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Social media is constantly evolving and we at Digital Nomads HQ stay up to date , so you don’t have to. Keeping our finger on the pulse, puts our clients ahead of the curve and assures them thrive in today’s cross-device digital world. Our team of social media experts use data to optimise content and excite your target markets. We are a full service digital agency, specialising in social media, media planning, growth hacking, content creation, and influencer marketing. Our mission is to provide you with strategic social media solutions, paired with creative content & analytics that will deliver a positive ROI (Return on Investment)

Social Media Marketing is a great way to communicate with your target audience. Digital Nomads HQ has established effective social media strategies for numerous business, who are now flourishing as a result! Success in social media is widely measured by ‘audience engagement’.

To achieve this high level of engagement, we encourage businesses to have constant interaction with their following across all social media platforms. Publishing engaging content is a vital component of social media strategy.

The end game of curated posts and content on social media should be to direct traffic to your website. When follower understand your brand’s story there is a far greater chance of them converting into customer

Social media is the only marketing platform that allows brands to have direct conversations with their consumers in real time, which is a fabulous tool to take advantage of. Regardless of your marketing strategy, consumers are using social media on a daily basis. Ensuring that your product is their first choice, is one of the key reasons why social media marketing is so important to your brand.

How We Can Help

Develop Brand Awareness

I We do not subscribe to the idea that increased followers guarantees you more customers.
Quality trumps quantity, its important to create content that attracts your idea target market.
More followers however does provide improved engagement and social proof. which can greatly increase awareness of your brand

Build Relationships & Engagement

When you build a strong connection by engaging with your audience, they are more likely to buy from you. We will help you maximise this engagement on your social media posts.

The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your audience.

Increase Website Traffic

Increased traffic to your website has a direct impact on leads and sales conversions.

Our team places a direct focus on social media ad campaigns with the objective of driving high volumes of traffic to your website.

Therefore, increasing conversions.

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Free Social Media Strategy Session

Be Socially Available

If your business is not on social medial (and who isn’t these days?) your customers may be talking about you anyway. Being available to listen to their feedback and take action is definitely a better option?

We will work with your brand to manage your social media presence, build brand awareness, whilst also creating an engaged community.

Social media for your business shouldn’t be looked at as a ‘waste of time’ or just a ‘job for the apprentice’. Social media has so much more potential than just keeping your followers updated. Nowadays, search engine optimisation is becoming a lot more connected with social media channels. Therefore, ‘staying active’ on social media is an increasingly important ranking factor for search engine results – so why wouldn’t you want to utilise social networks for your brand? Trust us, there’s so much more you can do with all the platforms at your disposal.


Choose The Right Social Platforms

Each Social Media channel has its own strengths, weaknesses and different demographics as their primary users. We will help you define those through audience identification and create social content that is specific to their wants and needs. Digital Nomads HQ collaborates with each of our clients to ensure the very BEST performance from all the various social platforms within the context of your business. Not every platform is going to be suitable for your brand. However, having a presence and being READY for when that platform inevitably takes off for you has to be worth it in the long run. Either way, we can show you how!

Our Services Include

Brand Strategy

Creative Content

Photography and Videography

Competitor Analysis

Trend Discovery

Caption Copy-writing

Hashtag Research

Influencer Marketing


Paid Ad Strategy and Management

Community Management

Scheduled Posting

How We Do it

#1 Dedicated Social Media Manager

You will be assigned a dedicated social media manager to develop your strategy and execute it. This person will study your business and be your primary contact. You will be able to communicate with your social media manager daily via email or schedule a call at a time that is convenient for the both of you.

#2 Social Media Strategy, Specific to Your Business

One of the first steps we will take with your campaign is to perform research and develop your strategy. We will do a competitive analysis, develop a buyer’s persona, and define an effective content strategy. We will also develop advertising strategies and funnels for your campaign to show you the roadmap to SUCCESS.

#3 Brand Strategy & Logo Design

Your brands identity should be stamped on everything you do. Branding is one of the MOST important ingredients to the success of any business. It tells your customers who you are and distinguishes you from your competitors. We strategically pour your identity into all aspects of ‘social media’ creative, in a way that produces concepts that WILL resonate with your target audience and make you STAND OUT!

#4 Content Calendars & Advertisements

At Digital Nomads we have a team of very talented graphic designers that are dedicated to creating UNIQUE visuals for social media publication. We also have an experienced team of photographers and editors to help make your content come to life. Images and videos speak volumes in the world of social media.

Our creative process for social media involves ENHANCING your existing content with graphic design, along with creating 100% original designs of our own. All the creative we produce will convey your brands message, which should be at the HEART of everything your business publishes on social media. Once you have agreed upon a strategy, we will can then start the execution. We will develop social media content and advertisements unique to your brand. For quality assurance, this content can be prepared in a monthly content calendar. You will have an opportunity to review and approve before anything goes live.

#5 Growth Optimization & Daily Maintenance

Our social media marketing services include daily management and growth optimization. We will monitor all social media activity (comments, messages, and reviews), and aim to respond within 24 hours. In addition, we will use organic tactics (hashtags, following, contests, etc.) to grow your channels.

#6 Reporting & Communication

Your social media manager will prepare monthly reports for you to review

#7 Social Media Analysis

Our next step will be to analyse the ‘current’ social media landscape for your business. This includes, competitor analysis, What’s ‘on trend’, hashtag research, and website traffic measurement.

This will assist us in determining who your ideal brand audience is, how we can best engage with them through visual content and copywriting. If your business is already established on social media, we will analyse your history of posting to determine what strategies have worked well for you in the past.

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