Are you satisfied with the number of followers you have on Instagram? Looking for effective Instagram tips for 2021?

This could be a problem for many brands and individuals on all social media platforms, especially Instagram. They don’t get as many interactions as they expect. The number of followers is one of the most important metrics of social media marketing. Brands spend a lot of money and time to get more followers of Instagram and, as a result, increase their sales.

With an advertising audience of more than 1.16 billion people, Instagram offers brands a dramatic reach. And the potential reach of Instagram marketing has increased significantly this year—up by 76 million people in the last quarter.

At least 90 percent of Instagram users are in one business. And it’s not just consumer products that benefit from this. More than 36% of B2B decision-makers use Instagram to research new products or services.

These Instagram marketing tips for 2021 will help you rework your Instagram strategy, whether you’re just getting started or you’re already a seasoned pro.


1. Run Instagram Giveaways


Running an Instagram gift is perhaps the most popular and fastest way to increase your Instagram followers. An Instagram giveaway allows you to offer a free gift prize in exchange for an Instagram like, comment, or other pre-determined requirement.

When done correctly, Instagram gifts can help you set up your Instagram brand, cultivate a loyal follow-up, and share your impressive products or services with a wider audience than you could organically.

Running your own Instagram gift is going to help you:

  • Faster attracting followers.
  • Entice both current and prospective followers to engage.
  • Build stronger relationships with your current audience.
  • Tease the upcoming release of the product or feature.
  • Encourage users to share and submit user-generated content.

Running a successful Instagram gift requires planning and a clear understanding of what you want to do as a result.

Instagram tips 2021

2. Write a wonderful Instagram bio


Instagram Bio is a great opportunity to send out your main message. You need to talk like a human to your audience and start building a long-lasting relationship with them. It is also a unique opportunity to add a link to your website and redirect your visitors to sales pages.

You can give your visitors a good user experience by writing a cool Instagram bio and encouraging them to follow your Instagram. Instagram bio is also the perfect place to have your top hashtags included. So make the most of Instagram’s bio to increase your followers.

3. Target niche audience to pick up organic followers


Instagram marketing is all about targeting potential customers and building up sales enclosures. So you need to know that your target audience is more likely to buy from you. If you feel that your Instagram followers are not enough, you might be targeting the wrong guys. Please avoid contacting anyone you see on the platform.

You need to sort out your potential customers in terms of age, gender, career and other important characteristics. You can then focus on their interests and try to align your marketing strategies accordingly.

Luckily, there are a handful of tools that help you target niche audiences and get more organic and engaged followers on Instagram.

Remember that getting a limited number of real Instagram followers is better than having a large circle of irrelevant followers.

4. Avoid the purchase of Instagram followers


Instagram marketing is so hot that many individuals and brands are trying to buy followers to get ahead of their competitors.

You must know that increasing the number of followers will not only result in more sales. Higher engagement rates and a long-term partnership with your audience are far more important than the number of Instagram followers.

Try to reach out to organic followers on the right channels. Organic followers are most likely to be interested in your content, so you won’t lose their support easily.

Fake followers, on the other hand, will cause a significant decrease in your commitment rates after a while. This will also damage the reputation of your brand if your audience recognizes that you’ve bought fake followers.

Last but not least, buying Instagram followers is against the platform’s terms of use, and your Instagram account may be banned.


Instagram tips 2021

5. Generate informative, trendy and visual content


After all, content creation is the most important stage in online marketing, especially when you don’t have enough followers. You have no choice but to create relevant content for your community and make them believe that you are a thought leader.

Your content should encourage your audience to follow up on your posts. So you need to share unique and educational content so that users feel they need your next posts. Try to include the latest trends in your content to appear as a source of industry news. For example, you can post on time about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on your industry and your own brand.

Visualization is also needed on Instagram because it is a multimedia social media platform. Besides feed posts, Story, Live, IGTV, and Reels are all useful features for sharing visual content on Instagram.


Instagram tips 2021

Looking For Instagram Tips For 2021?

Marketing your brand with Instagram is essential for any business owner looking to improve their reach and generate some leads. However, this can be tricky and hard to get right. Why not let the experts handle it? Get in touch with the DNHQ team today!