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At Digital Nomads, our SEO team are local to Australia and experts in their field. We know that your website is a reflection of your business, therefore it is important to put you best foot forward.

SEO Gold Coast | SEO Services Gold Coast

SEO is an incredibly useful tool that improves your website’s visibility, increases the amount of traffic your website receives, and helps build credibility with Google.

Do you need help with your SEO? Our dedicated SEO team hold years of experience with helping business owners achieve the highest possible position for their website in the search results. Our team is local to Australia. At Digital Nomads, our team knows that your website is a reflection of your business – it is important to put you best foot forward! If you need search engine optimisation, we’re ready to help you get your website rankings where they need to be.

Utilising different SEO strategies can allow you to achieve pleasing results for your website’s positioning and visibility on Google. At Digital Nomads HQ, we tailor our SEO strategy to suit the individual aspects of your business and the industry that you are in. A great SEO strategy is as a result from studying a client’s website and site structure. All business websites are different, which is why each SEO strategy will differ. There is no one type fits all SEO campaign that works for every business.

Google constantly changes the rules regarding SEO, which is why our agency constantly keeps up to date and always improves our SEO strategies and techniques. The SEO objective is the same but the goal posts are always shifting. Your business website is required to keep up with those changes. Getting your site ranked does not happen accidentally. Work hard on your SEO and are reap the benefits of new sales.

To win at this new game, you need to play by Google’s new SEO rules. Our SEO experts are passionate about making sure your website ranks for your key search terms.

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Get Serious About getting your website ranked. let’s create a winning Digital Marketing Strategy!

Do you need SEO Gold Coast? Are you looking for a SEO Agency that can improve your Newcastle based SEO results?

Would you like your website to rank like this one? Don’t use others who can’t use their own SEO services to rank their own page. The proof is in the pudding.

At Digital Nomads HQ, we take your SEO campaign very seriously because your next customer is just one click away. Using various SEO and online Digital Marketing techniques, we dedicate ourselves to making sure that your website is found!

Google is constantly changing to its algorithms. The game is the same but the goal posts have shifted. So your business needs to keep up with those changes – because your competition is already ranked #1 on Google!

To win at this new game, you need to play by Google’s new rules. Our search engine optimisation experts are dedicated to helping your website rank well for your key search terms.

All businesses that are listed on the first page of Google have either paid for Google Ads, or they have probably invested in using a SEO agency. Once your website is on the first page of Google, you can expect regular sales. The higher your website ranks with Google, the more sales you should make.


White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

It is crucial that when hiring a SEO Agency, that you hire right. A SEO Agency that employs black hat SEO techniques, can cause irreversible damage to your websites reputation with Google. It’s not that it’s totally irreversible, but rather, that it takes a long time to recover, and to build up a positive reputation again.

How long does SEO take?

We have managed to get to first position for a brand new website within 3 months for a popular term. For some search terms it is easy to rank number 1. However the time frame can differ depending on the popularity of the search terms related to your brand. It is crucial to beware of SEO Agencies claiming that they can rank your website to number 1 in a couple of days as these are usually for non important searches.

Rather, use a SEO Agency that can prove their success, by showing you their track record.


Why use SEO Gold Coast?

All businesses that are listed on the first page of Google have either paid for Google Ads, or they have probably invested in using a SEO agency. Once your website is on the first page of Google, you can expect regular sales. The higher your website ranks with Google, the more sales you should make.

More than 2 billion users are online. 93% of online activities start with a search engine. Each second there are 40,000 searches, and every day there are 3.5 billion searches. There are millions of ways for your company to be found in search engines. Some of SEO’s most significant advantages is that the clients use search engines on a regular basis.

SEO will definitely boost the overall searchability and accessibility of the website, but what other practical benefit will it have? What is SEO so important to you, huh?

These 12 explanations will provide some insight, regardless of the nature of the market or the size of the company, as to why businesses need SEO to take their brand to the next stage.


1. SEO Builds Faith & Credbility

The goal of any experienced SEO is to build a strong foundation for a beautiful website with a clean, secure user interface that can be easily discovered in the search process thanks to the confidence and reputation of the brand and its digital assets.

People are trusting Google. We use it every day to figure out what they’re searching for. By ranking high on your search engines, your company will create confidence and reputation with your audience. In fact, 37% of search engine clicks are on the first organic page.

2. Organic search is most frequently the main source of traffic on a website.


Organic search is a significant part of the success of most business websites, as well as a vital component of the purchaser’s enclosure and eventually allows users to complete conversion or interaction.

Being highly visible as a credible tool for Google and other search engines will also work for the company. Good SEO and a high-quality website carry the brands out there.


3. Local SEO Improved interaction, traffic and conversion


With the development and increasing dominance of mobile traffic, local search has become a core part of the success of small and medium-sized enterprises. Local SEO helps to tailor your digital assets for a particular area so that customers can locate you quickly and conveniently, bringing them one step closer to a purchase.

