Why use Instagram for your business, if it was made for people to socialise as a photo sharing platform? That may have been its original intent, but did you know it can kick-start your company and help you achieve your sales objectives?

Instagram currently has 1 billion active monthly users and that figure is still increasing. That’s potentially 1 billion customers for your company to seek! How and why do you use Instagram as a forum for targeting your clients and making your company successful?

Why Use Instagram?

So why use Instagram? There are so many different social media sites out there. Instagram is known to be the strongest interaction social media site, or your opportunity as a brand to communicate with your fans. It’s visual, easy and it targets the younger generations rather than other channels of social media.

Instagram will go further than just images. In addition to showing compelling images to your fans, you can create a social media profile that highlights the mission and goals of your company, promote your goods, capture leads and sales. Instagram can sound tiny but it’s a powerful tool that your company can use regardless of what!


Let ‘s begin with the visuals. Obviously Instagram emphasizes images rather than any other site in social media. There are posts and comments and articles and clutter on Facebook which may cause followers to skip over a simple picture. But the main event is your picture with Instagram! It needs to be clean, violent and provocative.

What this means is that it needs to be a picture of high quality which will make your followers think. Since people can scroll on Instagram they will sometimes scroll past pictures that don’t interest them right. If you are running an advertisement campaign, your images need to stop them in their tracks for long enough to connect with your message, read your caption or click through to your website.


So if a picture is capable of saying 1,000 words what else do you need? Images can tell the whole story but captions are equally relevant. If you’ve caught the attention of your user with the picture you need an interesting caption. Send a question to your followers, or otherwise encourage interaction. If you post a picture, people can not understand how you want them to get involved with your brand or what you want them to do.

Begin with a hook to catch the attention of your follower, and end with a call for action. This can be as easy as making them answer a question in the form of a comment or something like that. You need to write captions which motivate people to take action or engage.

Mobile Usage

Instagram is a mobile network and there should be no question in your mind about creating a profile on this site because 80 per cent of social media usage takes place on mobile devices. Users can view Instagram as a web page but are only allowed to upload images from their mobile devices.

This may sound like a con to some business owners but with the invention of the smartphone the way people shop has changed. 80 percent of shoppers use their cell phones to browse product reviews or to compare online prices. It’s fast and easy because smartphones are small and lightweight, with most people carrying one 24/7 with them. If you want the success of your company, you’ll need to keep up with the trends.

Why Use Instagram? One word: Advertising. If you don’t use Instagram (or Facebook in that respect) to advertise on social media, then you’re losing out on massive revenue!

You can definitely post fantastic content on your page but it will only hit your fans. If you want to reach people who don’t follow you and promote your presence on social media, you need to build advertising. You can target particular demographics and places, directly connect to your website or landing page and collect data.

Those sponsored ads would appear outside of your follower base in user feeds. You can run targeted ads daily, or you can retarget clients.

Retargeting ads are useful in that they help attract consumers who may have shopped on your platform and abandoned their cart. And because Facebook and Instagram work together on both platforms you can retarget users!

Partner with Influencers

You may be wondering ‘why use Instagram for business?’ Well, influencers! For instance, once you have developed a relationship with influencers you can meet both their followers and your own. There is a fair possibility that even though you’re in the same business, you won’t have the same followers. Create good and valued relationships with influencers and you might just get posts like this one below that promote your restaurant along with a fun tailgate.

This will make your brand instantly identifiable and reliable. Even making them try out the items is helpful. They become a spokesperson for your company if they have a loyal follow-up and review your product that can create your brand recognition.

Using Highlights and Instagram stories

Instagram stories are the perfect way to show off your work behind the scenes in your company. Give people new products a sneak peek, or take some risks. People want to see a firm’s inner workings. So use your Instagram story to peek behind the scenes and give followers a glimpse!

Business Instagram

Currently, there is a company profile that you can use for Instagram. There is a personal Instagram profile option when you sign up for Instagram and then there is Instagram choice for business. You may be wondering ‘why use Instagram for business?’

Right now Instagram has more than 25 million company profiles. That is proof that you should have an Instagram profile for your company in order to be competitive in your industry. So what’s the difference in a company profile versus a personal profile? Just that is a personal Instagram. It is a website you could use for yourself. It is not intended to be used for communication or for sales.

However, a business profile gives you access to analytics which means that you can see statistics and metrics on followers and likes. This will help you find out who your target audience is and what they want. You can even pay to get your posts shared, which you can’t do for a personal Instagram account.

Why use Instagram to get posts promoted? As platforms like Facebook and Instagram are “pay to play” sites, the chances of every single one of your followers seeing your posts are slim. This means you’ll have to pay for it if you want to ensure people see your posts.

If you have a personal account with Instagram and you want to move to a business account, you can do it in a few simple measures.

Step 1: Select the hamburger menu or the three lines in the upper right hand corner from your profile page using your mobile device.

Phase 2: A sidebar will pop up when you press. You can see a choice to settings at the bottom. Tap this and you’ll be given a list of choices.

Step 3: Then, tap “Move to Company Profile.”

You’re then taken to a screen which looks like this:

Phase 5: Follow the directions to setup and you’re ready for company! Now you can improve content, run ads and view insights and analytics.

Instagram is a sharing network that you should be using regardless of what the product or service is. You need to write an entertaining file, use stories and highlights from Instagram, and keep up with the latest features.

Can’t believe what to write next? Let our social media experts know! They are prepared to create a professional and effective, custom content strategy for your company. To start building your Instagram profile contact us today.