Social media has engulfed our lives, particularly in 2020 with people spending more time online. Facebook has become a way of checking whether relatives are healthy after a major disaster and people use Twitter as their regular news source. This opens up prime opportunities for companies to meet their target market through social media advertising.

It is no secret that companies should concentrate on how best to incorporate social media ads into their marketing strategy in order to increase sales, raise brand recognition and enhance customer retention.

Each platform provides a different opportunity to communicate with users in a way that makes them feel more connected to your company and brand. Let’s break down the top five channels and make the best use of each one.

1. Facebook

There are lots of Facebook benefits that your company will reap from Facebook ads.

Like most advertising on other social media sites, Facebook ads support companies a lot. From the acquisition of new customers, to creating better brand recognition, Facebook ads are helping many small businesses to expand online today.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media tools because of its immense potential. In March 2020, Facebook had an average of 1.45 billion users a day. If you’re wondering where your customers are, they’re obviously spending some time on Facebook.

Understanding how to manipulate Facebook Advertising is becoming a core part of almost any social media strategy. And if you’re going to see your posts on Facebook, it’s becoming more and more likely that you’re going to have to pay for reach with Facebook Advertising.

A big advantage of Facebook advertising is the ability to target your exact audience. Facebook is the most targeted type of publicity. You may advertise to people by age, interest, actions and place. If you really know your clients, you can use Facebook ads to get them involved.

Paid ads on Facebook seems to be one of the most immediate ways to affect the scope of your content. It drives immediate outcomes. Today, you will start to meet thousands of people. But if you’re looking for a simple way to push traffic and conversions, Facebook ads is the perfect option.

2. Instagram

Instagram currently boasts more than half a million active users a day and dominates one of the highest social media audience participation rates, 58 per cent higher than Facebook. With more than 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram has come a long way since it originated in 2010, and advertisers are beginning to take notice of it.

Instagram is, of course, a very heavy image and video. As such, sellers of goods that are visually enticing or capable of integrating visual media into their promotions appear to perform better on this social media platform.

It is also worth noting that Instagram’s user base skews predominantly to the 18-29 range and marginally more to the female range. The Instagram Ad Platform has access to the most sophisticated social media ads targeting options available.

This means that you can reach your unique target demographic within the Instagram user base that you are already likely to buy. In addition, Instagram has the same comprehensive retargeting features as Facebook does. Retargeting means targeting people again who have somehow already seen or heard about your brand and your company.

The most popular method of re-targeting is to target your website visitors who have added an item to their cart but have not yet made a purchase.

Social Media Advertising


3. Youtube Ads

Although not usually thought of as a social media site, YouTube is a great place to advertise. Forty minutes of the average user’s day were spent on YouTube. With advertisements being played before, and even in the middle of videos, people are expected to see them at some point.

Another YouTube solution is to create an account for your business and upload videos for subscribers to watch. Tutorials and videos featuring your product are all effective when you see your company name on YouTube. With more people attracted to video than to text, videos can be incredibly successful at building company recognition and brand awareness.

Youtube Advertisements are incredibly cost-effective since they are a PPC advertising site. If you’re not familiar with PPC, it’s easy to understand why it’s lucrative to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. More so, you’re deciding just how much you’re going to pay when someone clicks.

These two features ensure that you’ll never spend too much on PPC ads and never waste money on advertising space.

Granular targeting is crucial to a successful campaign, and YouTube ads allow you to get extremely detailed when it comes to targeting the exact audience you want to reach.

You can target your audience by: Demographics, Subjects, Client Lists, Remarketing, and more.


It is no question whether social media advertising is beneficial for your business. Social Media ads are extremely effective, the trick is decided which platform is right for your business. Need help with your social media advertising strategy? Get in touch with us today.