Seo Packages

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Search Engine Optimisation for Google

We have designed our SEO packages to get your website on to the 1st page of Google and to keep you there. We use only legitimate SEO techniques that are approved by Google. SEO optimisation is an art, with everyone competing to get results. It requires ongoing effort to maintain good Google rankings.

We do things differently to other SEO companies in the way that we structure our SEO packages. Our packages are structured around time as well as features. The more time you put into SEO the better the results.

We take a look at all aspects of SEO for your website. We look at on-page optimisation, off-page optimization. We also have the technical know how to fix any errors with your website. We also design websites from scratch with a focus on strong SEO techniques.

SEO Results

You can expect to see results from SEO within one to three months. The higher level packages get faster results because of the amount of effort that gets put in on a daily and weekly basis.

SEO Keyword Research

We will do extensive keyword research of your website and make sure you are targeting the right keywords. We will research what keywords your competitors are using and what is being their website success, and then we will do it better.

We will also fix any technical errors that will impede your SEO results. When we work on your SEO we will get very technical.

Customised SEO Strategy

Each business and website is different and requires a different approach and strategy. This is why a SEO marketing plan requires a fair bit of effort. We need to analyze your current marketing strategy and find ways to improve it. Once we get visitors to your website we need to ensure that we have a good conversion rate of visitors.

To do this we have tools to analyze the conversion rate as well as the visitors per page.

Safe SEO Techniques

We always use trusted strategies when we work on your Google SEO. We make sure that your website only gets held on a positive light with Google using quality backlinks and anchor text.

We only like to use high-quality content and we don’t use generic automatically generated contents for websites.

If you would like to learn more about our Google Adwords packages, please contact our offices on 1300 760 339 or send an email through to