog posts that you have written. These are the things we look at when we plan your SEO. We look at everything. We look at Social Signals too.

Why are Social signals important for my SEO?

Social signals are important for your SEO because Google likes to see what people are talking about too see which website are relevant. So Google does pay some attention to Social media mentions and social media profiles. Now we’ve found that it is important to have a social media presence even if you are not necessarily using it to gain clients, it’s important to have it for the SEO of your website. There is a graph that another SEO company has done that shows the importance of social signals for this thing called Domain Authority.

What is Domain Authority and why is it important to my SEO?

Domain Authority is a ranking that Google gives to your website that kind of ranks your website on the authority of a specific subject, for instance if I ran a computer company, my website would have a lot of credibility for the search term “IT Support”, if I used that search term repeatedly throughout the text of my websites. Now Domain Authority is important to get Google to take notice of your pages. If you have a low Domain Authority then Google doesn’t care much about your site compared to if your site had a high domain authority. This makes it much harder to get your pages to rank. So Domain Authority is where it’s at.

This is why we work hard at getting your Domain Authority up there and Social Medial Signals and mentions do provide a credible source for domain authority ranking and so does link backs and content and various other things. But Social media signals do pay a large part. We suggest working hard on getting your domain authority up there. The age of the domain also has a part to play in the domain authority score so make sure to register that domain early, and get a website up.

There is another item called Page Authority which I won’t get into now except to say that page authority is the authority a page has on a specific subject, for instance this page would hopefully have a high page authority for the search term “Search Engine Optimisation”, if all goes well.

In Conclusion

There are many many other SEO techniques and tips that I can give you and apply to your site but these need to be done by an experts and we hope that you choose us to do your SEO, however if you want to have a look at some of my SEO Tips on Youtube, you can do so on my Youtube channel. Here is the link to the channel. We hope you like it. I give you a lot of insight on how to use Headings and I’ll give you a lesson on Domain Authority there, plus many other things. If you would like us to do any work on your website, please fill out the form below, or shoot me an email, and I’ll give you a call and reach out to you.