Twitter Ads are among the most underused paid social media marketing methods. Yet when used correctly, they can be one of the most effective lead drivers available to business owners.

Twitter has recently revealed the launch of Promoted Tweets. This enables marketers to promote Tweets on other websites and applications. The announcement serves as evidence that advertisers have a clear interest in paid on Twitter.

However if you’re still uncertain about paid social services, read on to find out more about the benefits of ads on Twitter and how Twitter ads can help change your brand image and boost sales.

What Are Twitter Ads?


You will see various kinds of advertising on Twitter, including Sponsored Tweets, Promoted Profiles and Promoted Trends. We will show you these ads when you’re logged in or logged out of Twitter.

They are clearly identified with the “Promoted” symbol. You will engage with the most common content in much the same way as organic content. If you follow, like or retweet content on Twitter, including the content you promote, your followers will see your name linked to that content.

Types of Twitter Ads

Promoted Trends

Promoted Trends put a sponsored topic and hashtag at the top of Twitter’s “trending topics” box. Trending topics on Twitter indicate the most talked-about topics.

Promoted Accounts

Promoted Accounts are accounts that Twitter suggests to users who don’t currently follow the account and might find it interesting.

Promoted Accounts

These are the most common and dynamic form of Twitter ad. Promoted Tweets are tweets that advertisers sponsor in order to reach a wider audience or boost more engagement with existing followers.

Performance Based Pricing


When you advertise tweets on Twitter, you pay only when you have accomplished your marketing target.

If your target is site conversions or Twitter participation, you pay only when people take the action (any additional organic impressions and engagements are free bonuses). It’s the same thing with Twitter.

If you run an app install campaign, you will only pay for the amount of active app installs. If you run a followers campaign, you pay just for the number of people who hit the ‘Follow’ button and start following your account. Twitter promises that their advertising product will offer exactly what you want.

Keyword Targeting 

Keyword targeting is a surprisingly fascinating and effective way to track down real individuals who have expressed purpose on Twitter.

You can target people who have used a particular word or hashtag in their Twitter post, or people who have communicated with tweets containing certain words in the last seven days.


Twitter Ads

Generate Quick Leads & Conversions

Using Twitter advertising as part of your digital and social campaign will not only help you gain momentum, but will also increase your prospective database.

There are many ways in which you can send Sponsored Tweets or Twitter cards to your website; if there is an event that asks users to register or advertise a piece of valuable content that you think would be well linked to your Twitter audience.

Twitter Ads

Improves Website Traffic

Twitter Ads are useful if you want to increase traffic on your website. Twitter is also one of the most powerful social media resources for driving traffic to your blog.

Your efforts on Twitter could lead to real business results. When you run paid promotions on Twitter, your Tweet consists of certain high-traffic keywords created using keyword tools. Keyword targeting helps your brand not only by increasing the number of followers on your Twitter profile, but also by driving traffic to your landing page.

Twitter Ads

Low Cost

Twitter Ads is one of the cheapest and most powerful advertisement platforms open to business owners and digital marketers.

The price of a click is dependent on the auction-it has something to do with what people are willing to pay for.

Advertisers will find that life on Twitter is very cheap due to lack of advertising competition. In reality, the average cost per click for Twitter Advertising is about $0.8, which is incredibly cheap compared to Facebook Ads, which averages $1-2 per click and in some cases is even higher.

Need Some Help with Twitter Ads? 

Twitter Ads is a useful tool for any business owner looking to improve their reach and generate some leads. However, Twitter Ads can be tricky and hard to get right. Why not let the experts handle it? Get in touch with the DNHQ team today!