Pinterest has grown well beyond its modest beginnings in scrapbooking and recipe-sharing. Advances such as “Rich Pins” and cross-platform sharing on Twitter and Facebook, plus the boom of visual marketing in general, have significantly increased the viability of Pinterest as a marketing tool and turned it into a strong social referral engine.

When you think about Pinterest, smart craft images and great recipes can come to mind… but the search engine has so much more to bring to you and your company.

That’s right: Pinterest isn’t just another social media network, it’s a visual search engine that can drive tons of valuable traffic to your website and blog.

Just like any other search engine, there are Pinterest-friendly SEO practices to bear in mind when you want to drive traffic to your website that can be done both on your site and on your Pinterest profile.

In the last few years, Pinterest has become one of the leading sources of social traffic for marketers, especially those running e-commerce sites. And this is because, unlike other social media networks, Pinterest is a visual search engine.

This means that while followers count for support, most of your platform results will come from your Pinterest SEO efforts.

How Does Pinterest SEO Work?


Like Google, Pinterest would prefer valuable content from an existing Pinner over the same quality of content from a less authoritative Pinner.

So it’s very important to raise your Pinterest profile authority. The Pinner consistency and the Pinner website signals are the two key factors that prove Pinterest’s authority.

Pin Quality

After building your Pinterest Business Account correctly and learning how to use Pinterest for business, your top priority should be to become a high-quality Pinner.

Pinterest’s top pinner regularly curates high-quality content that is highly important to their target audiences.


Build Pinterest boards for the various types of content that your audience is searching for and pin only content that is important to them.

Here’s how it works and how it’s going to help you dominate Pinterest.

Pinterest SEO

Rich Pins


Rich Pins can automatically add details to your pin depending on the type of site you connect to.

This is somewhat similar to Google and schemas in that they add valuable previews to content such as ratings, product pricing, company location charts, lengthy descriptions and more.

Engaging & Keyword Rich Descriptions 

Adding a few sentences of keyword rich text to your pin will help to attract the attention of users scrolling through their feeds, and also give you the ability to add important keywords to capture search queries.

Using a call to action in the pin summary, such as “Buy Now” lets users know what you want from them and what they’re getting out of exploring your content more.

Pinterest SEO

Alt Tags

By default, Pinterest usually takes the ALT tag of an image to use as the description.

Coding your photos to include a summary that you want to view on Pinterest as the ALT tag will make it auto-populate when someone pins the image directly from your web.

Using keyword rich ALT tags is the best practice for all search engines, so this will be a multi-benefit activity that will improve your rankings.

Pinterest SEO

Add Pinterest Buttons To Your Website

Next, you’ll want to add the “Pin It” button to your site’s product pages and those landing pages that lend themselves to image sharing.

You’ll also want to add the Pinterest “Follow” button to these pages, so your site’s visitors can readily track your Pinterest boards.

Pinterest walks users through a simple process for uploading all of their buttons to your site’s pages via its widget builder.

By adding Pin It buttons to your website you will encourage your website visitors to save your products for later via their Pinterest. They can also then share these pins which will improve your visibility and chances of your products going viral. 

Pinterest SEO

Use Pinterest Hashtags

This is a fairly new addition to Pinterest but Pinners can now use Hashtags to categorise their pins.

Hashtags on Pinterest are a way for pinners to find the most up to date or current pins on Pinterest.

Similar to how you use hashtags on Instagram, it’s a great idea to be very specific and descriptive when you use Hashtags on your Pinterest pins. So using hashtags that are relevant to your pins is a huge plus.

Enhance Your Pinterest Profile 

The health of your Pinterest profile matters.

Since Pinterest tends to show the most relevant pins in the smart feed it’s super important to make sure that you repin other blogger’s content that can also be helpful to your readers as well.

Pinning random pins can actually hurt your reach so it’s very important to repin pins that can actually help your readers.

Need Some Help with Pinterest SEO? 

Pinterest SEO is a useful tool for any business owner looking to improve their reach and generate some leads. However, Pinterest SEO can be tricky and hard to get right. Why not let the experts handle it? Get in touch with the DNHQ team today!