Are you interested in getting started with Twitter marketing? Many organisations are also unwilling to join Twitter for marketing purposes. This is generally because many business owners and advertisers are turned away due to the 140-character cap. However, Twitter has increased the character limit to 280 characters and is one of the main marketing tactics in the online business world.

In fact, it has grown faster than any other social network and is projected to grow faster in the near future. As a marketing tool, Twitter provides a lot of business advantages.

Because of the emergence of internet marketing, we all know how effective social media can be. It affects our personal lives, of course, but it has also changed the business marketing landscape. Most businesses recognize the importance of incorporating social media to their marketing mix, but when it comes to Twitter, many of them have a constant uneasiness.

While it might be scary to introduce yet another social network to your arsenal, Twitter has a lot of business circle devotees, and the site provides excellent results to those who use it on a daily basis. For companies who take the time to fully understand the importance of Twitter, the results are astounding and at reasonably low cost as well.

Benefits of Twitter Marketing For Business:


1. Data & Feedback

Have you been trying to figure out what people are thinking about your brand? Twitter makes it easy to collect information because you can watch when people mention your company name or Twitter account in tweets.

More so, if you have a specific hashtag connected to your company, you can find out who mentions your hashtag. This is a perfect source of real-time data for branding.

Every second, Twitter sees 6,000 Tweets. This puts into perspective how actively people use it as a medium for discussion. And for companies, these conversations will prove to be a valuable source of consumer feedback. Using Twitter will help you identify patterns and issues that your audience cares about so that you know how to reach them more effectively.

2. Improving Brand Recognition

How you style your Tweets and engage your audience on Twitter is very successful in developing your brand personality and increasing recognition.

One of Twitter’s top business advantages is that it lets you exchange details easily and start conversations with your target audience. Your audience, on the other hand, will find your Tweets and content useful and hopefully even share with their followers.

Make sure you use a tone that suits the brand’s voice and personality. The types of discussions and subjects you’re interested in, and the tone of your Tweets, will help you attract people whose views are aligned with yours.

3. Increase Website Traffic

If you have a Twitter follower profile, you can guide your followers to the content of your blog.

Maybe you’ve got a blog post to share, or maybe you’ve created a landing page for a marketing campaign. You can use Twitter to bring new users to your website with a short message and a connection.

Twitter is an established performer when it comes to rising traffic on the website. Twitter has made it simpler than ever to connect from your platform to your website or from your website to the Twitter platform. Putting a website URL into your business bio-especially when the bio line contains a call to action-is an effective way to get visitors to your site.

Another reason for users of Twitter to visit your website is to give them a chance at a draw. A plain, “Go to our website and sign up to our mailing list for a chance to win an x prize” might be all it takes to get a lot of new viewers.

In addition, connecting your website to Twitter can also be a great way to ensure that your audience continues to see updates about your business even though they have left your website.

4. Learn About Trends In Your Industry

Every industry has its own specific trends and events, including yours.

You can quickly find useful tools and information about your industry on Twitter if you take a look at trending topics on Twitter. You may also scan for the keywords that refer to your company or the names of your most famous pages to see who is talking about them on social media.

It’s a great way to see what your colleagues are talking about in your industry, and you can use that knowledge to generate new content ideas for your website.

5. Start A Conversion With Your Target Market

Twitter marketing is very successful when it comes to interacting with the clients. Some businesses are also using Twitter to respond directly to customer service issues.

The most important thing to remember is that everything you say is available to the public unless you send it via a private message. Yeah, you might be open to third-party evaluations of your customer service processes.

If you are prepared to use Twitter as a customer service provider, you can position your business as free, straightforward and down-to-earth. In reality, many small to medium-sized business owners use Twitter as an extension of their customer service efforts.


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6. Boost SEO

Twitter and Google have a special friendship with each other. You benefit from this partnership as your tweeting improves your overall SEO juice. Tweets appear in Google searches, for example. Include your ideal keywords in your tweets to help your ranking of terms relevant to your company.

Tweeting regularly and on subjects that you want to rate to add to your overall online footprint. Doing well in search and social media is a factor in your overall online search metrics. Alexa rates you on the basis of your quest and social impact. Your influence and results will be improved by using Twitter for business.


Twitter marketing for business can be an exceptionally powerful tool if used correctly with a strategic marketing funnel. If you need assistance with your social media marketing, get in touch with us today!