Want to make an interesting short-form video on Instagram? Have you heard of the Instagram Reels?

In this post, you will find out what Instagram Reels is, learn how to create an Instagram reel, and find out how to use Instagram Reels for business.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels was rolled out to the majority of users in August 2020. The feature is marketed as a answer to TikTok ‘s success and a way to build similar content on the Instagram platform.

Unlike IGTV, Instagram found that, in order for Reels to be successful and to be used frequently, the app needed to be incorporated into the current Instagram gui. In this way, Reels is really close to Instagram Stories — and you also have access to the Reels camera from the same Stories app.

Here are some short highlights of the reels:

  • They are short-form video material in complete 9:16 portrait format.
  • They can be 3–15 seconds in length.
  • They can be shot directly inside the Reels camera and/or transferred to your mobile device from your camera roll.
  • They can be shot as one full take or as a sequence of stitches.
  • They ‘re just phones. They can only be transferred to mobile devices.

Chances are you’ve already seen the Instagram reels, even though you didn’t know it. Reels can be added to Stories or feeds on your profile in addition to the Reels list, and they can even appear on the Explorer tab. They ‘re pretty much all over!

You can know the Instagram Reels video by an icon in the lower left corner of the video when you scroll through your feed, or in the upper right corner when you look at someone’s Instagram profile. If anyone you follow posted a clip, you’ll see the video in your home feed as you click through it.

You can also see the reels for your account by going to their profile. If they posted a Reels video to their page, you’ll see the cover picture in the grid on their profile like every other post. In addition, the Reels tab on their profile will show any reels they submitted, even those they did not post on their feed.

You can also find reels from other accounts on the Instagram Explorer list. A wide Reels video selected for you will be displayed at the top of the Explorer tab. As you scroll through the Explore stream, you’ll see more Reels videos interspersed as vertical videos and branded as Reels.

When you open one of the videos from the Explore feed or your home page, you can browse through more Reels videos and discover fun new content from other makers.

Business Uses for Instagram Reels

Now that you know what Instagram Reels is, you may be wondering how to use this feature for your brand or company.

It’s worth noting that not all reels (or TikTok videos for that matter) are all dance or music. In reality, since business accounts don’t have the music option, you ‘re more likely to have to find other ways to use these videos.

If you do tutorials or step-by – step videos for products or tips in your business, you will certainly make similar videos for Reels. You could do some short behind-the-scenes or meet-the-staff videos to show what your company is doing.

If you’re in the fashion business, there’s a lot of interesting ideas out there to show off dress variations and designs.

Stop motion videos, where one scene ends and jumps into the next one, are very common. If you have a product that needs assembly, you can make a fun video that shows the progress of creating the product from start to finish.

It’s worth noting that most people watching the reels don’t read a caption, particularly a long one. If you have a call to action (CTA) or a stress key point in your post, make sure it is in the audio and any text overlay on the video so that the audience can see and hear it.

1 : Make a reel for the Instagram

Before you jump to build reels first, I suggest scrolling through the Reels feed on the Explore page and looking at the reels of other accounts or brands you like. Get a sense of what works, what you want, and what drives you to create.

When you’re ready to start making your own reels, here’s what you need to know.

You can control the Reels camera from the original Stories monitor. You can get there by slipping right from your Instagram home feed (not from your profile). You’ll see three choices at the bottom of the screen: Live, Clip, and Reels. Scroll to the reels to open your camera.

If the Reels camera is opened, you can see the navigation tools on the left side of the screen. Top left is the Settings gear symbol, which holds the same settings as your Instagram Posts. The icons in the center of the screen are used to shoot and edit your images.

If you want to add artistic effects to your images, you need to pick them before you film them. After you’ve filmed a reel, you can’t go back and add or change the clips for these apps.

Instagram company profiles will have links to these three features on the left side of the screen:

Speed: Tap Speed to pick faster or slower recording speeds.

Effects: Tap Effects and click through the filter options at the bottom where the shutter button is located. If you don’t find the right choice in the effects presented, there is a choice to search the effects at the end of the scroll.

Timer: Tap the clock icon to set the recording timer so that you can make hands-free recordings.

Instagram personal and creator profiles will have access to the same three features plus the Reels audio (or music) feature. You can browse for suggested audio files, popular music, or genres to be used in your video.

2: Post Reels Contents for Instagram Reels Update, Your Page, and Stories

When you’ve finished making your reel, press the right-handed arrow at the bottom of the screen next to the frame-by – frame video display. You will be taken to the Share screen to format your video for sharing to Reels, your feed, and/or Stories. At the top of this page, you’ll see two tabs: Reels and Tales.

Attach a caption to your video now. You can use up to 2,200 characters and 30 hashtags, just as you would in a daily feed post on Instagram.

3: Edit or erase Instagram Reel Video from Your Grid

Once you have uploaded at least one Instagram Reels video to your profile, you can tap the Reels icon on your profile to access the videos. They are shown chronologically and the view counts for each video are displayed on the cover image. Screen counts are available to those looking at the videos of your account or Reels.

If you tap the three-dot button next to the like / comment / share icons at the bottom of your video (in full video player mode), you can access additional features for that game. From here, you could:

  • Delete the video from the Reels tab.
  • Delete the video from the grid (but leave it on the Reels tab).
  • Grab / copy the video URL you want to share with others.
  • Send a video URL to another site or distribution option (e.g. email).
  • Save your video to your mobile screen.

Warning: If you reach 2,200 characters or the 30-hashtag mark, your video does not upload the caption. Make sure you ‘re not going to surpass those thresholds. And you may want to copy your caption before you upload the video on a case-by – case basis.

When your post is ready to be published, you can choose where to publish it. It will immediately go to the new Reels gallery / tab that will appear on your Instagram profile. You can even post it with your app to let your followers see as they’re scrolling through their feeds. If you don’t want to share the video with your feed, tap the slider for this option so that it can only upload to your Reels tab.

If you’re not ready to share the post publicly but want to save it later, tap Save as Draft at the bottom of the page. This is going to save the video file as-is. You’ll be able to go back and add more photos, edit your caption, and so on at a later date.

Instagram Reels has been much awaited and a lot of companies are looking for ways to capitalise on this site. Although many people are reusing their TikTok videos to Reels, if you really want to stand out, concentrate on creating unique Reels content that fits within the framework of your brand’s voice and style.

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