Wondering how to grow your social media presence organically? Social networking is going quickly, but certain basic principles remain the same — like the value of organic communication and engaging with your audience. In this post, we talk about 5 ideas to improve organic engagement and effectively add followers and create communities online. You can use these tips to start enhancing your own engagement right away.

Here are 5 hacks for how to grow your social media presence organically:


1. Private Facebook groups

For a while, Facebook has been promoting the use of communities. Although your main Facebook page is great for broadcasting information, groups allow you to build a centered, tight-knit community where people can share, discuss and collaborate with your brand.

Anyone may apply to join the Facebook group, but you can set up filter questions to make sure your community is crowded with your target audience.

2. Games and gifts

Big brands (with budgets to match) are highly ambitious in terms of content they share: platform games, immersive video narratives, and so on. Interactive content increases the amount of time that followers spend on your social media page, has a high viral potential, and can serve as a painless method of generating lead.

You can, however, replicate ideas on a smaller and more feasible scale. Ready-made games, game platforms for marketers and simple quizzes are becoming increasingly popular.

Spin the wheel games are also common, much like the classic “Wheel of Fortune” TV show. People love to play it, it’s totally foolproof, and you can run a big promotion without reaching the entire budget on rewards.

3. Video Challenges

You may not have taken part in a video competition yet, but you’ve certainly heard of it.

Most video problems have certain main characteristics. They’re fast and easy to do at home. They’ve always got a signature soundtrack or an expression. And because they’re shot as short video clips, common challenges appear to spill over from their original social site to other social media.

You just need a fun concept and an active audience to build your own contest. Don’t build a problem that is too complex , time-consuming, or derivative; if you steal someone else’s idea, you risk a backlash.

4. Virtual activities, chat, and networking

We’ve already touched upon the concept of social media groups or hashtag communities around your brand. The next logical step is real-time group events: webinars, live conversations, collaborative live streams, and networking.

The good news is that social media networks are quickly adding new functionality to facilitate this. You can now broadcast live videos on any social network, and most of them provide the ability for viewers to exchange feedback and reactions in real time.

5. Collaborations and takeovers

When you hear the term “collaboration,” a lot of marketers’ minds leap into costly influencer campaigns. And they have their value — but, as always on social media, there are easier and more accessible alternatives. As we’ve seen, ordinary customers can bring huge benefits to your brand when they share your brand’s content. So why don’t you give them a chance to run your account for a day? You may team up with an influencer, customer or partner brand to run Twitter talks, Facebook Live, Instagram Lives split-screen or TikTok takeovers.

If you are a collaborator with someone who already has a broad audience, partnerships will expand your scope very quickly. But they’re strong, too, because they build a sense of excitement for your regular followers. You can transform a weekly Q&A session into a sold-out experience by adding a new name and face to the mix.

Wondering how to grow your social media presence organically? We can help you, get in touch with us today.