Are you a small business that needs social media marketing tips?

We are a social media agency based on Sunshine Coast that can help you with your social media. Below we have listed some social media marketing tips for your business to employ which will greatly help your social media marketing efforts.



It’s very important for you to post regularly on your social media platform. Posting content regularly gives your social media platform relevant. The other reason for it is that your social media followers get used to your social media schedule. If your schedule changes then people’s expectations of your brand will change too. If you post to your social media regularly you’ll increase your brand awareness. You’ll also keep your business and your products in people’s minds.



There are two trains of thought regarding quality vs. quantity with your social media post. Our social media agency believes that you should do both. What I mean by this is that you need a high quantity of social media posts but they also need to be quality. Remember, what you post on social media tells your audience what type of company you are. That’s why all your social media posts need to reflect your branding.



If you would like to increase your social media followers, try using Facebook Ads to build your audience. To do this, you have to create Facebook Ads with the intention of gaining more followers to your page. You can run various campaigns which could include, perhaps people taking your quiz, or liking your page to enter a competition. There are many ways in which to use the power of Facebook Ads to grow your audience. Facebook Ads can also be used to draw a custom audience. You can do this by choosing who sees your Ad by geographical area, age, and interest, as well as by job title and other various indicators.



We like to employ an 80-20 rule with our social media posts. 80 % of your posts must be educational, entertainment, and information, 20% of your posts can be asking for new business. People don’t like to be sold to constantly, so it is important to first entertain and educate your visitors. Use a soft sell wherever possible. Social media followers are smart. If you use a soft sell, people will go and look for your product and your service. I know because I have done this many times.



When you are creating social media posts, try and refer back to your business website occasionally. The reason for this is that it will greatly increase your SEO efforts. When Google looks to rank your page, and to see if it should take your page seriously, it looks at all the social media signals and mentions. For instance, the more social media accounts that refer back to your website the better. That’s why we encourage you to refer back to your website wherever it is appropriate.

If you need any help with your social media management sunshine coast or your social media marketing sunshine coast, please contact us. Our social media management team are here to help.

How we can help

Develop Brand Awareness

We do not subscribe to the idea that increased followers guarantees you more customers. Quality trumps quantity, its important to create content that attracts your idea target market. More followers however does provide improved engagement and social proof, which can greatly increase awareness of your brand.

Build Relationships & Engagement

When you build a strong connection by engaging with your audience, they are more likely to buy from you. We will help you maximise this engagement on your social media posts. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your audience.

Increase website traffic

Increased traffic to your website has a direct impact on leads and sales conversions. Our team places a direct focus on social media ad campaigns with the objective of driving high volumes of traffic to your website. Therefore, increasing conversions.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Social Branding

We work with brands to manage their social media presence, whilst creating an engaged community.

Social media has so much more potential than just trying to sell products or services to your followers. Did you know that Google algorithm states that regular & consistent posts on social media contribute to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Staying active on social media with relevant content that adds value to your followers, is an increasingly important ranking factor for search engine results.

Top Performance

Choosing The Right Social Platforms

Digital Nomads HQ collaborates with each of our clients to ensure the very BEST performance from all the various social platforms within the context of your business.

Not every platform is going to be suitable for your brand. However, having a presence and contributing appropriate content for each platform is an art and we can show you how!

Our Services Include

Brand Strategy

Competitor Analysis

Content Creation

Content Mapping

Hashtag Research


Paid Ad Strategy & Management

Photography & Videography

Scheduled Posting

How We Do it

#1 Dedicated Social Media Manager

One of our awesome social media managers will be assigned to your account as your primary point of contact. You’ll have unlimited access to them by phone or email ensuring efficient communication between you ultimately resulting in social media posts that authentically reflect your brand’s voice.

#2 Social Media Strategy

One of the first steps we take when developing your social media campaign is to get to know you & your business and analysing your current social media status. At the same time, we investigate what your competition is doing so that we can do it better with an exciting and effective strategy for your social media.

#3 Brand Strategy & Logo Design

Your brand’s identity should be stamped everywhere – beautiful branding is an important ingredient to the overall success of any business. It should clearly distinguish you from your competitors in a crowded & noisy market. We strategically pour your identity & branding into all aspects of your social media so you stand out to your target audience.

#4 Social tactics

Our social media marketing services include daily management and growth optimisation. We monitor your social media engagement and respond within 24 hours. We aim to grow your social media following organically through our tips and hacks to reach your target audience without paying for ads.

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