Local variations concentrate on particular counties , cities, regions and even states, with a view to creating a viable platform for brand marketing at the local level.


4. SEO affects of the procurement process


Customers are doing their own work. This is one of the biggest benefits of the Internet from the point of view of the user.

Use SEO strategies to relay the message for good offers, ground-breaking goods and/or services, and the quality and value of what you deliver to the customers will change the game.

Undoubtedly, if achieved right, this would also have a positive effect on the buying process.


5. SEO is fairly low cost

SEO is fairly inexpensive in the grand scheme of things, so the payoff is most likely to be positive in terms of brand gain so bottom line.

It’s not a marketing cost; it’s a real investment in business. Better SEO implementation will carry water for years to come. And, like most things in life, the more exposure (and investment) it gets, the better it gets.


6. SEO can reduce your acquisition cost.

Another benefit of SEO is that it is “safe.” This is much less costly than ads to buy customers. The only costs in SEO are the costs of recruiting the best SEO service. If you have experience with website coding and Google algorithms, you would need an SEO firm or agency to expand your rankings and reap the benefits of SEO.




When indexing your site, Google goes through your entire site and checks it for any technical errors. Any technical errors that exist on your site will hurt your SEO efforts. The first step to getting your site healthy is to fix all the technical errors. These can sometimes be simple errors such as URLs that do not contain relevant keywords etc.



We don’t believe in creating pointless content for your website. We believe that you need to create content that is relevant to your brand, product, or service and useful for you customers. Google takes a look at all your content and then determines how relevant your website is for specific search terms.



Google looks at your social media mentions and social media profiles to check the validity of your website. Good social media mentions will help your SEO, and likewise, good social media structure will help your SEO. It’s also important to have a number of backlinks from trusted websites on the internet. As part of our SEO strategy, we make sure that there are healthy backlinks in place for your website.



Google loves a changing site! Google loves activity! It’s important for your website to grow on a consistent basis and also to add the content that is relevant to your brand, services, or products. We make sure that we are continuously adding the right content to your website. When creating content, there needs to be a very clear call to action on every single page.

SEO Gold Coast | SEO Services Gold Coast

Why SEO is Important

SEO is the cornerstone of a successful Digital marketing strategy. Web traffic alone is not the only objective. It is crucial that your website visitors are relevant and high quality prospects who are genuinely interested in your services or products.

Google utilises different SEO rules to rank your website. Google uses these standards to rank your website alongside with every other website in your industry.

These rules and criteria aim to deliver the most relevant content to the user’s Google search. Putting it simply, Google’s method is to provide users with an optimal and accurate search experience. It is crucial that your website utilises the power of SEO so that your brand can appear at the top of the Google search results as customers are searching for your products and services.

Choose DNHQ to Manage Your SEO Gold Coast

Essentially, SEO is all about making your business more visible online. When someone looks for your product or service on a platform like Google, Yahoo or Bing, these search engines have to decide which of the millions of websites out there best answer their user’s query.

So, how does the search engine come up with these rankings? How do they decide which sites and pages deserve to rank higher up than others? SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) list websites in the order of relevancy with regards to what the the user searched for. The more relevant your page or website appears, the higher your ranking in results. That is really what SEO is all about – continuously optimising your website so that search engines identify that your website, product or service is worthy of a top spot.

We customise and tailor each one of our client’s SEO marketing campaigns to suit their business requirements. Each business is different, which is why all SEO strategies will differ from each other. There is no one type fits all SEO campaign that works for all business marketing. We like to work closely with our clients on their SEO strategy, to ensure that our SEO campaigns are tailored to suit our clients’ individual business needs

SEO Technical Compliance

Our dedicated and experienced SEO team will ensure that your website is understandable to search engines by performing an in-depth technical analysis of your website. We rectify any technical errors that we find in order to ensure that your website has a solid technical foundation for being ranked well on Google.

SEO Content Strategy

If you would like Google to promote your website to a prospective customer searching for your products or services, your website needs to be deemed as relevant. True online SEO success is based on understanding your visitors and what questions they may be asking about your brand, products, or services.

Why Digital Nomads HQ for SEO?

At Digital Nomads HQ, we take full advantage of our years of SEO experience. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your website is regularly measured and improved on so that it can successfully attract quality website visitors from the Google search results




When starting off on a new SEO project, we will go through the entire site and fix all the technical errors that may exist. When Google indexes your website, it does check your site for any issues such as mobile responsiveness as well as broken links, etc. At this point, we make sure that your website loads fast and we check that all the alt image tag are in place.

If your website does not load fast, it is maybe due to poor design or it may be due to the hosting platform that you are using. If it is the hosting platform, we suggest using our premium hosting platform.



