Looking for new social media tips for 2020? Social networking has been a key platform for small and large companies. Look around you; almost every brand you see is certainly on social media. Why? Since a significant number of people are turning to social media to search for goods. That’s why it’s important to improve your presence on social media in 2020. As we get familiar with our new routines and virtual networking activities, social media networks are developing new ways to improve digital experiences for customers and advertisers. There’s no doubt about it – social media should be a crucial component of your overall digital marketing initiatives.

As social media is constantly evolving, the methods by which we make our company’s activities, programs, and information accessible to our audiences must also constantly change. As the field of social media marketing expands, it is more critical than ever to have a comprehensive plan to impress the followers on a consistent basis and increase their confidence.

Therefore, we have decided to share 5 powerful social media tips for you to take advantage of in 2020:

1. Set Specific Goals and Objectives

Achieving a great strategy with targets and goals is important if you’re going to jumpstart your social media success. If you don’t know what you want, how are you going to do it? Plus, if you don’t have solid goals to start with, you can’t calculate or develop your plans over time. This is one of the most important social media tips to utilise in 2020.

Your social media priorities should be aligned with your overall marketing activities. Identifying and recording your goals is of utmost importance if you want to achieve success in social media. For example , set a 3-month target for your Facebook Page Likes. This way, you can reliably calculate how many Page Likes you get every day and compare it to your target. Know that when you set your goals, you will make them workable and break them down into smaller action measures.

2. Study And Learn More About Your Audience

The most significant social media tip for 2020, is understanding your target market. Connecting and communicating with your audience is key to today’s marketing if you want to make a profit. But to do that, you need to consider the audience – inside and outside. You should be able to recognize their needs , wishes, and desires-if you have the intention of developing a good social media plan.

So, how do you better understand your audience?

You might consider using a fun questionnaire to get your audience to better understand their pain points, likes and desires.

It is also important that you look closely at their demographics and also try to take part in the forum discussions with your target audience.

Another great way to learn about your target market is to respond to comments on your blog and to comment on other blogs with the same target audience. You may also respond to any comments or questions on your social media platforms.

For example, if you were the owner of an eCommerce store that sold a product that is also sold by other rivals, you might take the lead in analyzing your competitor’s products and customer service. This way, you can learn what your target market is talking about and what they really like about the product, so that you can strengthen these points in your own business.

When you feel who your target group is, you’re better prepared to serve them. They’re trying to work with companies who care – not just a faceless brand. That’s why this is a critical phase in the development of every social media strategy.

3. Run Competitions

Creating a good social media contest is one of the most enticing techniques you can use. It will increase your online exposure, your fans, and your engagement.

There are a range of resources that you can use to build excellent giveaways or sweepstakes.

The trick to a good competition is to deliver something of great value that will cater to your ideal target market. Anything that ‘s going to be irresistible to your key demographic.

4.  Hold Back On The Sales Pitch

This is another one of the really important social media tips to keep in mind in 2020. Intrusive, conventional ads went out of the window a long time ago, for good reason. Social media users don’t want to be sold to them. They are bombarded with advertisements on every fifth post, and most of these ads are hard-selling.

Social media users normally want to have real interactions and relationships with you. That’s the real secret that’s going to get the audience or consumers to trust you.

And if they like you, they’re going to buy from you. Consumers find it off-putting when brands and companies publish so many promotions. It can make your brand look less genuine and trustworthy.

5. Choose The Correct Platform

It’s simple to jump to your brand or company’s social media outlet on Facebook. Although it is home to the majority of social media users around the world, the account reach is generally quite limited. However, Facebook is a perfect arena for developing partnerships with customers and promoting brand loyalty. You can also use this platform to meet the millennials.

But you should be using Instagram to meet a younger audience. Though controlled by Facebook, Instagram can be used to meet the youngest user demographic — teenagers or Gen Z. This platform is especially useful for companies and brands with visual goods. You may reflect a restaurant, or you may want to be a beauty and make-up influencer. You can use this platform to help you view your brand effectively.

Both Twitter and LinkedIn have a wide variety of users when it comes to age and interests. Maintain a continuous dialogue with customers on Twitter. Although mostly used for news and politics, several brands have gained from Twitter’s constant stream of information.

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to extend professional networks and relationships. Its primary role for a brand or a corporation is to create business relations and to hire. In addition, you can establish collaborations with other brands that might have similar interests through LinkedIn.


Growing your social media presence and building up a high quality following can be time consuming. That is why it is important to ensure that you are not wasting your time and hard work. If you’re battling to build up your social media following and need a professional to help you grow your business on social media, get in touch with us.