Pinterest marketing has become a hot ticket item for commercial marketing. In fact, the number of Fortune 500 companies that established Pinterest accounts increased by 27 percent in 2020. That’s because Pinterest pins are 100 times more viral than a tweet, with the retweet average reaching just 1.4%. More so, the half-life of a pin is 1.6x longer than that of a Facebook post.

Pinterest marketing is an incredibly effective tool that many companies need to integrate into their social media marketing strategy. The core strength of Pinterest is the integrated functionality that come with their business accounts. Join the half a million companies worldwide join Pinterest for business – you’ll get additional marketing features to support your brand on one of the fastest-growing social media sites.

Although Pinterest was initially considered to be the place to go to find recipes and ideas for interior decoration, there’s so much more to it than that.
In reality, Pinterest has made a name for itself as a visual search engine, hosting loads of images, illustrations, links and inspiration for almost anything you may want to find.

This means that it is a goldmine social media site for companies with a visual element of their business. Creating a Pinterest plan that makes sense for your company is the ideal way to get started on this site.

To aid you with your Pinterest Marketing, we’ve put together 5 simple Pinterest marketing tips:

1. Branding your profile


The first step to being present on every social media network is to brand your profile. First, you want to make sure that you build a company Pinterest account so that you have access to analytics, rich pins, and more.
Then you need to take steps to brand your Pinterest profile so that it can be easily identified as belonging to your company. Each social networking platform has its own customizable features that allow you to add your own touch to it.

Pinterest allows users to select a cover board that displays pins from that board at the very top of their profile. The individual pins can not be clicked, but there is a connection to the board at the corner of the cover design. This is the perfect place to add a branded board with blog posts, graphics, product shots and other designs from your company. Make sure they fit your brand to give a branded look to your profile.

You’re also going to want to upload a profile picture that best represents your company. This is possibly just your logo set to a 165 x 165 pixel rectangle. If you need any assistance with creating stunning graphics to brand your Pinterest profile, we have a dedicated team of creative graphic designers that are ready to assist.


Pinterest marketing


2. Pin consistently


Pinterest suggests that you pin something every day, once a day. This is more convenient than setting up a board and loading it up at once. Pinning regularly means that the material reaches a broader audience on a daily basis.

You can also save time by scheduling pins to Pinterest, which will also help ensure that your account stays stable. Take advantage of Audience Insights to assess when the most engagement is made to your content. It’s always better to post while much of your audience is online.

Following and Interacting with Influential Boards

The best way to see a good Pinterest plan in action is to follow and engage with popular boards. You will learn a lot from the big dogs. See what kind of pins they pin, what kind of boards they have, and how engaging they are. Your goal is to achieve the same results as these larger players.

If you’re posting on these prominent pins, your brand name will be seen by a large number of people who follow the boards.

It’s a good idea to follow famous boards because they’re important to your industry and sector, rather than just because they’re the most famous. If your company has practically nothing to do with baking, you should do yourself a favor and follow the boards that are closer to yours. These are the people you want to get in touch with anyway.


4. Join the community boards


Another great Pinterest marketing tool to help you get your content out there is joining and building community or group boards. Pinterest requires users to invite others to contribute to the board, and this is the ideal way to get the content across to brand-new audiences.

Look for popular pinners in your niche to see if they have community boards that are important to your business.

Many users would have rules or a link to apply to join in the overview of the board, so take a look and see what you can find. Typically, you only need to email the owner or fill out a contact form and send them a follow-up account to add you.

If you join, you’ll want to stay involved on those forums, to pin some of your own content, but also to curate other content, so you’re not only promoting your own business.

5. Focus on the power of SEO


Pinterest is basically a visual search engine, which means that it has its own algorithm and its own search engine optimization laws. You need to concentrate on your Pinterest SEO and add these rules to your own profile to see your ranking increase. There are three different sites that you need to concentrate on using your keywords in your Pinterest marketing campaign.

There are keywords in both your name and bio so that you appear in the search results, even when people are only searching for key terms relevant to your company.

You have 65 characters to fill in your Pinterest name and 160 characters to write your bio, so we recommend that you use as many keywords as you can to naturally use the most common keywords in your industry.


Ready to test your Pinterest marketing strategy? Start sending quality traffic and customers to your website  by stepping up your content strategy with these valuable tips. If you need some assistance with Pinterest marketing, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you.