Are you wondering how to grow your Instagram following? Would you want more people to know about you on Instagram? Looking for ideas to extend the reach of your Instagram?

Within this post, you can find helpful tips for how to grow your Instagram following successfully:

1: Take a visitor to your Instagram Live Video to your audience

Instagram Live video gives you an opportunity to show your fans a more honest and personal view on your company and to chat about things that happen in real time. Will you have the next launch? A new partnership, huh? A fundraising case, huh? Instagram Live is the best place to chat about.

In order to get in front of a broader audience with Instagram Live content, consider asking others to join you and add their perspective. You might interview a thought leader, an influencer, or even someone else in your industry. Look for a guest whose personality and values are in line with yours and who can add value to your viewers.

Instagram makes it easy to collaborate with a friend on live footage. Before you go live, send your guest a heads-up that they need to wait so that you can invite them to join your broadcast.

Once you’re ready to start your live stream, open the Instagram app and tap the camera icon in the top left corner. On the camera screen, scroll through the options at the bottom and tap Live.

When you live on Instagram, tap the smiley face icon to invite your friend to join you. When approved, your live video will show you both on a split screen.

If you’re just beginning a live stream, don’t worry about not sounding professional or technical snafus. Live video is both raw and organic. It’s about revealing your true self, so that your followers can relate to you. It’s all right if you randomly stumble over your words or if the backdrop of your shot isn’t ideal.

When you’re not sure what to talk about, you can give consumers an inside look at your market, explain how you’re adjusting to evolving technologies, or discuss different ways you ‘re showing up for your customers. If you’ve been wondering how to grow your Instagram following, having a guest on your Instagram Live is one of the best way in 2020.

Note, the Instagram Live conversation will always bring value to the lives of the fans. Also if you’re selling a product or service, portray it as a solution to your audience’s problems.

2: Run an Instagram or Giveaway Shareworthy Contest

Another way to make your company more accessible is to concentrate on what you can contribute to the society. Your customers are the backbone of your company, so how can you best represent them?

Consumers today want businesses to take care of people, the earth, and society. And maybe you should host a fundraiser for an organization that your Instagram followers are involved in, or develop a philanthropy project that would resonate with them.

Another choice is to open an Instagram contest and to make your followers nominate a deserving recipient of your award. Ask them to record a video explaining why this individual is nominated and how the award will help them. You may also ask each applicant to state your tagline in the video and use it as user-generated content in your marketing.

A contest like this not only gives back and encourages others, but also creates confidence and goodwill among your Instagram audience. Besides, the fans are more likely to hold a feel-good game with their mates.

3: Offer Lead Magnets to Create Audience Retargeting

Needs tips for how to grow your Instagram following quickly? Your client and lead database is the network of contacts. You can have thousands of connections in the form of followers on Instagram. To help you get those followers to your website and create retargeting audiences, consider offering a lead magnet.

Your lead magnet will be of interest to your customers, such as a free guide or checklist that is important to your niche needs. Think about the hurdles or obstacles that your prospects or clients face, and how you can help them address or fix those issues. Can you pack your ideas or solutions into a free download? You can promote this deal to your Instagram account or to your posts.

In exchange for the download, enter the email address of the user so that you can continue your correspondence and take this prospect on a journey with your company. This opt-in means that you have permission from the prospective client to give them future communications.

Instagram is a perfect forum to promote a lead magnet while still communicating directly to the followers to learn about their pain points. Instagram lets you have a link in your bio so that you can connect to your lead magnet or the landing page of your newsletter. You may also share your connection via a swipe-up in your Instagram post.

Through providing useful and relevant content through free downloads and updates, you can start developing a relationship with your prospects where they know more about you and your message and appreciate the value that your company can bring. At the end of the day, you solve a dilemma for them, which stimulates their curiosity and eventually leads them to become customers.

In addition to promoting free guides and your newsletter, several other useful lead generation tactics are also working on Instagram.  Here are some suggestions you may want to try:

  • Build an email course and promote it to Instagram.
  • Develop interactive quizzes for your Instagram posts.
  • Give free trial of your product or service with a code for Instagram followers only.
  • Promote downloadable checklists and templates in the Instagram bio page.

4: Pay for publicity via Instagram Advertising

Needs tips for how to grow your Instagram following quickly? Advertise! Of course, you can also get more users on Instagram by ads in front of you. Once you set up an Instagram ad campaign, you need to know who your target audience is. You should know the precise profiles of who you want to attract so that you can tailor your ads directly to them.

When you have rotated your company or launched a new product or service, it may be important to communicate this knowledge via advertising. You can not rely on customers to visit your website for new information. You need to get in front of them where they spend time, online and on social media sites like Instagram.

To increase your exposure and draw a broader audience to Instagram, concentrate on creating a social network. Instagram’s social influence has the ability to increase brand recognition, create trust, increase popularity, and potentially contribute to sales.

Some of the strategies that can help you reach a wider audience include getting visitors to Instagram Live video, using competitions or prizes, providing useful lead generators, and using Instagram ads.Need help with growing your Instagram following? Get in touch with us and we will help you achieve Instagram success.