Many companies are wary of using Pinterest Ads for business, but this advertisement platform provides many secret advantages that not many marketers are aware of. Savvy digital marketers are becoming increasingly aware that this is a social platform with an enormous amount of untapped potential.

Why Pinterest Ads?

There are many reasons why Pinterest is a great business opportunity. Pinterest Advertising will allow you to bring your company and blog to a whole new audience.

There are seven million advertisers on Facebook alone, so it’s easy to think of Facebook as the most powerful advertising site. However, with all 7 million advertisers competing-it ‘s awesome that there is another alternative to consider – Pinterest Ads.

They’re underused, compared to large advertising platforms like Facebook and Google. Pinterest has just 1.5 million advertisers who regularly use Pinterest Ads every month. This means that Pinterest Ads provide a huge opportunity to get in front of more people because Pinterest has more than 320 million active users.

Pinterest Ads give advertisers a chance to boost brand recognition and consideration. This is because Pinterest is essentially a Discovery Platform – meaning that it helps users find new products and services that suit their interests and “discover” new brands to purchase from.

Therefor here are 6 reasons why you should start using Pinterest for your business:


1. Pinterest Has High User Engagement

Pinterest users seem pretty happy to simply find and share interesting things with communities or groups of like-minded people. This is extremely beneficial for your business as it means that your pins are more likely to be seen, click on and even shared. The chances of a quality pin going viral on Pinterest is higher than that of other social media platforms, due to the general behaviour of users on Pinterest.


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2. Pinterest Ads Drive Traffic To Your Site

Pinterest is an excellent tool to help boost connections back to your website, which, in turn , drives more traffic. It is more effective in bringing traffic back to a website than any other social media outlet.

This quality website traffic relies on good content. Therefore, if you create and share content that your audience likes, they’re more likely to follow your links. Strong Pinterest content begins with the creation of quality visuals.

3. Pinterest Ads Can Boosts Revenue

Pinterest helps reduce the number of steps from discovery to conversion, making it easier for people to get straight to the source. Pinterest tourists are more likely to translate to leads or sales quicker than other social media platforms.

Often it’s a good idea to think of Pinterest as a big, visual search engine. People often turn to this during the research phase of their planning. They turn to Pinterest for inspiration, too. Most people have tried at least one recipe or DIY idea from Pinterest.

4. Pinterest Helps With Inbound Links

Because every pin includes a connection, it’s simple to get it back to the source of the picture. Just think about how many visitors you can attract to your website by sharing Pinterest photos of your items. This is an aspect of Pinterest that is sometimes forgotten. Do not ever underestimate the strength of image searching, it is extremely powerful.

5. They Help You Learn About Your Target Market

One of the most interesting and beneficial things about Pinterest is the audience data. Pinterest Ads cam be used to see what’s trending with your customers. If you notice that your audience is consistently sharing Pins with specific content, you can use this to your advantage. Pinterest gives you the ability to see and appreciate what’s trending and to use that knowledge to position your deals and goods.

Pinterest Ads are an extremely powerful tool for any business. Need help with creating a winning Pinterest Ads campaign for your business? Get in touch with our talented team of digital marketing specialists and we will be happy to assist.