Your eCommerce website is similar to the stores in the mall where the first impression is significant. Looking for eCommerce website tips? Attractive window displays can inspire consumers to shop and purchase well-organized items. Stores that are cluttered and disorganized will deter anyone from coming in and they will lose their profits.

Strong ecommerce web design is key to the transformation of website visitors into customers. Ideally, the design elements of your website should make the shopping experience and purchase process as quick, easy, and stress-free as possible. No matter how good your online ads are, you might lose valuable customers if your online store is not designed for sales. 

You might also be wasting your valuable ad dollars if users click off your site the second they get to it.

An e-commerce platform offers you the ability to create a brand that consumers would love to buy from, time and again.

It lets you communicate with your customers and develop them while selling your goods and services. For an e-commerce website to really do its job, that’s to get your more paying customers; it’s crucial to have the right website design and marketing strategy.

eCommerce Website Tips


An eCommerce website can be a highly lucrative business if the right effort and attention is provided. Many business owners make the mistake of neglecting crucial aspects which directly affect sales, such as not having an SSL certificate.

In this article we will break down 7 essential eCommerce website tips to help your business succeed online and improve sales.

Keep It Very Clean And Simple


Simplicity makes for a cleaner, more user-friendly site that encourages people to buy. The less you add to your website, the better it is for your audience in most situations. They’re not going to get distracted by ads, sluggish or laggy sites, and hundreds of links to click through to find out what they’re looking for.

Another advantage of a simplistic design is that it gives the audience less options. If you want to point them to the purchasing of your items, less option is better. Think about how you can streamline your menu options and product pages to keep your site free of clutter, over-choices and distractions.

Include Testimonials and Reviews For Trust

Customer testimonials and ratings are crucial for an online company. Consumers don’t have one-on-one contact with you like they would in a corner shop in town. They need to know you exist and that you’re worth buying from. Your social proof is improving the confidence factor.

Many eCommerce themes have customizable testimonial sections built in for you to add a dedicated section to your homepage. You may also add product-specific reviews to the bottom of your product page.

Understand Your Target Audience


It is imperative that the overall message of your website speaks to your target audience. This means that you will need to tailor your website according to your target demographic. The best way to do this is by creating customer personas which match the ideal type of customers that you would like to target. You can then tailor your messaging, colours and images to suit your target demographic – which will ultimately translate to a higher conversion rate and more sales. 

eCommerce Website Tips

Analyse The Competition

Competition analysis is an integral aspect of any sector and it is crucial to analyze the rival in order to be competitive. One of the most effective ways to build a productive eCommerce website strategy is to look first and foremost at your rivals.

You should look at their tactics and know if they’re going to work for your brand. You should have ideas for digital marketing of your brand like your rivals do.

Since technology has become a vast expanse and you can definitely have a slice of pie, you can also use resources to evaluate your competitors. You may use resources that provide an in-depth study of the tactics of your opponent.

There are resources available that can show you the social activity of your rivals and help develop a very effective marketing plan or strategy.

eCommerce Website Tips

Ensure That Your Site Is Secure With An SSL Certificate

eCommerce sites should always be safe. When shopping online, consumers trust only trustworthy places that are secure for transactions. Having an SSL encrypted site with safe payment gateways is the secret to having an efficient e-commerce web design.

Use A View Cart Button

You’ve probably noticed that most ecommerce websites have a little shopping cart icon on every page (usually the top right corner) that allows users to quickly access things they’ve added to their cart. This is one of the most significant aspects of eCommerce web design.

Getting this button available at all times when consumers are shopping online has been shown to improve conversion rates. Only make sure the icon changes in real time and is anything like a shopping cart or a shopping bag. The last thing you want to do is scare people.

Since this is one of the most important buttons on your entire website, we suggest making it stand out by using a bright color that stands out from the background. It should also be larger than other buttons to make it the easiest one to find so that you can create a better e-commerce experience for your customers.

Ensure That Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

A little over 50 percent of all websites are being opened from mobile devices, and that number is only expected to rise as smartphones and tablets become much more advanced.

Failing to customize your e-commerce web design for mobile use is one of the biggest mistakes you can make! In fact, Google sees the value of making mobile-friendly websites in such a way that it has launched an algorithm specifically for them.

Having a responsive design helps your eCommerce website to adapt to any sort of screen or operating system, so you don’t have to think about creating a completely separate mobile version of your site for any type of device. Only make sure your image sizes, CTAs and shape fields fit on all platforms. The bottom line is that when testing your site, please be sure to display it from a variety of different devices and operating systems, just to be sure.

Need Some Help With eCommerce Website Tips? 

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