When engaging with your SEO project, we will take a look at what your competitor landscape and perform an in-depth analysis. This entails analysing which keywords that your competitors are targeting as well as which products and services they are pushing. We also perform a local SEO analysis which entails analysing your position in the local Google search results on the Gold Coast. Additionally, we take a look at what your competitors are up to and we investigate to make sure that there are no opportunities that you are missing out on.



It’s crucial for your website to give the right message. We go through all the pages in your menu system and make sure that you are delivering the correct message to your customers. We make sure that your website makes your potential customers want to deal with you.

It’s no good getting people to your website if ones they decide that they don’t want to use your services because of the way you have structured your site layout. So for this purpose we will go though each and every page and make sure that the message is correct and that your conversion rate will be high.



Google loves a site that is changing and a website that is growing. Google also likes a website with many pages rather on a website with few pages. When creating content it is important to stay on topic. Creating content that is not useful to your target audience or local community in Gold Coast will negatively impact your SEO results.

Google takes a look at all the content on your site to decide whether your website is an authority on a particular subject. Therefore, during the content creation phase, we will create content that is relevant, useful, well written and geared towards your target audience. We will also create content to draw visitors to your website. For those search terms that matter, we call this moving the money needle.



Google decides whether to trust your website based on the quality of other websites that are linking back to your website. When you create backlinks, it’s impotant to ensure that the websites that are linking back to you are in your industry. Google tends to deem back links from government or educational website as highly valuable as these are usually trusted sources. The quality of your back links is crucial for establishing a good reputation with Google.



SEO is an on-going process. At the start of your SEO project it is crucial to create an SEO strategy that is tailored to continuously adapt to new changes both on Google as well as in your industry.

We do suggest checking your website for technical errors routinely as even though you have removed them, they can reintroduce themselves later down the line for example: when WordPress plugins need updating. Therefore, we suggest possibly rinsing and repeating the entire process every 1 to 2 months just to make sure that there are no known technical errors that appear.

Get Real Lasting Results With A Winning SEO Strategy

SEO Traffic Streams

Search Engines such as Google use an algorithm based on the referring websites or sources of traffic such as:


Referral SEO traffic that occurs when a visitor finds you through another website other than a major search engine. Essentially, referral traffic comes from third party websites.


Organic SEO traffic is derived from search results. When prospective customers find and click on your website on Google or another search engine, this is counted as “organic” traffic.


Traffic as a result from social networks platforms, such as: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. Each of these social networks improve your SEO results as they provide back links for your website.


Paid traffic refers to traffic which comes from paid search engine results from paid advertising platforms, such as: Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads.

SEO Gold Coast FAQS

How does SEO work?

Search Engine optimisation is the process of improving the position that your website appears on the search engine results pages(SERPS) such as Google. There are several aspects which affect your website’s SEO ranking. At Digital Nomads HQ, we begin this process by analysing your website’s technical health as small technical issues can negatively impact your SEO results. These technical issues can range from broken URLs and poorly written URLs, to missing meta descriptions or slow page loading times. We ensure that any technical issues that we find are rectified and fixed so that your website has a strong technical foundation for getting ranked highly. In addition to this, we also work on factors such as keyword density, quality of website content, social signals, back links and many more factors that contribute to SEO.

What are the benefits of SEO?

If your website is unable to be found by customers who are searching for your products or services online, you are essentially missing out on sales and business opportunities. Having a website that ranks highly and appears in the search results as customers are searching for you is largely beneficial for your business as these customers are typically ready to buy. Website visitors who have visited your website from a search engine result page typically have a higher level of intent and are therefore valuable, quality website visitors who can easily be converted into customers. The largest benefit of having a quality SEO strategy is that it will consistently attract customers to your website without having to pay for these visitors, saving you money in the long-term.

How long does SEO take?

This can vary depending on several factors about your business, such as: the industry that you are in, the location that you are targeting and many other aspects. We tend to see results within the first few months after implementing SEO strategies for our clients, however - a page rank is affected by many factors, including the number of backlinks, quality of backlinks, freshness score, age of your website, competition for keywords etc. It is crucial to monitor each of these factors and try to continuously improve on each aspect of your SEO strategy. The key to a successful SEO strategy is consistent effort and patience as Google recognizes your efforts such as great content, quality backlinks and useful, user-friendly website pages. You’ll see the fruits of your SEO efforts within months if you remain consistent with your SEO strategy.

How do I track my SEO efforts?

It is important to measure the results of your SEO efforts so that you can identify where you are falling short and where you are succeeding. There are several factors that you will need to consistently measure in order to gauge the success of your SEO results. You’ll need to monitor your keyword rankings, conversion rate, backlinks, spam score and your traffic quality for starters. There are numerous SEO tools which allow you to measure these metrics and also help you analyse the technical health of your website so that you can identify technical errors.

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