Facebook Ads Manager | Facebook Ads Account Creation

Facebook Ads Manager | Facebook Ads Account Creation

Do you need a Digital Marketing Agency that specialises in Facebook Ads Management and Facebook Ads Account creation? Our Digital marketing team can assist with creating your online Social Media presence. We make your business, your products, and your services, stand out from your competition. We make your business offerings the one and only choice!

Facebook Ads Manager

Using a Facebook Ads Manager will free you up to focus on the important aspects of your business. Once you set up effective marketing channels such as Facebook advertising, you can then focus on creating systems to deal with all the incoming sales. Our Facebook Ads Managers know how to fine tune your Ad to get the best results possible. We will look at all aspects when marketing your business or products online. Come in for a free strategy session today!

Facebook Business Page Setup

Is your Facebook Business Page telling your story? Are you putting your best foot forward with your online brand? Before potential clients use your services they will often stalk your Facebook profile to see if you are a company that they want to deal with. We charge a low once off fee to optimise your Facebook Business Page profile to ensure the best results.

Facebook Ads Account Management

Once you have a set of Facebook Ads in place, you then need to get Facebook Ads Account Management. This is a constant monitoring process for your Facebook Account. Facebook will often take your Ads offline for no reason, in fact, dealing with Facebook can be very frustrating at times. Our Facebook Account managers have had to do battle with Facebook a number of times in order to get Facebook Ads approved. Facebook will sometimes disapprove an Ad because they believe that it violates some online policy. Facebook incorrectly flags some Ads as inappropriate and our team goes in to fix it.

Facebook Ad Creation

Creating an effective Facebook Ad is not an easy process. Creating a Facebook Ad can be daunting and quite confusing. There are many different objectives to choose from when creating your Ad. You have to know what type of Ad will stand out and get results on Facebook. The advantage of using us for all your Digital Marketing is that we will only recommend solutions that we believe in ourselves. We have often redirected clients to other marketing methods if Facebook Ads don’t suit their business or product offering.

With us you can rest assured that you will always be looked after. We treat your business like our business. Our objective it to make sure that you succeed with all your advertising.


What We Offer To Business Owners
Who Want To Grow Fast!

Expert Content Creation for your social advertising

Range of different campaign objectives, to reach your social advertising Goals

Expert monitoring & adjusting your Ads Daily assuring they keep running the right way

Specific Targeting of your business’s demographic

Facebook Ad Solutions

Here at Digital Nomads HQ our team of experts designFacebook Ads to reach your target audiences.

We customise your ad’s copy, media and demographic to target your niche audience.

Our Facebook Marketing Service

Facebook Audience Identification

We will assist you in locating and targeting your perfect audience including estimated audience size and costs to advertise.

Facebook Page Development

We can design, build and maintain an AWESOME Facebook page to your exact business requirements.

Creative Design

We can create all images used for the ads with some excellent creative ideas, designed solely for your target audience.

Statistical Monitoring

Using a combination of Facebook Insights and Google Analytics we can report back on the progress of your campaign. This also includes demographic data reporting on who is engaging with your ads and page.

Social Media Ads

We design engaging and beautiful ad campaigns in compliance with Facebook’s strict advertising policies – starting off by choosing the right advertising objective.


Creating the right target audience is the absolute key to high ROI with Facebook Ads. Core audiences can be as specific or broad as you like based on the following criteria:

  • Location
  • Behaviour
  • Demograhics
  • Connections
  • Interests

we make your

Social Media Ads

We can design engaging and attractive ad campaigns that will abide by all the guidelines of Facebook. Your ads will contain all the necessary components of an ad, including call to action that drives engagement from Facebook users.


We will target just the right audience for your business through a variety of ways

  • Previous clients and prospects for your business
  • Interests, behaviours, income-level, job title and other areas that identify your audience
  • Facebook users that look closest to your website visitors


Right now, is an exciting time for social media advertising. Social media platforms like Facebook have given us several tools to reach our niche audience.


We also know and value the importance of assuring our clients feel that their business is in safe hands, knowing that every dollar you entrust to us needs to return home with a profit.

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